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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. inalilahi wa inaelahi rajeoon. so sorry to hear this bro. inshallah he will be with Allah swt and the 14 masoomeen. your family is in my prayers, may Allah swt grant you and your family patience and strength.
  2. inshallah i will keep him in my prayers how is he doing now bro?
  3. well its not only pizza hut then, its all pizza serving restaurants. all of them do sell pizzas with pork and other haram toppings. we usually just ask them not to cut the pizza but lately my dad has taken up the idea of making homemade pizzas. those turn out well..interesting :Hijabi:
  4. i'd say dont fall in love *unless* you know it is going to work. if this is not the case, its hard to get over it. or you could just get married first, and then fall in love, then theres no hear-breaking.
  5. i think i spend a total of 2 hours watching t.v. but it never really feels like 2 hours, unless there's a movie being shown on t.v., then it will probably be longer than 2 hours total. during the school year though, i dont nearly watch that much t.v.
  6. Mashallah he's so adorable!!!! :wub: and congratulations on your next little one ^_^
  7. i'd pick Sadiq and Siddiqa :D how about Shams and Qamar? or Siraaj and Noor/Noura [light]?
  8. Dallas is the city. thats so sad, may Allah swt grant them patience and strength.
  9. I have high stress too :huh: and i dont even feel like i have high stress...weird...
  10. why do we call a marriage a ''nikkah'' if in arabic it means sexual intercourse? i've heard people calling it an ''aqd'' instead, are we just using the wrong word?
  11. " Say: Sufficient for me is Allah. The trusting put their trust in Him" [39:38] inshallah i will keep you in my prayers sis. If Allah swt has brought you to it, He [swt] will bring you through it.
  12. Congratulations Sis!! :wub: :D i love that name...Kadhim...mashallah :)
  13. sis Zuljenah, please mark me off for completing juz 6. thank you :-) i can read juz 9 if no one else has claimed it.
  14. yah cuz some people go to summer school :( but if i wasnt doing summer school, i'd pick up...mmm.....knitting :lol:
  15. (salam) , when reciting your salat, when it comes time for you to go into ruku, do you look at your feet or do you stare at the turba/sajda? i was told by someone at my masjid, that you should not look at your feet because that breaks the concentration because you are supposed to look at the sajda at all times. so i was wondering if this is correct or not. jazakallah :)
  16. i dont go to va tech, but i have lots of friends that do go there, but alhumdolillah they are all doing ok. my prayers go out to all those families who have lost their loved ones :cry:
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