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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. does anyone have the words to ''aathi hai gardon seh yeh payhum sada..."? that audio is really good from ziaarat.com, but i'm just really bad at writing up the words :P please tell me someone does, i have to read this noha at a majlis!!!
  2. (salam) , My brother recites salat at school. He does his wudhu in the bathroom, but since he wears sneakers, he doesnt feel comfortable taking his shoes off because he doesnt know if the bathroom floor is najis/dirty or not. so he completes all the parts of wudhu exept the wiping of his feet. but by the time he get to the room that he can pray in, all of the water on his hands has evaporated. so what should he do about completing the last part of the wudhu, which is wiping both of your feet. i found a rule by Ayatullah Sistani which states: 309. If after or during Wudhu, a person becom
  3. i mostly hear of people going to the drugstore and buying lice shampoo. i believe you leave in in for a while and comb it through, then wash it out. well the bottle will have instructions on it. and then no more lice..yay :) i'm sure lice are so annoying, especially with all that ittcchhinnggggg :-/
  4. oh yes, i definitely go to a female physician. i would feel really weird going to a male :unsure: plus i can be open about myself to a female than i could to a male doctor.
  5. are you looking for words for these nohas? or just the audio?
  6. well my burn certainly healed, but it left an awful scar, right in the middle of my hand! and its not even discreat :( but thanks for the suggestions, any suggestions on scarring? yah i might try mederma, i've heard that is pretty good.
  7. aww sorry to hear about your mother-in-law sis :( inshallah she will be in my prayers
  8. Bro. Ali, please add my name to the list inshallah.
  9. please add another 1,000 salawats from me please :)
  10. alhumdolillah, this is really a great idea :) i pledge 1,000 salawats jazakallah
  11. yes i do wake up for sahri. i set my alarm just so i can get up :)
  12. (salam) , i'm not sure if there is already a topic like this here, and if there is, sorry for this repeated one :P but anyways, i burned the top of my hand,and i tried to put vaseline on it, but its just burning like crazy! so does anyone know of any ways to heal these burns so they dont leave scars on my hand? jazakallah :)
  13. public speaking doesnt bother me too much. i agree with muslima4life, getting up there is the hardest part, after that its not so bad :)
  14. OH Man! i missed it! :( and i was awake at that time this morning....sheesh :no:
  15. inalilahe wainaelahi rajeoon so sorry to hear about your cousin sis :( may he be reunited with Allah swt and the 14 masoomeen inshallah your family will be in my prayers
  16. the one mentioned in my signature :angel: [Zumar:38] "Say: Sufficient for me is Allah swt. The trusting put their trust in Him" subhanallah :)
  17. well i chose ''reading/hearing the quran'' but watching t.v. helps me to fall asleep too.
  18. inalilahe wa inaelahi rajeoon. thats so sad to hear, and she was so young too.... :(
  19. very touchy video...brought tears to my eyes jazakallah for making and sharing that video
  20. inalilhe wa inaelahi rajeoon :( sorry to hear about your grandfather brother. Inshallah may he join the 14 masoomeen [as] may Allah swt grant your family patience and strength your family will be in my prayers... what was his name? so we can offer fatiha for him.
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