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  1. That does not apply here... they declared a war on Shia Muslims and Shia Islam... what is the expectation? Go hide somewhere? At least Ayt. Nimr was not responsible for any murder or bombing and was kidnapped and killed over a speech... These Takfiri mosques and clerics in Iraq are all godfathers of little Salafi-Jihaidist gangs who are involved in daily bombings of civilians and preaching hate specifically against 'Shia Muslims' inside a Shia majority country and doing Takfir to provoke their followers in describing the killings, rape and other insane acts as Halal against Shias Muslims.
  2. Very nice! At least the ordinary Jews are more civilized than Salafi-Wahabi Arabs (those who still remained as ignorant as in times of Jahilya). And why Iran is not opening a real embassy in Israel? Look what happened to all those Sunni so called blocks of resistance... Fatah/Hamas stabbed both Iran and Syria in the back many times, and Sudan kissing the feet of Saudis for the past few years, attacking Shias in Yemen and cut all diplomatic relations with Iran over Ayt. Nimr's execution and aftermath developments. The apartheid Saudi, Bahrain, and other Wahabi states are more brutal in all fields than the state of Zionists... and they are brutal and oppressors to Shias... we see only the Israelis' behaviors towards the Salafi-Wahabi Palestinians but then we ignore all the details and brutality of Sunni-Wahabi cult on Shia community worldwide. Having diplomatic and business relation with brutal Yazeedi states are way more worse than Israeli.
  3. REUTERS - At least two Sunni mosques have been attacked in Iraq and two people killed in apparent retaliation for the execution of a senior Shi'ite cleric in Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia, officials and police said on Monday. Iraqi Shi'ites protesting the January 2 execution of Saudi Shi'ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr separately marched in Baghdad and in southern cities, calling for a boycott of Saudi products and severing ties with the Sunni-ruled kingdom. The attack on a mosque in central Hilla destroyed its dome and several walls, according to a Reuters TV cameraman who visited the site. Provincial council member Falah al-Khafaji and a police source said a guard in the building was killed. Another mosque in Hilla's northern outskirts was also attacked and a Sunni cleric was killed in a separate incident in Iskandariya, about 40 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad.
  4. ^Not really important... Iran should ban its citizens from going to Umrah. It is totally waste of money in the pockets of the enemy.
  5. In Iraq: Two Sunni Houses of worship were bombed and one Sunni Imam killed for supporting and celebrating Ayatollah Nimr's execution. It is unknown who attacked them.
  6. He was killed. There is no better time than this for the people of Eastern Saudi to stand against Saudi brutality and punch them in the throat. How low these Sons of Muhawiya (LA) can get for not handing over the body of Ayt. Nimr and burying him in an undisclosed cemetery? Saudis wanted to avenge the war that they alongside other dogs like Bahrain, Sudan and Gulf states are losing in Yemen... but inshallah it is another war that they just started and will lose veryyyyyy badly.
  7. Why Iran would wait for all these little islands and western lapdogs to severe diplomatic relations? The wise thing was not to burn the embassy and switch the world/media attention to Iranians burning and taking over embassies (media/govs already talking about and the US embassy takeover decades ago), instead of talking about the 'victim' who is Ayatollah Nimr, and the oppression and discrimination of Shia minority under the brutal Takfiri monarchist of Saudi.... the wise thing was to send Saudi diplomats and close down their embassy and same to Iranians' in Saudi in protest of Saudi brutality in the Muslim world, specifically for killing an Islamic scholar unjustly over a given speech in the mosque. It is not late for Iran to close down Gulf states embassies and declare them sectarian, mass-murderers of minorities and for supporting the destruction of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries in the Muslim world by arming and supporting the terrorist groups.
  8. Any known Sunni scholar, group, gov, AL, OIC and...... condemned this brutal and unjust murder of Ayt. Nimr? I don't think so! Those who talked about like Persian Gulf states supported this act... Shias still need to focus on shia-sunni unity and propagate for the cause of Salafi Palestinians? Very unfortunate.. Ayt. Hakim in Iraq, Hassan Shahita in Egypt, Zakzaky in Nigeria, Nimr in Saudi and 100s more by Saudi order and funding across the globe with absolute silence of Sunni masses, scholars, govs and groups.
  9. The execution of Ayatollah is not a joke. Saudis will be punished and will pay for this.
  10. Well, I blame Hamas, because it is Hamas... if Hamas is not Hamas, and its leaders, political stances, political statements, and nothing and nobody represents Hamas, because some elements (who by the way we never heard of it) do not agree with Hamas... then who and what exactly is Hamas? Because once upon a time, Islamic republic in Iran was supporting this group then we should close our eyes for all the things this group stance for and is doing? I don't think so. And btw it is not really important... all these Sunni Islamist groups are just a joke... be it in Egypt or Palestine, or in South Asia or in Africa.... they are corrupt and very ignorant... they want to impose Sharia on the basis of murder and brutality...and oppression of millions of people from Christians to Shias and anybody. Ask any of them if they disagree with Ibn Taimiya or Khalid bin Waleed....! They can never free Palestine or bring happiness to its people or to any people in the world. That is why it is a good thing for folks like Zahran Alloush to be gone...
  11. ^What about Ismail Haniya and Khalid Meshaal? Are they ex-members as well and just from Gaza? There is no point for us here to argue over a party (Hamas) who REALLY IS ANTI-SHIA and pro-terrorists and pro-Wahabi monarchists, and pro-Turkey and Qatar when it comes to Shias in every single country.... The entire Hamas establishment cut all relations with Syrian gov. and joined the opposition.. they paraded in Gaza for the terrorists and they helped them inside Syria to build up tunnels and used Hizb tactics against them by passing them to Syrian terrorists.....
  12. ^Yea, like the case of Zabadani or Homs in Syria where the gov. made deals with the Takfiris over there to let them relocate in return for its demands... But, we never hear anything like this in Iraq, unless they hide it from public/media.
  13. ^But how? How they escape a besieged city? A city that is fully surrounded by thousands of Iraqi army/police and hundreds of ISIS are trapped in a few buildings & complexes? Yea they might go to Mosul or Turkey/Syria once they are free.... but how they are saved initially from the cities that are under siege from all 4 directions!!!?
  14. ^No surprise! Hamas is a nasibi organization, Takfiri, anti-Shia and the followers of Ibn Taimiya, doesn't matter if they mourn this guy or not, that is what Hamas is all about...
  15. The only problem is that each time Iraq retakes cities, the entire ISIS force disappears! I mean in Tikrit they were besieged from all sides, totally surrounded, but once the city was fully recovered... we did not witness more than 10 ISIS bodies, or any big group being captured... And especially with Ramadi, there was no way out for 400-500 ISIS members to runaway... where they go? Underground or from the air? or they hide in public houses?
  16. One of known Takfiri leaders, his deputy, and other high ranking commanders from his group killed today! The guy was extremely anti-Shia. The Terrorist group he was running caged Alawite civilians a few months ago and paraded them on the streets. Now you can go to hell and build up your Umayyad state with other members of Banu Umayyad! -------------------------------------------------------- Leader of powerful Syrian rebel group killed in airstrike Zahran Alloush, head of Jaysh al-Islam, said to have died along with five other senior leaders after planes targeted powerful insurgent faction’s headquarter The leader of one of the most powerful rebel groups in Syria appears to have been killed in an airstrike near the capital. A well-placed rebel source told the Guardian that Zahran Alloush, the leader of Jaysh al-Islam, one of the largest opposition groups that commands thousands of fighters on the ground near Damascus, was killed in an airstrike on Friday. If true, the death of Alloush, who is reportedly backed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, will be a major blow to the opposition. theguardian Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_5TawN-7k8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKqEMp24KRM
  17. ^Any group of so called Muslim who is pleased with the massacre in Nigeria is Kafir... you like it or not.... Some users here instead of discussing the topic and the massacre in Nigeria or the reaction of so called Muslims, they come here and attack so called "Shia extremists" reallyyyyy? What a joke! And equating some ordinary Shias' actions during Ashura with terrorist organizations who are creating fitna and mass-murdering innocent ppl around the world? Really amazing!!! How many groups such as Alqaida, ISIS, Sunni terrorist monarchists of Gulf states, Wahabis, Salafis, and other garbage gangs DO WE HAVE IN SHIA ISLAM? The entire world is in chaos because of Sunni-extremists and those who fund them, hundreds of massacres and wars are caused by them. And now we are all equal brothers because a Shia guy too is beating his chests with a knife during Ashura for religious rituals?
  18. What a joke! Many countries are surprised they are part of Saudi coalition! Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and etc.....and.... In Lebanon PM says yes, FM says we are not aware of it, in WB Palestine, they have no idea about the entire coalition and its purpose or membership. Many other countries probably the same, they even don't know they are in a coalition of Democracy and anti-terrorism led by terror-sponsor and monarchist state of Saudi Arabia. ------------------------------------------------------------ ISLAMABAD: Pakistan found itself in the crosshairs of Middle Eastern politics on Tuesday as Saudi Arabia named it as part of its newly formed 34-nation military alliance of Muslim countries meant to combat terrorism, without first getting its consent. Talking to journalists, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry said he was surprised to read the news that Saudi Arabia had named Pakistan as part of the alliance. He said he had asked the country’s ambassador in Riyadh to get a clarification from Saudi Arabia on the matter. Another senior official also confirmed that Pakistan was not consulted before inclusion in the alliance. Dawn
  19. Yea right.......... it is like Al-Zawahiri (or Alqaida) forming a new anti-extremist coalition and invites Jabatul Nusra, ISIS, moderate terrorists and other flavored terrorists to join him and fight extremists.
  20. This was a big blow....... the deadliest attack on Saudi/allies since the start of the war, way bigger than Marib attack.... slowly the reports are coming out and they could not hide the names of 2 high ranking Saudi-Emirati officers... the Saudi one was actually leading the war, and there is no way that he was only hanging out with a few guys... the base that he was targeted in probably was housing hundreds to thousands coalition officers and many of them killed alongside..... because the type of missile that was used is very destructive!
  21. Well, the entire world do not consider these Gulf puppets as Muslims.... and Trump doesn't either. They are the 'slaves' who are owned by ppl like Trump. Lets say if tomorrow there was a ban on Muslims entry in the US, the masters will find ways to allow the slaves entry, like Wahabi and terrorist sponsors of Gulf or other slave states.
  22. The Salafi-Takfiri and their monarchist masters were probably really annoyed when it was announced that after Karbala-Iraq, the largest crowd for Arbaeen was gathered in Nigeria this year. It was well planned by the party of Shaitan. They want to completely 'shut down' the Shia movement's activities in Nigeria. They were bombed many times before by suicide bombers who were sent by well organized networks. They started this a few years ago and killed many, amongst them 2 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky. Now this time they went for a full operation. The entire Shia centers ran by Sheikh Zakzaky are destroyed, even the movement's official website is down. I am not 100% sure... but at least 99%...... and I truly believe Saudi Arabia or Qatar and all these Wahabi Gulf states and their money are behind this.... they always hated to see Shias are growing in Africa, especially in Nigeria. In Wahabi medias, the Islamists or the secular Arab nationalist media, they always complained and described themselves as victimized by Shiaization of Sunni communities, in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, and other states. Saudi is losing in Yemen big time... now the Wahabi dogs want to take it out on poor Shia communities from Pak to Iraq to Africa and elsewhere via bombings, terrorism and by their money to buy anti-Shia local haters and fund them... creating chaos. Anyhow, many ppl are killed and an entire community of millions are targeted, an entire sect (Shias) who makes up now at least 5-6 million. Lets see the reaction of those who send millions of ppl to the streets to chant slogans against the west and Israelis when a Palestinian Wahabi guy is attacked in Palestine. Poor Shia blood has no value worldwide even amongst Shia governments, scholars, preachers, or communities. So why we should even complain that no one reports such 'big' and unjust 'massacre' of helpless Shias in western or eastern media.. or any government or party sympathizing with them.
  23. Does he even have any info and is it going to help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4BTWZ1uJRI The son of Libya’s late leader Muammar Qaddafi has been kidnapped in Lebanon by militants demanding information about the fate of a Shiite cleric who went missing in Libya decades ago. Hannibal Qaddafi appeared in a video aired late Friday on local Al-Jadeed TV saying anyone who has information about Imam Moussa al-Sadr should come forward. Qaddafi appeared to have been beaten up and had black eyes but said in the video he is “in good health, happy and relaxed.” It was not clear when Qaddafi, who is married to a Lebanese woman, was kidnapped. Al-Sadr, one of Lebanon’s most prominent Shiite clerics in the 20th century, vanished, along with two other people, during a trip to Tripoli in 1978. Lebanon blamed the disappearance on Muammar Qaddafi. Alarabiya
  24. The guy is there just to heat up the debates on such specific issues in order to divide the American society. He doesn't have only the Muslim problem, he had the Mexican problem, the Spanish problem, the Black problem...and etc.. . It's possible that he is just positioned there without him even knowing who he is serving, at least for few months. I believe that he is just an average Redneck. He is the same guy who said that he supports Putin for striking Jihadist rebels in Syria... that explains that he has zero knowledge of the whole thing and political/military developments in Syria and thus in other regions/issues. An American politician, especially someone who runs for presidency would never say such a thing... that explains that he is just a mad-man, and someone who doesn't know any difference between Sunni-Shia, about America's long time allies and partners in crime (aka Islamist or Jihadists or terrorists) and takes his limited information like everyone else (in the US) from the TV-screen. And he sees and thinks that he is running a business-contract and could say and do anything to sell his products in the market... that is what probably he did entire his life to 'somehow' boost his business and make money.
  25. ^Gaddafi used Blackwater? Do you have any source? I don't believe at the time when Qatar/Turkey/other Gulf states/Alqaida/Ikhwan, plus NATO went to strike Gaddafi, the Balckwater folks or likes of them wanted to be on the opposing sides.
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