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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Does anyone have the words/writeup to the noha 'Dho baar namaz shaheed huwi, aik masjid main aik maqtal main'? Jazakallah :)
  2. :salam: 3 nights ago i had a dream about a kitten, a little white kitten who was friendly and i was so happy to have one. and i remember in my dream i was happy, and when i woke up from that dream i felt happy, and i remember my kitten and i were looking outside this window and it was sunny outside with green grass all around and flowers, and through that window i saw another white cat, but it was chubby and kind of just sitting there. so that was one dream... the next day i had another dream where there was a gray cat with these yellow eyes and i remember being sort of afraid of that cat a
  3. salam oh i just looooveee baby showers!!! :wub: they are so fun, i actually just came back from my sis in law's baby shower :D. we decorated the place with lots of pink [pink tool, pink rattles and pink toys etco] and played games like baby bingo, and guess how big her tummy is, and one raffle game. it was all a lot of fun and then we cut a cake and had dinner. plus she was registered at babies r us so people just bought her gifts from the registry. so thats all one does at a baby shower, and its a relief i am sure to get all that stuff for your baby, especially if this is your first one :)
  4. so would u say purchasing mederma is a bad idea? how about using coco butter? i'm trying to find other ways than the doctor because i dont know if my friend's sister can actually go to the doctor....
  5. (salam), I'm not sure if this has already been asked in this forum, if so, then maybe inshallah someone can point me to the where the link is located but... My friend's sister had something on her face and she scratched it and now she has some scars on her cheeks. They are very recent scars so they arent too embedded in her skin. Is there any other remedy she can use besides going to the doctor? Does anyone know if Mederma really works for scars? because I have heard some people say that it does and some say it does nothing. Jazakallah :)
  6. (salam) , About a month ago, I purchased Flax seed oil capsules. I had heard good things about flax seed oil and how it has omega-3s and it really helps your skin and joints and brain, etc. [haha ok i am also reading off the bottle's label :P] But i have been using this for a month and i am not really feeling any difference after taking this pill. I do take this pill once a day at night after dinner. should i take it more often? i'm not really too sure if it is helping my skin because it still looks the same to me., do i need to wait longer to see results? Has anyone tried or know anything
  7. Eid could be on tuesday for those that started the month of Ramadhan on Sept 1st. but i'm not sure if it can be for those that started on the 2nd of sept, because then those people would only have 28 fasts, instead of 29/30.
  8. i liked the matching activity :D that was pretty fun and i liked the popup box that told you the benefits of reciting that surah jazakillah for sharing that :) and ramadhan mubarak to you as well!
  9. Alhumdolillah my first fast wasnt too bad. i think my body had begun getting used to fasting because i fasted during the last days of shaban, so i didnt really feel it. although today i am feeling a little restless since i have to be at work and i cannot just lounge around in my house :P.
  10. today for suhoor i had rice and kheema [meat] is whole milk better to have during suhoor? does it keep you full longer? and for iftaar last night i had a roast beef sandwich and LOTS of watermelon :lol: :wub: not to sure what we are going to have tonight, but i've got 7 hours to figure that out :P
  11. thank you for the replies everyone! and the information about how good it is to fast during the last 3 days of shaban :) jazakallah for your help!
  12. (salam), I wanted to be roza/fast during the last 3 days of shaban and just continue fasting all through ramadhan inshallah. but then i read somewhere that this is not good and that you should seperate your shaban fasts from your ramadhan fasts. so what is the true verdict?
  13. 1. MDM 2. Ashke-Zahra* 3. paiam [Completed] 4. paiam [Completed] 5.Vision [Completed] 6.Vision [Completed] 7. Smiley [Completed] 8. Habibibatool5 9. Habibibatool5 10. glieswayz 11.paiam 12.paiam 13.I Believe 14. Kaka Sahib [Completed] 15. Kaka Sahib [Completed] 16. Kaka Sahib 17. 18. 19. YaSiN51214 [Completed] 20. 21. 22. saa 23. Shabib 24. YaSiN51214 [Completed] 25. 26. 27.Narcissus 28.Narcissus 29.Narcissus 30. Armans Wife/taha77
  14. 1. MDM 2. Ashke-Zahra* 3. paiam 4. paiam [Completed] 5.Vision [Completed] 6.Vision [Completed] 7. Smiley [Completed] 8. Habibibatool5 9. Habibibatool5 10. glieswayz 11.paiam 12.paiam 13.I Believe 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. YaSiN51214 [Completed] 20. 21. 22. saa 23. 24. YaSiN51214 25. 26. 27.Narcissus 28. 29. 30. Armans Wife/taha77 ------------- I will recite para #24 as well jazakallah :)
  15. 1. MDM 2. Ashke-Zahra* 3. 4. paiam (actually murtadha, my muslim name) 5.Vision 6.Vision 7. Smiley 8. Habibibatool5(i will do this on wednesday inshALLAH) 9. Habibibatool5(and do dis one on thursday inshALLAH) 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. YaSiN51214 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Armans Wife (I'm going to try the whole juz this time inshallah)
  16. inalilahe wa inaelahi rajeooon :( wow, totally shocked to hear the passing of this sister. Inshallah may she be granted a place in Jannat inshallah.
  17. :huh: hmmm never heard of this one are you sure this isnt an old wives tale or something?
  18. so when you do the masah..is it done from the top of the head down to your forehead, or is it preformed from the forehead working upwards? and also, is the masah done with 3 fingers or just your middle finger?
  19. inalilahe wa inaelahi rajeoon. Sorry to hear about your uncle bro. May he be granted a place in Jannat inshallah. You all will be in my duas. Take care, Nadia
  20. sorry to hear of the passing of your dad brother. Inshallah may he be joined with our Masoomeen [as]. and may your family be granted patience and strength at this time. http://www.madressa.net/CMSnew/content/view/43/87/ go to the 4th link, the powerpoint is, i thought to be very helpful :) hope that helps bro, take care. and your family will be in my duas khudahafiz, Nadia
  21. (salam), I have a question regarding Syeda Sughra's roza. Why is this roza not located in Madina?, when according to the history, Bibi Sughra never left Madina to go on the journey to Karbala. so shouldnt she be buried in madina and not in shaam?
  22. "Ya Sayyeda" by Shahid Baltistani 2004 noha
  23. i dont think anyone should be turned away from entering a Hussainiyah. but maybe out of respect, they should try to come covered. you may see them as a sinner for not coming in with a beard or hijab, but in Allah swt's view, they may be the best momin. we should not judge for Allah swt is the ultimate judger.
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