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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No. He was a 'green card' holder (permanent resident). But, he was a contributor for Washington Post since he moved to the US and was living in DC I believe for the last few years! Some of his works were done in criticizing Bin Salman's policies and published by WP! Anyhow, US is getting involved because of the expectations from ppl and governments across the globe... the so called champion of HumanRights and a country who bow-down to Oil and dollar when it comes to its Arab and Wahabi allies... but then goes and imposes sanctions on countries for lack of human rights and harsh polit
  2. Ws sis, That is true and that is how it should be... You feel like that, I feel and believe that way, and many more ordinary ppl who are not part of governments or holding a state position do as well! But, in the 'real' world that is NOT how it is being done and not working that way.. state/government institutions often look for bigger gains and calculate their gain/loss on the basis of their interests... for example during Iran-Iraq war 'Iran' under the leadership of Imam Khomeini bought their weapons and other needs for urgent needs, nobody cared if the providers were baby-killers,
  3. Was he possibly the "Mujtahidd" and possibly Israel who now has close connection with Saudis helped in exposing him? Else the known Jamal was no big deal...even if he knew too much! The funniest thing I read today comes from 'Arab losers' who have no dignity and no shame! sellouts! CNN: "Saudi Arabia has found support in a number of Arab allies, including Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, which all put out statements Sunday saying they expressed solidarity with Saudi Arabia. The Palestinian Authority also put out a statement of support." Oh
  4. Ws sis, I don't understand what is the connection between buying electricity and 40 kids killed in Yemen? Kids are killed every day and countries are destroyed by Arab tyrants, European nations, Americas, and other countries... but still business is done between states, unless they are at war! You feel sorry for Yemeni kids, lets pray instead of cancelling business deals, some Shia leaders, countries, groups send some aids to Yemeni children.. money, food, medicine and etc.. protesting and chanting or burning flags all day, won't help any kid in Yemen!
  5. I hope Imran distances Pakistan from Saudis and restrict the Takfiri ideology and Saudi puppets in the country!
  6. Why is it a big deal for some ppl here? Iraq buys electricity, so what? Electricity is not that huge where it will turn Iraqis into little slaves of Saudis.. today, they buy it, tomorrow they might stop and turn somewhere else. And I don't understand why on everything Iran is brought up and compared, especially by the OP? Iran does business with Europe so we do with Saudis. You are not living by Iranian standards.. Iraq is an independent country and if it makes mistakes, it is the problem for Iraq. By the time someone is questioning Iraq's wrong move, for example in this case, then
  7. ^I don't believe it. You can easily buy Muslim ministers but not Israelis. He was probably sharing some information on energy sectors that benefited both countries and maybe the government of Israeli at the time knew about it.... Israeli government and officials are full of lies, bluffs, and deception. That is their policy all these years.
  8. ^Like I said, countries who are suffering from wars and recovering militarily and economically, it is hard for them to avoid all these issues (which I consider them small). Look at Syria, like Iraq, today, the country is not Algeria, it needs all the help it can get from Russia/Iran/Hezb and others, and in the process these groups and countries might try to look for specific agendas, but for Syrians at the moment and even years after war is over is not necessary to jump up and down and chant against enemies (of course) on one hand and also sideline its allies for some influence or interfe
  9. This coalition or any other coalition be successful or not, is not a guarantee.. especially in such countries suffering from wars, sectarianism, economical issues and many more! Even if Sadr won 90% and had the entire government for himself and his allies, still the same situation... not because of the parties but because of the structure of Iraq nowadays... but hopefully at least there is some improvement if not a total success! The problem you mention about Iran I still believe is minor compare to what the other side (Saudi/Qatar/west/UAE) tried to implement on Iraq.. by trying hard to
  10. I respect your opinions and like you as an active user on this forum, but I am happy that you are disappointed a bit here... This alliance (if successful) is very important for unity of Iraq especially after what happened in last 5-6 yrd of bloodshed and I hope they continue to work together!!! Those who hated Sadr used the opportunity to start chanting against him more than he deserved, and those who hated groups (with close relation to Iran) also found an opportunity and started using tens of excuses like you to sideline a huge segment of your society by associating them with IRAN and
  11. There is no need for any group or country to have military presence in Syria once the terrorists are defeated, Kurds and the Syrian government reach an agreement. And they will not stay anyways, it is expensive, and there is no need.. it has nothing to do with Israeli desire or demand. Syria has been a sovereign state and hopefully it will fully control its borders and bring peace so millions of refugees who been a problem for neighbors will return home and life goes back to normal. But, if Israel and Saudi pigs wish that they can pressure Shia groups & Iran to leave Syria so the militant
  12. I did not google it, but the replies are confusing... SO, does Iran have any power to "dry up Tigris" or it is just misinformation from Sumerian? And Tigris is not even going through Iran? Sumerian: in today's world I don't think it is a bad thing to be a 'nationalist' even though I don't like nationalists, because most of them are ignorant and haters/racist. BUT, while you are practicing your nationalism, make sure to not spread lies about others, or spread fake news! You seem to be trying your best nowadays to do so... The Saudi paid Takfiris rounded up thousands of Shia-Iraqi mili
  13. Islamic Wahabi/Takfiri mosques/groups are tools in the hands of US/Britain/Israel.... other western and Christian or Muslim countries are victims. So, anybody who bans and kicks out these hypocrites and their backward and ignorant Muslims, GOOD FOR THEM. Because of these hypocrites (Zionists tools) all other ordinary Sunnis, Shia Muslims, and even easterner non-Muslims are having a hard time in the western societies.. but at the end I believe that is the aim of Zionists and Neocons.
  14. My friend! You keep repeating things, even if someone responds to you in discussing the points you made, no need for repeating. Who doesn't want change in Iraq? Any party who did not say that they will fight corruption? Who does not want a technocrat government? Sadr is the only and first messenger to this development? Who and which one of these parties or individuals who ran in the election ever said they want a Shari'a based government or dictatorship or a kingdom or a caliphate? Which one of these groups during the election said or acted like they were looking for conflicts or war
  15. Well, all those who won seats, are already part of the government. Ameri according to you is now the only corrupt one and Sadr and his lists, and all those who will ally with them are true Iraqis, honest, and never been involved in corruption?!! How many ministries were occupied by Sadr's men in the past? They were all angels? Do you see any problem with your opinion and inputs? Seriously, you are reading too much into all... Sadr never was an enemy of Iran and Ameri never pledged allegiance to Iran or other countries... or any other Iraqi politician that I know.. It has been a norm
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