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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nadeem Sarwar: Kya Mohammad, Bus Ya Hussain Mesum Abbas: All Ali Safdar: All Hassan Sadiq: matam Karo shabbir ka
  2. Where is the shabedari in Newjersey and St. Louis...which imambargahs?
  3. i wish I could see a mojiza in the future God Willing Inshallah
  4. This is the same guy who was complaining about Mesum Abbas's 2008 English noha lol :!!!: Shahjee
  5. That's fine brother, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I have tried to explain my views and I see it hasn't had any effect on you. Look, you can believe whatever you want to and Inshallah Allah will give you a more open mind...Ameen...Please in the future try to be a just a little less closed minded, not everyone is out to destroy islam, the truth is only people like you are out to slow the progress of it...I don't even know what to tell you anymore, but I have tried on my part and I have done my duty. I leave it up to Allah now and inshallah I will pray for you. Iltimaas-e-Dua Muntazir Ali Khan
  6. Dear true_malang, I see what you are trying to say, but just for a second try to see it through my eyes. Our mission as Shia Momins is to spread the message of Imam Hussain, whether it be in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Saraeki, Arabic, Pashtho..u get the jist. It is the first time a noha is doing it, plus you mentioned earlier that culture should be passed on. If you are not aware, Mesum Abbas is from the US..english is part of his culture. Have you noticed when you tell people about Imam Hussain, how they don't know who he is. Now, even American/British will be able to understand also that Imam Hussain was the "Grandson of Prophet Muhammad"...also if you are not aware if this Mesum Abbas's 2008 noha on http://yaimam.com/ (for those who don't know the link) is supposedly sung in English it is absolutely correct because any song in English that is about Imam Hussain/Rasoolallah is halal. You can check on Sistani.org. In fact, in other countries (India) drums and all sorts of intstruments are even used in Nohas but it is not haram. For Mesum Abbas to read a noha in english is not only respectful, but also inspiring. It just shows how even as a Muslim American he spreads his religion. You have also said the noha is repulsive, but is there a written rule anywhere that nohas cannot be read in two different languages?? Please do not hinder the spreading of Islam and the identity of Imam Hussain just because you don't like the fact that there has finally been a change in nohas for the betterment of azadari internationally. Shahjee Pajee
  7. Are you saying you listen to songs? Tru Sarwar did lose a lot of respect for singing SONGS not english nohays
  8. I am pretty sure the noha's intent wasn't what you believe it to be, but no one know's better than the almighty. All I am saying is that to me it seems like a very nice noha that's all. If you wish to dislike it that is your opinion. However, there have been too many examples in the past that surpass this..for example, Irfan's Bharde Jholi, Sarwar's numerous nohas based solely on songs on which no new topic should be started as all are familiar, and even our very own legendary noha khans. This is not an argument just my opinion based on facts.
  9. TRu Mesum Abbas's 2008 mashallah is very good, and it's even beter that he read a piece of noha in english so here in foreign countries kids whose urdu isnt amazin can understand the meaning of a noha.....PLEASe also uploa fatemah Ladak's nohay too she has a nice voice....
  10. Hey brother, I did contact the webmaster to inquire about Hassan Sadiq. He said if anything, his team will try to record him live and it should be up there as soon as he gets it. This was as of yesterday. Shahjee Pajee
  11. Yeah Yeah I heard that it is true from a couple of different people and I also saw it on YaImam.com. I am not sure about it tho so I can't give you an exact answer. :blush:
  12. I heard the best quality nohays will be hosted on http://yaimam.com/ They are soon to be releasing nohays AND DVDs!! From what I have seen they even have last year's nohay dvds on it. Isn't it awesome? YaImam.com
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