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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. juz 6 completed thank you- nadia :)
  2. atleast the mother in law is being very honest in laying out the rules, so there are no surprises for the new daughter in law when she comes into her inlaws' home. i think its sweet of the MIL to teach her daughter in law how to cook if she does not already know:). most of them would just assume that the new bride already knows how to cook and clean and sew, etc. plus if they are all living together, everyone needs to pitch in with the house chores. it's only fair.
  3. Subhanallah :cry: its amazing the miracles/mojazas that occur during muharram, at first i couldnt tell that it was the Bibi [as]'s foot, until i read the side captions. and 'mojazas' means 'miracles' jazakallah for sharing this :) ~Nadia
  4. (salam) , please give me the next available juz. jazakallah
  5. inalilah wa inna ilayhi rajeoon. upon hearing this news, i was in shock :( i felt like it was just yesterday that i wrote on aaliyah's wall on facebook, and now she is no more :( inshallah may Allah swt enjoin her in Jannat with our Lady Fatima [as] and the 14 masoomeen [as] and may her family be granted strenght and patience during this difficult time, as well as us shiachatters who were close with sis hope/puzzle pieces. this just goes to show that death can come at any age, and at any time. we all need to be ready for it... farewell sis aaliyah...inshallah jannat awaits you :)
  6. no, i mostly go to Idara as well as this new masjid that has opened up in richmond, va: Imam Mehdi Center i've been to Imam Ali Center once, its a very nice masjid mashallah :)
  7. thank you for the link bro Ali :) yah actually i was at the shabedari last year at idara and thats where i heard him recite it. isnt there a shabedari there this weekend? mashallah idara really does a good job with their shabedaris, i always look forward to attending them :)
  8. alhumdolillah i enjoy every part of the majlis, but the parts i tend to wait for the most is the soz khani and the maathum. oh and i recite soz and nauhas :)
  9. (salam) , does anyone have this noha? its by sachay uncle, and i heard his son reciting it as well. does anyone have the words to it? or maybe a link? i cant find one :squeeze: jazakallah :)
  10. I've read that if one recites surah TaHa, and blows on a cup of water and drinks it, then inshallah the person will soon be married.
  11. (salam) , does anyone have the lyrics to this noha, i'm not sure if the words are right... "Kya seh gai karbala main aakar, beemaar Imam wah daarigah" jazakallah :)
  12. (salam) , does anyone have the lyrics to this noha, i'm not sure if the words are right... "Kya seh gai karbala main aakar, beemaar Imam wah daarigah" jazakallah :)
  13. Congratulations to you both! Inshallah may you both have a blessed life inshallah! 2:257: Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness into light. Thank you for showing to never give up and to continue to believe and definitely inshallah Allah swt will take you out of the struggle and the darkness and show you ease and light. Your story is very inspiring mashallah :) thank you for sharing :)
  14. (salam), Well i'm not sure about your area, but in my area this month seems to be wedding season :P..haha odd that it would be now since its so cold outside! but meh, its the month of zillhajj soon, and what better month to get married in than this one! especially with all the Eids and the wedding anniversary of Lady Fatima [as] and Imam Ali [as] :wub: Anyways, I've noticed that a lot of people are getting their nikkah/aqd done at halls instead of masjids. Is this ok to do?, what do you think about it? I guess a lot of people opt for halls because there is more room and people can sit on
  15. (salam) , yes I have noticed this whole bf/gf trend as well in the west. like the other day while i was at work, one of my friends[who is american] was telling me about this awesome bf of hers, who treats her so well, and takes her out on the best dates, and buys her such nice presents, etc. i was very happy for her that she found a guy that was right for her, and then i asked her what his name was, and he's like oh its Mohammad, and i reacted with: :squeez: :o I was really surprised! I mean this guy is muslim and he is having a relation with a non-mahroom?? I dont know how some musli
  16. well i finally found one in this book:"Aza-e-Masoomeen" it only had 2 nohas on Imam Sadiq [as], so i just chose one of those. better than nothing i suppose :angel: its sad that there arent that many nohas from the 5th Imam a.s. down to the 11th Imam a.s.
  17. (salam), does anyone know of any Imam Sadiq [as] nohas? i cant really seem to find any. jazakallah :)
  18. inalilahe wa inaelahi rajeoon. :( inshallah his family will be in my prayers.
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