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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. is there an arabic site out there that has nasheeds on it? i remember my friend telling me a site like...yahusayn.com/yahusayn.org?
  2. i wouldnt feel very comfortable either having a male tell me how to sit and position myself, it would be better if the photographer was a women...but meh. i'd say you should go. if you arent going to participate then thats ok, if the photo shoot is happening in a different city, then thats a good excuse to go and check that new place out :-)
  3. I heard this arabic song, i guess it was. it was apparently a religious song, or atleast thats what people at my center told me, but it was really awesome and i want to hear it againnnn!! i dont speak arabic so i dont know what the exact words are, but all i can remember from it is : "La illah ha illah an" i dont know if that helps any, but where can i find this? someone told me that is by some reciter named Mohammed?...not sure about this one. so does anyone know?, or atleast where i can go look?
  4. maybe we should make a new list of 30 juz, so that people can know what is available and then they can sign up
  5. Sheik Safdar Razi is a very good speaker as well for the youth.
  6. its already been a year ...and still these pictures are so hard to look at
  7. jazakallah for sharing that poem. sorry to hear that bro. what was his name? inshallah we can all recite a surah fatiha for him and Bro. Ali Naqi ...i still cant believe its been a year :(
  8. inshallah Zuljenah please sign me up for a juz. anyone is fine, i dont have a preference. thanks :)
  9. Fatiha... i can't believe it has already been a year. that went by too fast, and he is still missed very much :cry:
  10. (salam) , does anyone have the lyrics/words to this noha : "Ye Matum Sada Rahay Ur Issay Siwa Rahay" Its by Sachay, and i'm not sure what year he read this in, or maybe if someone can provide me a link of this noha that would also be helpful :-) jazakallah khuda hafiz :)
  11. i have this same problem. for *years* i couldnt swallow pills, and then one day while i was in the ER, the nurse gave me the idea to chew some crackers, and once the crackers became all mushy in your mouth, pop in the pill in and swallow. if you trick your brain to think that theres no pill there since its getting mixed in with the mush in your mouth, it can easily go down :!!!: alhumdolillah it worked for me, and im glad it did, because syrups are just to nasty to take [no offense :P] hope that helps :)
  12. i cant believe his 1st death anniversary is coming up... ....time flies eh? :cry:
  13. if i come home from work, and then make dinner, all i'm gonna want to do after that is relax...i dont think i'd really be up to stand by the sink and dishwasher and clean the dishes. thats for him to do :P so i'll cook, he can clean :)
  14. I wasnt really into guys having beards before, but now i think they arent so bad :P
  15. I believe for men it is said that they should go down to sujod with their hands going down first. For women, their knees must reach the ground first.
  16. I'm from india, but no one ever guesses i am from india, they all think i am from iran, which is interesting b/c my maternal grandmother is from iran. People say that i look like my maternal grandmother and my mother :angel:
  17. Zodiac Sign: Leo Birthstone: Peridot
  18. and the second noha's words are there on youtube.
  19. are you talking about the first noha played? if you are, it is called "Aa dekh meray ghazi, ooncha hai alam tera" nadeem sarwar reads it i know, and the words to the noha are on azadari.com i can type up the words for you if you need them. awesome noha btw! i read this noha every year and it always brings me to tears :(
  20. ina lilahe wa inaelahi rajeoon. sorry for your loss :( inshallah your family is in my prayers
  21. Chelum karay gi Zainab, mehmanay Karbala ka :(
  22. inalilahe wa inaelaihe rajeoon stay strong sis...your family will be in my prayers
  23. (salam) I am currently taking an International Studies class at my uni. and a project that my professor has assigned is that we have to create a metaphor about cultural diversity and with that we have to provide a visual aid with the metaphor. Does anyone have any ideas on a cultural diversity metaphor? jazakallah.
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