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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. recite "Ah-oozo billahi mina shaitaan-nir-rajeem" sometimes the evilness can come from shaitaan, i recite this when things get to be too much for me and it really helps :) good luck! recite "Ah-oozo billahi mina shaitaan-nir-rajeem" sometimes the evilness can come from shaitaan, i recite this when things get to be too much for me and it really helps :) good luck!
  2. I just use vaseline. i have sensitive/eczema prone skin and its gets dry very easily, so vaseline seems to be the only safe "cream" to use on my face. its can be thick, but it gets the job done.
  3. �One who hurts his parents, hurts me and one who hurts me has hurt Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him). And the one who hurts Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him) is accursed.� -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) I've seen this also in our society. The way I think of it is your parents cared and endured for you through all those years when you could not care for yourself, cant you atleast do the same for them? I know I would never leave my parents to be in the care of anyone other than myself and my syblings.
  4. ^ so why cant we do that on shiachat?
  5. jazakallah for posting this sis this is an amazing recitation.... :cry: does anyone know the translation to this dua or the name of this dua? I've always liked recitations by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy, he just reads the Qur'an and duas so slowly that it really brings tears to your eyes and peace to your heart. Inshallah may Allah swt give him the reward for reciting so well. -Nadia
  6. amazing pics! jazakallah for posting :) i didnt know these types of masjids existed in lucknow, the architecture is stunning.... definitely want to go check them out iA :)
  7. well made up or not...one should learn the moral of the story nice story nonetheless :)
  8. thanks for the replies :) to answer some questions: Do you wear contact lenses sis? no i do not wear contacts yes it burns some, especially if i've rubbed it too hard :squeeze: thanks akbar007, i'll try to use those eyedrops and see if they do anything although this morning i woke up and my eyes were really red, and swollen. i took some advil because i had no benedryl and i heard from someone that advil reduces swelling?... but its definitely not pink eye, i had that episode a month ago...wasnt too fun i hope its just something minor like allergies due to the pollen. if not then, i'm in
  9. (salam), Lately my eyes have been so itchy!! i usually dont have this problem, but just recently i've been rubbing them a lot and then they get all watery and red. so people have been telling me to wash my eyes out with water, which i do, but still they are irritated. i dont know what to do. i'm afraid that i'll mess up by eyes by rubbing them so hard, but i cant help it, its just way to itchy and irritated in there! so whats a girl to do?
  10. "Beware of jealousy for its effects will appear upon you and shall not effect your enemy"- Imam Naqi [as] Its tough to deal with jealous people. I personally just try to stay away from them, but if they are in your family then i'm not to sure how you could get around that. Its a vicious disease i think, and once you've been infected with it, theres no turning back sometimes. But of course, Allah swt knows best. Good Luck sis...you'll be in my duas
  11. i agree!...well said sis :) beautiful poem, jazakallah for sharing :D
  12. so i'm assuming when you go into sujood/sajda, you shouldnt close your eyes then either? i always seem to close my eyes for those moments when my forehead rests on the turba. should that be stopped?
  13. (salam), for some reason i thought we already had this sort of thread somewhere else on this site..hmm... For Girls: Kulsoom, Masooma, Zainab, Fatima, Maryam, Amina For Boys: Yousuf, Kabir, Abbas, Husayn, Qasim, Ali
  14. (salam), that is very sad to hear that so many young girls are already hit with osteoporosis. i'm very afraid of getting this since i know that is a growing disease for women. i just try to drink milk everyday and take a multivitamen [women's one a day]. that vitamen seems to have all the minerals needed to keep a woman healthy, especially calcium....or so it says :P How about calcium supplements?
  15. Happy Birthday!!! :D hope you have many more to come inshallah!
  16. (salam), If Juz 21 is not taken, then please sign me up for that one. If not, then which ever para is the next available, please assign it to me. Jazakallah :)
  17. Happy Birthday Tauqeer786 and Lion of Karbala!! and those cakes look verrrryyyy scrumptous :D ;)
  18. (salam), please sign me up for the next available juz. thanks :)
  19. wow, i cant believe it has already been two years :cry: inshallah i'm sure we will all participate in reciting Fatiha and Surah Yasin for his soul.
  20. There is one shia masjid close to Richmond, VA. The name of the masjid is "Imam Mehdi Center" located in Manakin Sabot, VA. It really isnt too far from richmond, i'd say about at 10-15 min. drive. Here is the address of the center: Imam Mehdi Center 2035 Shallow Well Road Manakin Sabot, VA 23103 Phone Number: 804-784-4377 Hope this helps!
  21. sorry to hear that your aunt is sick sis inshallah i will keep her in my duas is she doing any better?
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