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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The war in Syria is NOT about Assad, never was and never will be about Assad. This is a war that everyone fights, and I DOUBT everyone is fighting to empower Assad.... and even in the opposition, I DON'T THINK everyone is fighting Assad just to throw him out and then sit back. This is a war of Takfiris, a war that the Zionists worked for it for many years to create the conditions in Syria and put the entire region, west and east onto each other, and create a mess, using Sunnis stupidity. This is a war that Saudi, Qatari, and other little puppets money$$ played a huge role in it. This is a war of thugs waged against Syria. THIS IS A WAR where Europe, Gulf States, Australia and many more countries waited for to export their radical-terrorist Jihadis and purify their own states... for them a Syria/Libya were chosen as dumpster of Jihadis and their sympathizers just as they did it to Afghanistan/Pakistan back in 1980s and in Libya some years ago. This is a war to finalize and cut all ties and hands of Iran in the ME. This is a war where they expect to disappoint the Russians for good and forever and throw them out of ME altogether. Hizbullah, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians and many more who fight alongside of the Syrian government whose current president is Assad is doing the right thing. Russia is welcomed anytime. And all the Takfiris, Turkish-Saudi gangs, Israeli and western policies and their trained terror groups are NOT welcomed and should be fought in Syria. There never been a third option! Anyone who is arguing otherwise is either very naïve, intentionally doing so and is on the side of Takfir, and Salafis, and the western imperialistic agendas for the middle east. Who is Assad? Who cares? As a person he doesn't really mean anything to any of the conflicts that is waged in Syria. He comes from the Alawi background who is married to a Sunni woman, who is a so called secular-Baathist and who sometimes prays his hands folded like Sunnis during important religious events. He has nothing to do with Shia Islam. And if tomorrow Assad is assassinated or dies or runs away, then we'll have the same situation on the ground in Syria. No country is perfect, not the dictators in the ME and not the western hypocrites, Assad and his regime is just another regime and another leader within 190+ countries of the world... they will answer for their deeds in the day of judgments just like all other leaders and officials. But, for now we want them to keep doing the good deeds and eliminating more terrorists in Syria.
  2. LOL so Iraqis are not allowed to fight in Iraq? At least the people of Mosul are not seeking an independent country. The Kurdish in Turkey are seeking and why the Turkish army is allowed to operate in Kurdish regions in Turkey? This is the most stupid argument ever and very childish. This comes at the time where the Turkish army is operating inside Iraqi soil and did not leave even after Iraqi government asked them several times to go out. All Shias should storm Mosul, kill the terrorists, and arrest all their sympathizers in thousands. Secondly, the Iraqi government should ask the Turkish forces to leave Iraq and give them a deadline, if they don't leave, then the Iraqi government has every right to attack them and KILL all Turkish soldiers who invaded Iraq's region and refuse to leave. This is the international norm that all the countries in the world have the right to protect their borders and kill the invaders.
  3. I did read a few statements... If I am not mistaken, this guy is saying that Assad is Yazid, AND, Al-Nusra, ISIS, Jaishul Hurr, and all the rebel terrorists who killed hundreds of thousands of ppl, raped women, enslaved minorities, and hundreds of other crimes are actually equal to Imam Hussein and his companions in Karbala? I am sorry, but totally nonsense. And just like western media pointing the blames of '500,000' ppl killed by Assad regime? Oh yea? And all of them killed by the regime? How many rebels killed?
  4. There is something going on between UAE and Saudis... under the table disagreements and targeting each others interests. But, anyhow there is no question about it, the attack was deliberate and it was done by one of the satanic-coalition members. This is the same satanic-coalition who has the backing of more than 30 Muslim countries, including Sudan & Somalia,Turkey, and Palestine. And many of the countries directly involved in military operations.
  5. Inshallah we'll see the last days of Ahle Saud and all its satanic politics, especially in Yemen. Yemenis are not the people of submission or surrendering to a bunch of 'slaves' and Takfiri goons in Riyadh. The interesting thing is a total silence on this bombing on Muslim media and NO REACTION whatsoever from Muslim countries, political or religious groups or the scholars! And if we point that out and say these people are 'ignorant' and deserve no cooperation and no political alliances, then somehow that sounds sectarian.
  6. What are you bro? Another FoxNews? When did I ever say most Sunnis are evil? where was my point and where did you drag it because of your own imagination! If I state the level of ignorance within the Sunni communities that somehow makes me sectarian? Stop labeling and telling me who I am and what I am and what I should be, instead discuss the core issues, and where you make a point, then back up a point. You like it or not, the Muslim world is in a mess, the Sunni world is in a big mess, and the Sunni-Arab world is even in a bigger mess. Do you really want us to discuss and go over Sunni-Arab history? Or at least the modern history? From Ahle Saud to Saddam, from Ikhwan to Arafat, from Yemen to puppet gulf states, from Egypt's Sadaat and Mubarak to Gaddafi and Harriri, from Al-Azhar to the Takfiri schools of hate in Saudi, from Takfiri militants and destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq to the creation of neo-Takfiris, aka ISIS and Nusra... From oppression of Bahrain to invasion of Yemen, from raping Izaidi women to manufacturing suicide-bombers and exploding the mosques. From slavery of western states to giving away all natural resources including the oil almost for free and for personal monarchs and their families! I am not sure where it makes me sectarian for discussing any of these? Why to mix up things here.... Where does the issue of sectarianism stands and what are we talking about?
  7. I don't think I am a 'fascist' who hates an entire community for any reason, be it Sunnis or Christians or anybody else. I don't pretend anything. I know all about Sunni/Shia/ communities of Arab countries probably more than their own ordinary citizens. I have more Sunni Arab friends and in general more Sunni friends in my social life than Shia friends. I am not falling into any trap. There is not always traps. There is not always CIA, Zionist, Israeli hands, MI6 in every problems and into every stupid mind of Muslim individuals. The facts about Sunni community that exist for centuries are just facts, not traps or Zionists under cover programs. The limit of ignorance exist in the Sunni world more than any other religious segment is a fact that all Sunnis confess to this.
  8. ^Ok. If you think that your Sunni Arab brothers are actually helping Palestinians, especially Gulf countries bankroll them and etc... GOOD FOR YOU! Your bros in Saudi, Qatar, other gulf states, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, and etc... already made peace (submission) to/with Israel. I wish you and your Israeli bros a peaceful community. One thing I agree with you that Shias should get out of Palestinian mess altogether.
  9. ^Well, the point is nobody cares if Palestinians are more Muslims or less Muslims. The point is that 1. Shias CANNOT do anything about, 2. are not even welcomed in Palestine or by the Palestinians and 3. is not in Shias interest to burst themselves everyday about Palestine. It is really getting boring to go over and over Palestine, oppressed people, Shias who are oppressed, OTHER SUNNIS who are oppressed from Chechnya to Burma, from Kashmir to elsewhere.. these issues are discussed 100s of times and all those who speak of 'oppressed Palestinians' are failed to see all other cases around the world and make a point. If Mahmoud Abbas, his government and followers are not Palestinians, if Hamas and Jihad and all the political and armed movements are not Palestinians, and if they do not constitute the majority of Palestinians, then I wonder who do? Some hidden groups, and ppl who do not have any representations or the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon? You like it or not, THEY ARE the majority of Palestine. Speaking of 'google' and 'youtube' why don't you use it sometimes, and read, watch and listen of Palestinians speaking of Shias. Anyhow, you are welcome to care and YES many Shias DO care about Palestine. I did not say that. I am just arguing against such ideas. btw: for years I was too thinking for Palestine and was thinking freeing Palestine should be the first and last notion for entire Muslim Ummah, including the Shias. But, I was naïve I believe. Sawa: good for Arabs. Majority of Muslims and Shias are not Arabs. And I never seen any puppet Arab country to declare it as an Arab cause... with the exception of Syria, all other Arabs not only ignored Palestinians but also sold them and their lands for their own interests.
  10. ^It doesn't matter if someone is a doctor and besides taking up arms and fights... he could be both. What really matters is that a doctor (not a simple illiterate village boy) is taking up arms on the side of Syrian "rebels"... aka Al-Nusra, ISIS, Jaishul Islam and other terrorist orgs. Alongside those who eat human organs for revenge, punish prisoners for pleasures, and rape women for 'religious principles' and what not.
  11. No idea what you are trying to say??? Sayed Hassan Nasrallah is not the last word, not a genius in military, in politics, in economics, in medicine or the ultimate leader of Shia Muslims. We are still waiting for Imam Mahdi (as). Imam Khomeini (r.a) confessed to the facts that he was misled in some cases, trusted the wrong ppl and other miscalculations. There are a lot of leaders, governments and parties who follow wrong policies for long time. For your information, Hizbullah did not "protest" this year in Lebanon during Quds Day and called it "security" reasons, and it was the first time. They had just a televised speech by Hassan Nasrallah. Maybe they are coming to their sensations? But anyhow brother, why you did not discuss the topic? A topic where these worthless citizens of Palestine whom you chant for is going to attend and pray over the death body of a Zionist leader? Or Hamas siding with western-Israeli-Saudi-Takfiri monarchists hegemony in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain or elsewhere? You are free to give all of your wealth and life for such ppl and then be called Rafidhi, majoosi, and 10s of Takfir against you and against your honor, I am also free to express my opposition to such mentality. It is a forum of discussion, not that who is Muqawem or who is not...and who has the right to post or not.
  12. And aside from backstabbing, Takfirism, anti-Shia stances, this is one of the reasons that the Palestinian groups & governments do not deserve any sympathy... Shias should just stop being more catholic than the Pope. Palestine is a lost cause, a Wahabi-Takfiri cause, and where we have no interest and shouldn't be concerned too much. The condition of poor and oppressed Shia Muslims across the region and the world should be more important to us than any Abbas or Mahmoud or Hamas or this and that in Palestine.
  13. It's mainly bc of Sunni-Salafi-Wahabi Muslims... the only time the media in the west was trying to play a negative image of Islam bc of Shias was during first years of Islamic revolution in Iran.... and sometimes you can't blame them, the Americans or the Europeans..... It is all set for ppl to feel and behave this way. It is the Saudis and their little school of hate to create the conditions for their partners (rednecks/neocons) in the West, and the western media do the rest, within the backup and help of Israel. Any group of ppl who see the daily attacks on civilians by Muslim extremists in the media including their own neighborhoods, will start to think negative and oppose all Muslims and their beliefs in general... Of course when the groups of terrorists aka ISIS, Nusra, and other extremists take over cities (within the help of their own secret services and allies such as Saudi, Qatar and Turkey) and commit crimes and viewed on the Tv screens daily. No ordinary person could see the true faces and backgrounds of all these groups and movements... All they know is 'Muslims". And that unfortunately includes Shia Muslims as well mainly bc of lack of information and bc most Americans general knowledge about the world is limited.
  14. ^And the usual mistreatment and insults to Shias in Medina and Jannatul Baqi... I have no idea how come some ppl even try hard to tell us the goodness of Saudis towards Shias based on their personal journey... How many Saudis (security/people) even knew that you were Shia to begin with.. ? Not around Baqi of course, where they shout 'Mushrik,Mushrik'. 2010: Imam of Mecca calls Shia scholars "apostates" and 10s of other insults.. internet is full of the nonsense from Saudi scholars, gov. and even ppl if anyone is interested. [
  15. Saudi Wahabis, the government or the people have no love or respect for SUADI Shias, for their own countrymen. Saudi Shias have no rights as citizens whatsoever. Do not read from Shia sources, refer to independent, western and/or Human Rights Watch sources. And not long ago, the Saudi government beheaded well known Saudi Shia scholar, Ayatollah Nimr (Ra) for just a speech and for pointing out to the abuses & discrimination Shias face in the country. Now, this Iraqi Shia is so pleased that he is not going to listen to "Shias" in his country anymore to speak on Saudis brutalities? Don't you belong to the same country where Saudis money and funded terrorists massacred thousands of your young men in a row? You don't see any Saudi hate and hand in that? Provoking Sunni Iraqi Arabs, aiding the ex-Baathists and sending thousands of Takfiris into Iraq for years? And the daily bombing of markets and buses, the daily insults of Saudi ambassador inside your country who think that is his job to teach Iraqis how a 'democratic system' is all about? WE DON'T FORGET OR FORGIVE THE BEHEADING OF SHIA SCHOLAR, the beheading of Sheikh Nimr and the daily abuses and discrimination of Saudi Shias... Saudis will be punished and will pay big for that... And we don't and shouldn't forgive Saudis for destroying the lives of Iraqi Shias, for exporting Takfir, hate, death and destruction upon the Shias of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Yemen, Nigeria, Lebanon and many more Shia communities across the planet. Power to the Shia soldiers of Yemen, with the blessing of Shahid Ayatollah Al-Baqir Nimr Down with the Satanic government and Takfiris of Saudi Arabia
  16. Well, that is that. Can you implement Sharia? Why you want to mix stuffs? They call it a Shia government, but there you have no Islamic laws... Have you read Iraqi constitution? And yes, it is a secular government, unless I am mistaken. Lastly, you didn't get my point. I mean the government should DO THE JOB ... whatever it wants to do with such groups, not individuals, not groups, not independent organizations. Nobody wish for Iraq to become hub of gay nightclubs.
  17. Iraq has a secular government and everybody should respect the law. I don't know why these groups even try to judge ppl or even have their own trials for x-group or y-group... whatever the government reserved for such groups should implement and all citizens should respect. Shia groups, including Sadr group should be supportive to the government in Baghdad and be friendly with instead of creating headaches and causing more challenges. Sunni Arabs, mainly former Baathist already doing that, to weaken the government and they tried many times in the past, including helping and organizing terrorist groups and finally empowering ISIS. All these useless protests and chanting slogans by Sadr and his supporters only cause division and problems for Iraqis, mainly Shia Iraqis... They cannot fight corruption or bring reform with such actions or try to own their owns of judging ppl on the street and implement their own group rules on the streets.
  18. God be with the Houthis and their allies. The Saudis did not expect a strong response after so called ceasefire and when the talks failed in Kuwait. They even were thinking that they could push the Yemenies out of some provinces and strike them hard. But, it was the Yemenis who responded very harshly both in the borders and in other provinces like Taiz, Marib and elsewhere.. Nowadays the Saudi officials are going around just to find a way out and beg for more partners... blame Iran on everything to satisfy themselves and their supporters. Lets pray that Iraq is back to normal, and Iraqi militias will be able to go into Syria in their thousands, then that is the time where the Saudis and all these backward Takfiris will go crazy.
  19. ^I don't know about Ahwazi Arabs percentage being Sunni/Shia, but the point was that Sunnis are found amongst Kurds, Balouch, Arabs, Turkmen..... the Kurds are not absolute Sunni either... there are a good percentage of Kurds who are Shia and some ppl talked about it long time ago on this forum.. majority of Kurds or Balouch being Sunni means they are more than 50% Sunni amongst those communities, unlike the above poster who thinks all the Kurds or Balouch are Sunni. After all, many sources suggest that the entire Sunnis that you add them from each ethnic and exclude the Shias of those communities, the Sunnis are less than 10% of total Iranian population... more realistic one would be like 7%.
  20. Who says majority of Iranian Kurds are Sunni? Or Iranian Balouch entirely Sunni? Majority of Iranian Sunnis come from Kurdish and Balouch origin, that doesn't mean that they are all Sunni. And yes I know about Turkmen (less than a million) who are Sunnis or Arabs in Ahwaz who are Sunnis. Do not mix ethnics with sect. Provide us a reference where it indicates that Sunnis in Iran are 15% or 20%. You cannot just guess based on your own prediction to say yes 15%, even why not 20% or it could be 30% and why not! Wikipedia, that is linked to many other sources states: "Islam is the religion of 99.4% of Iranians. 90-95% of Iranians are Shi'a and 5-10% are Sunni."
  21. I don't think Sunnis are 15%. Sunnis are around 7% of Iranian population... Those who join ISIS are from Balouch and Arab extremists who had the history of Takfirism and were trained and funded by Saudi and other states for destabilizing Iran via sectarianism in the past. Now a few of those leftovers join ISIS with their own will. No country ever tries to encourage Iranian Sunnis to join ISIS... because it is not in their interests... joining ISIS often means 'one way' ticket to Sunni extremists... and in most cases they should leave the country and become active members in Syria/Iraq/Libya.. and ending up dying.
  22. Death to Jews or death to anybody else is not the right slogans. After Saudis invasion of Yemen, it was the Palestinian factions (all of them) who supported the Saudis, NOT the Yemenis, not the Houthis. The groups like Islamic Jihad & Hamas even expressed their support for Al-Islah party, who is a branch of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, who are part of the Takfiri propaganda machine in Yemen, and who sided with Hadi and fighting under the umbrella of Saudi coalition. The oppressed people who have NO sympathy to any other oppressed people or nation. And who always think sectarian. To above new user, I don't know if Turkey is changing course or not, but its government always been indirectly siding with Saudis evil agendas in Yemen & Bahrain, while PKK has no business in supporting the terrorists in Syria or the dictators of Gulf states.
  23. To OP: Imam Khomeini did emerge or came to power because of Iraq intervention of Iran.
  24. Well, you didn't get my point. My point was that Hamas is fighting the Israeli/Zionist regime, then based on what calculation or benefit or any other reason, it goes and sits with Zionists' puppets and declare group's support? How does this fit in any way? Going back to Israel.... It is a well known fact that the state has been brutal. It has a criminal record... it occupies the territories of Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria...For the past several decades it supported all Sunni-Wahabi little puppets, Arab nationalist puppets or even Islamic groups who then oppressed local Shia populations... there might be some intelligent people or hardworking, but that doesn't change the fact of Israel's criminal existence! But, yea, we both agree that for Shias, Iranian government or any Shia group there is absolutely no need to ally themselves with Wahabi-nationalist-Takfiri or any other 'jahel' Palestinian or non-Palestinian groups and fight against Israel. The oppression of Wahabi States, Sunni Islamist groups, or ignorant nationalist groups in the ME is way worse than Israel in some cases.
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