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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The neocons in the US and their sister-groups in Europe are the biggest hypocrites in the world when it comes to a lot of stuffs especially when it comes to Saudi and other Gulf states or the 'Jihadists' groups in many cases..... they were directly involved in aiding the 'Jihadists' in Libya, Syria, Afg, Pak, Chechnya, and other places when they wanted to knock out their rival groups/leaders or states. I saw a clip from Trump @ FoxNews the other day where he was questioned if he could attack Iran for Saudi Arabia, and he said yes he could attack and go to war for [Wahabi] Saudi Arabia if he gets good deals... like oil deals and stuff like that... And at the same time this is the guy who wants to impose a complete 'ban on Muslims' entering the United States. John Bolton was discussing Saudi embassy attacks in Iran on FoxNews, he started by saying Saudis have different procedures than us and it's their internal disputes when he was referring to Ayatollah Nimr execution and totally ignored the case of execution and instead focused on embassy attack-in Iran timeline.. and this is the same rude & arrogant man who slams the entire Islam and other Islamic states like Iran for its human rights records every day if he gets the chance.
  2. Ok. Then from tomorrow on I will 'view the Palestine dilemma from the speeches of Sayed Hassan Nasrullah's about Palestine' if that makes you happy... But then that is not going to be my views and opinions as a free person discussing political topics on a Shia forum. What was the achievement of Hezb in giving all the speeches, aiding, and protecting Palestinian groups like Hamas, JI inside Lebanon and outside Lebanon anyways? Everything they got in return was negative, poisonous, disrespectful, Takfir and sectarian.
  3. ^Israel went on publically to oppose Iran deal and probably spent some times behind the closed doors to prevent it. BUT, Saudis and all other garbage Wahabis (your brothers) initially under the table then lately publically are opposing the Iran deal and any solution that resolves Iran-west problems... and in my opinion Saudis+Wahabis spent a lot of money to buy politicians, media and western policy makers with their money to fail the deal. And (Shias or even Iran) and Saudi/Wahabis have nothing in common against Israel... Wahabis always been the slaves of west and within the same bloc as Israel in all political developments in the region, during the cold war and post cold war.... The problem in Palestine/Israel is mainly a Sunni problem, especially when they do not consider Shias as their brothers in Islam and issuing Takfir and massacring Shias worldwide... why Iran or Shias should sacrifice their own interests for a bunch of backstabbers and ungrateful puppets? Let Turkey, Saudi, Egypt, Gulf states, Pakistan, Indonesia and 10s of other Sunni and Arab countries to endanger their own interests and confront Israel! The more Shias/Iran speak of allying themselves with Takfirs/their monarchist masters, and etc... against Israel, the more stupid it gets.
  4. No money and nothing from Qatar and Turkey? I thought they were taking care of "their own Sunni problem in Palestine" and that is why Haniya and Khalid Meshaal were running up and down and kissing the feet of Khaleej leaders and Erdogan! Too bad, Erdogan just reopened the love affairs with Israel and Khaleej leaders are busy in killing Shias across the region and in their war in Yemen. Anyhow, the double standards of caring for oppressed ppl... comes from the people who are the most oppressed people around the world and careless for their own conditions. Today, 51 Iraqi Shias in Baghdad were slaughtered by Sunni-Takfiris bombers and gunmen attacks and 100s wounded, a bath of blood running through many Shia neighborhoods across the region for months and years... with the celebration of such ppl in question of this top... I just went through the forum but not a single person talked about today's incident or discussed it... Then we call the western media and people as being selective in their behaviors, reporting, and caring for political/social issues... God forbid if something like that happened in Gaza by the Zionists...then.......!
  5. -Saddam was a Sunni and died as one... he had the backing of entire Sunni tribes even if he was Kafir, then that is another evidence of Sunnis backing even an ex-Sunni against Shias. -No civil wars? I was talking in general for the past decades... And there was a Sunni-Shia civil war in Iraq as well, at least in the part of Sunnis... mass deportation and relocation of Shias from Sunni areas and Sunnis from Shia areas, indiscriminate bombings and killings, and attacking religious sites (at least in Sunni part) and what not. A civil war is not something that people take loudspeakers and announce that they are having a civil war. IT WAS THE SUNNI tribes, thousands of them who facilitated an ISIS takeover of Iraqi cities, while it was mainly the SHIA groups to liberate them... Yea, lately when Americans and Saudis saw the success of Shia groups, they pushed a few hundred Sunnis to take part in Ramadi in order to stop the advancement of the Shias and take some credits for both Sunnis and Americans bombardments . And those few Sunnis do not obey the core of Takfirism. I do not talk about those few. -Sudan...etc.. other conflicts I mentioned to explain the brutality of Salafism, the dream of Khelafa, the nature of Sunni-Islamists and their struggles and outcomes.. You didn't read it well. -Communist or Christians are probably a few thousands... the tiny Shia community in Gaza was suppressed by Hamas movement back in 2010 and during the Ashura gathering they stormed their place, beaten many of them and arrested some... after that no Shia ever seems to exist, there might be a few here and there, but hidden... Anyhow, it is a majority Sunni-secular area within the West-Bank which has nothing to do with Shias or in Gaza it is an absolute Sunni-Salafis and Ikhwanism ruling... a branch of Sunnism that is not only in confrontation against Shias but repeatedly it announces too... even in times that they had good relations with Shia Lebanese or with Islamic Republic.
  6. Said the guy...said the guy...and... you repeat your personal conversation here! Are you here to discuss topics or increase the number of your posts? I think I should ignore your childish replies from now on.
  7. ^Nothing is obvious.........! You just issue statements here, you can't reason or support your argument.
  8. ^That is a good thing, learn your enemy or know your enemy... Here is a short list of the enemies of Shias: Ahle Saud Ahle Khalifa world wide Ikhwanul Muslimeen groups including their sister-groups in Yemen, Palestine, South Asia All types of Salafis and followers of Ibn Taimiya Alqaida---ISIS---Jabatul Nusra---All Takfiris and armed organizations who kill and call to kill Shias Those who deny Shias the basic rights on sectarian basis Those who killed hundreds of thousands of Shias in last 4 decades btw: Indonesia is part of so called Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia to fight terrorists lol The joke of the century!
  9. ^SOHR has more access than most of other sources across Syria.... they might exaggerate when it comes to Syrian government, but most of the time they pass valid reports on terrorist-groups. Anyhow, ISIS and its members will pull all sorts of crimes... btw: What do you mean by 'letting someone to verify it'? Do we have ppl from Shiachat verifying stuffs like this from ISIS areas for us? And then who is verifying that 'someone'?
  10. This is just sad..... executing someone for telling you to leave the group and run for your life... Oh and that someone is your own mother? What does he expect from God and prophet (pbuh) on the judgment day? What type of culture and Sunnah they follow? ----------------------------------------------------- Daesh [ISIS] terrorist executes his own mother in Syria Having accused her of apostasy, a member of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group publicly executed her own mother in Syria. The 20-year-old militant shot dead her mother Lena, in her 40s, in the northern Syrian city of Raqqah, the de facto capital of the terror group, on Thursday, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Friday. According to the UK-based monitoring group, Ali Saqr al-Qasem executed her mother in front of hundreds of people near a post office, where she had been employed. Lena had reportedly “incited” her son to leave Daesh and escape from of the city together, saying the group had no chance and was going to be “wiped out." The son reported her mother to his superiors who had her arrested. The group then ordered him to carry out the execution himself. Syrian forces have been battling militants, particularly Daesh terrorists, on different fronts throughout Syria since March 2011, when the foreign-sponsored militancy, which has claimed over 250,000 lives, plagued the Arab country. PressTv
  11. ^How do you know? You just entered the forum and you already know everyone?
  12. Why should I discuss it if there is no topic and no evidence of your baseless claims. What I was saying is that your logic and justification stands there, this country or that country is doing that.... that is why we shouldn't discuss Saudis? Hizbullah and ISIS/ALQAIDA are not equally responsible in crimes... the entire world knows the difference and Saudi and Iran are not equally helpful or hurtful to the Muslim world or equally involved in crimes.... and Sunni and Shia are not equally blamed for Takfirism or murder and killing... this is proven and the entire world knows about it. It is not a two-way sectarian war... it is an imposed Sunni war on Shias. Anyhow, don't waste my time if you can't understand well or can't explain your ideas well. Thanks.
  13. ^ I am not going to waste my time talking on Syria... we did discuss this for years here... peaceful protests do not start with tunnels who were prepared 2 years before the protests and tons of weapons storages. But, anyways by the time we speak of Nimr or why/how Iran should respond to Israel, you come and bring up the Arabs issues in Iran! From your point of view if Iran is abusing 'Arabs in Iran' then it is ok for Saudis to abuse and kill 'Shia Arabs' in Saudi Arabia.. or at least we should not say anything because X is doing that and Y is doing the other thing. Sorry, but I am not interested in these kinds of discussions where you throw everything, unrelated and unjustifiably.
  14. Takfiri stupidity at its best. Was he fooled that he was going to do a scene for an ISIS series and his part is to play a suicide bomber attacking a police with a knife? hahaha :-) A bunch of losers with no goal, no achievement and no agenda.... every day are being played in the hands of the west and its intel services... And then going back to them and trying to bite the same hands that organized them and fed them.
  15. If everyone is dying of no food and are very weak, how come the terrorists are fighting day and night? Actively fighting in the battlefield against a strong army and bombardments from the sky requires a lot of daily food/water and medical supply. I don't believe these stories. Or is it that the terrorists kept all the supplies for themselves and are looting the civilians?!!
  16. ^How come they are not slaves of Israel? You need to explain yourself. It's not a 'yes/no' questioning session here. And, Assad is more brutal than Israel? Or your friends ISIS, Jabatul Nusra, and moderate-terrorist-Sunnis are more brutal than Israel? King of Saud has the right to execute a well known Shia Ayatollah over a speech against his government, but Assad does not have the right to go after western-backed suicide bombers, Takfiri mass-murderers, and armed groups with rpgs on their shoulders who started to kill thousands of government forces and civilians?
  17. I (we) don't say that puppet dictators in Arab or non-Arab countries have majority's support, they don't. But, when it comes to Shias, it is different. The majority of Sunnis are either quiet or support any criminal and dictator against Shias. I can go on and bring the evidence in the last 10 years or the past 100 years, but it is pointless in many ways sometimes on these forums. Here, I come to 'reason' and to 'debate' based on facts. But, unfortunately many posters have a 'formula' and that is holy to them. You cannot set redlines to a topic of discussions when reason and logic is involved. What Iranian government is doing, and unfortunately in the expense of its own interests and Shias interest are not the deeds and way of God. They are not holy scripts of the holy Quran. But, some Shias online or off the forum are just setting up their mindset in a way just to follow Iran government's political movements everywhere. Btw: Israel is not our common enemy. Your ex-sect followers are all slaves of Israel. The people living in Sunni states either have no interest or having normal relations with Israel. How many Sunni and Arab countries have 'formal' and 'business' ties and cooperation with Israel? The only ppl I (Shias should) support against Israeli aggression and occupation should be the people of South Lebanon. And hopefully they resolve the issue of the occupied 'Farms' that Israel is occupying and end the confrontation there. Hamas, Jihad and all Palestinian factions are siding with the West, Israel and Takfiri Gulf states within the same political bloc in almost all political confrontations against Shias, be it in Bahrain or Yemen, Syria or Iraq or any other dispute/war.
  18. Sunnis dont play games, they are involved in massacre, brutality and oppression. They hate us and when Shias progress they see it as their failure regardless of related to them or not. Now, here you tell me that an ordinary person who expresses his opinion online (Noah) is the same and playing the same games as these mass-murderers and rapist Sunnis and the masses who support them and are silent in their crimes.. just because unlike some others I DONT PLAY GAMES or AND EXPRESS THE TRUTH AND THE REALITY ON THE GROUND? It is like Saudis claim they executed 47 terrorists including Ayt. Nimr and Alqaida leader.. now you go and figure how those 2 are equally involved in crimes and terror.
  19. ^Here is the example of those who always argue here that Saudis do not represent Sunnis... and Wahabi this and that. They are all the same garbage. He (Falcon...) is a typical and normal Sunni. Most of them will side with Wahabi and brutal dictators against Shia civilians anytime. They forget everything about 'haq' or about justice. FalconofMisk, inshallah, if God wants the enemies of God to get punished, the enemies of Ahlul Bait to go down, he does not need any Shia tensions inside the country or to say he needs Saudis' and Sunnis' western masters to go after their little lapdog and slave -Saudi Arabi-. It comes from an angle that never expected.
  20. Then, they are not the two sides of the same coin. My question was to those who believe they are the two sides of the same coin. Anyhow brother, I believe you are not following the news of those Bahraini Shia citizens whose citizenships are being revoked and instead the apartheid regime 'imports' Sunnis from South Asia and Africa or other Arab countries in order to create an artificial Sunni-majority state in Bahrain, so then they can tell that they are only oppressing a minority, they are not oppressing the majority. What is so different than what is being done in Palestine? I could go on and on and give you 100s of reasons why these so called occupiers are less evil than the Yazeedis of Persian Gulf or the Sunni world... but no need.. I don't see the need in arguing with a 'Shia' on a Shia forum in explaining how bad are the Wahabi states and the Salafi clerics, or how evil is the 'moderate rebels' or the 'moderate Sunnis' compare to ISIS or compare to a Zionist soldier. We all know it. Some of us hope that there are still hopes of befriending many Sunnis and that is why we are blocking many things intentionally/unintentionally, some of the times we ignore all the misdeeds intentionally, sometimes we simply cannot believe that the 'moderate' Sunnis are doing all these things and then we turn to blame the third party or the Zionist fitna or the British masters of the Sunni leaders.. I personally probably had this habit and for many years never wanted to see the real cause and problem.
  21. That is said about the non-Muslim actors who try to inflame sectarian tensions. It does not apply to Sunni behaviors towards Shias. And plus, all words of Ayt. Khamenei, or Ayt, Sistani or Hassan Nasrallah or any other political leader or respected marjah are not words of God. Imam Khomeini said and was not shy to say that he made a mistake and was wrong to believe and trust certain groups like the Leftists or MKO or some elements who came to power and supported by Islamic revolution & Imam Khomeini at the beginning in Iran. Imam Khomeini was also one of top marjah and Shia political leader at the time who confessed for political miscalculation. For those who follow the religion of God, the prophets, the school of prophet Mohammad (pbuh), are Shias of Ali and Ahlul Bait, and are followers of Imam Hussein... they say 'haq' and side with haq and never bow down to 'zalim' or the oppressor. Imam Hussein (as) said, no to humiliation. We can no longer accept all kinds of humiliation, oppression and what not, because there is a theory that there certain ppl who are fomenting discord between Sunni and Shia. A Zionist 'zalim' is the same as a Sunni 'zalim' and a Zionist society is the same as bad Sunni society who collectively are 'fine' with oppression of Shias, oppressing other minorities and weak groups, and it has became a normal act for them to do all these things to Shias as they do all these centuries... Demanding Shias rights and speaking the truth has nothing to do with all these fancy statements and talks.... I want normal relations with all those Sunnis who respect me and my honor... who sees me as equal human being and does not deny my basic right in the 21th century where the world are speaking of 'animals rights' while Sunnis still kidnap Yazeedi, Shia, Alawite women and abuse them, and put them in cages and parading them on the streets.
  22. Ok. But, why Iran has diplomatic, business and formal relations with one side of the same coin but not the other side of the same coin? Just a correction: Wahabi-Salafi dogs and states have more hatred for Iran and for Shias worldwide and done more damage to Islam, Shia Muslims, to Arab ppl, to all people in general compare to Israel.
  23. Wasalam, brother I am tired of these stories reading every day and the Sunni world ignorance, enough is enough of dreaming brotherhood and extending hands to some barking dogs who only have the habits of biting... . To answer your question: Saudi and Iran were allies until few days ago when they had embassies in each other countries? Having diplomatic relations never means you are ally to a country in the world. Secondly, better than allying with Muslims? You cannot compare a known with unknown... the so called Muslims be it public or gov. or groups are unknown. They do not exists. WHO ARE these Muslims? Those who drink the blood of Shias everyday? And those who consider Iran worse than Israel? Why the public enjoy the massacre of Shias and participate in causing Shias suffering? Hassan Shahita in Egypt, Zakzaky in Nigeria, Nimr in Saudi, Hakim in Iraq and 100s of other assassinations and bombings of religious figures and sites from South Asia to Africa... discrimination of Shias from Malaysia to Bahrain! Ask yourself: How many millions of ppl are killed by Israeli gov. or its influence? And how many million Muslims are killed by Saudi, Qatar, Saddam, Alqaida, ISIS and I could go on and on... including killing their own Sunnis! The destruction and civil wars in Afghanistan for two decades after Russian exit, the target killings of Shias in Pakistan, Saddam war on Iran, Iraqi civil wars of Shia-Sunni, Syrian conflict and the Takfiri network funding and arming, Sudan breakup, Libya's destruction via Jihadists, wars on Yemen 2009-present, Lebanon's unrest over and over again, systematic cleansing of Shia population in Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, Malaysia, and other places... Israel fights Hamas a few times, takes their land and some thousands of Salafi-Wahabi groups get killed in Gaza... BIG DEAL. Who cares! Let 1.4 billion Sunnis to go and demand rights for them..
  24. Where have you been buddy? Sunnis will unify with Shias against Ahle Saud? Shias live in the unknown world sometimes, they decide for Sunnis and how they should think... and always making fiction personalities and stories, and Wahabi-theory, and what not from the Sunni world. Who is the Sunni world and where are they? Sunnis speak for themselves and they always done it. The last time I checked they all support Saudi or any other brutal states against ALL SHIAS, especially against IRAN. Sunni states, scholars, groups, they all could careless what Iran or Shias are thinking about going to Hajj or not. Almost all Sunni states supported Saudi on Yemen war, only because they heard the term 'Shia Houthis' and they support the terrorists against Assad, because the term Shia-Alawites, and even they support Israel against Shia Lebanese. Anyhow, the good thing is to stop going for Umrah, Shia scholars should never ban Shias from going to yearly Hajj pilgrimage... that is another wish of the Sunni-Takfiris who want to keep Shias out of Hajj because they claim Kuffar (Shias according to them) should not be allowed to go to Hajj pilgrimage.
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