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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I had him(future partner) say it straight up...it wasnt offensive at all as it just showed me that he had nothing to hide nor to be shameful of..coz lets face the facts....Physical attraction is important...and we all look for it to a certain extent. Yes, only because it will make things easier for the two of you...
  2. ^Im faced with a very simular situation to yours. At first it came as a total shock to me, but for some reason i just could'nt walk away. I made istikhara and it came out neither good or bad. I think that in this situation istikhara would help you interms of making the decision to either stay with him or move on. I hope you have consulted him about this....so he didnt mention any of this to you right? People change, we all make mistakes Allahu a3lam W/salam
  3. Hamlet :cry: :cry: And only coz i was forced into it.... I dont even know who Hamlet is and im already halfway through the stupid thing...
  4. Lo0o0olll man go see a doctor or something...coz mark my words your going to be one VERYY lonely person...i feel sorry for any chik wiling to marry YOU! Who are you to make such a judgement? LOL "All men"-gosh were do you get your statistics from?? PFTTTT Watch your mouth hunny....
  5. ^My friend ended up becoming hospitalised one time... As for me i have never experienced any pain watsoever...wonder how it feels like...o0oww well
  6. Nope she had no recovery time, however she was required to rest her eyes and stay away from bright objects like the sun and watching t.v, for about a week. Though individual results do vary so yeah it really depends on each individual... As for practical difficulties nope she didnt have any, as far as i know of. Everything went fine and she threw away her glasses since.
  7. My friend had it done a while ago. She used to have REALLY poor eye-sight, plus the glasses were driving her nuts. It took about an hour or so, she was awake throughout the process, and said that it didnt really hurt, rather sting a little bit. After having it done she can see much better and its obviously better than wearing glasses or contacts...
  8. ^Guess your right... So keeping it hidden until the right time would be the best thing to do...for now atleast
  9. Love or arranged...eeh same thing...both suck either way Tried both[not marriage rather process], neither worked out...My advise...remain single and you'd be happy!!
  10. A while ago a guy asked about me though at the time he was in a mut3a relationhip. I personally, as nice as the guy was could not possibly see myself with a guy who HAS done mut3a before, simply because i would want to be his first and last. ^_^
  11. I dont really mind, though it irritates me when they create nicknames for me and decide to call me by them instead of my name. Do any of you find it disrespectable for a guy to call you by your nickname?
  12. salams, ^So if you found out earlier, wouldnt it change your mind about marrying the girl? The relationship was not a marriage one...it was kinda like aboyfriend girlfriend thing...Keeping this in mind, would it alter YOUR decision to marry the girl...or would you think bad of her? aliunwaliullah Agreed, that was a very mature answer. W/salam
  13. ^Not really.... i mean for example a girl was involoved in a relationship though broke it off for the sake of her religion. Later on a different male came to propose to her. Should she let him know about her past relationship, even with the fear of losing him? I mean if nothing major happened...would the girl be looked down upon? Does he really need to know? :unsure:
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