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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. it's that time again., when i go into indefinite hibernation and suddenly popup again.... I know i have been utterly outrageous... to the point of trolling... but i guess it was meant for laughs... but now i have learned.. different people have different kind of sense of humor and mine is bit weird more than often., therefore I'd offer my sincere apology to all brothers and sisters who may have been offended unintentionally.. Stay blessed. Allah Hafiz.
  2. is it a mere coincident.. all these 3 battle threads have disputed titles to being with.... @magma Extravert Vs Extrovert Kabob vs Kebab Soccer Vs Football
  3. I guess the world is divided over how exactly it's pronounced
  4. Yeah that's correct, I guess cricket has the most rules than any other sport...
  5. yeah with Kabab crust.... i hate to be a grammar nazi... is it really kebab or Kabab?? Zabar or Zaer?
  6. On a side note I ain't gonna call it kabob no matter what. Kabab dudes.
  7. Seriously I like pizza hut with kabab crust best of both worlds innit mates? I don't know if they offer else where too??
  8. It's called soccer. Football is reserved for football. its rugby style sports, curse the Americans
  9. Football isn't even a legal name for the sports you are referring to.
  10. I am basically an introvert when someone says their grandma just died and I need to attend the funeral, and there is a party where only there are tons of freeloaders, but I'd instantly become an extrovert when certain people are gonna attend an event. Enough said.
  11. if you like complicated sports - cricket if you like simple sports - football @DigitalUmmah omg! Did you just say football is for mentally challenged people only. And cricket for respectable rocket scientists??
  12. lol you are talking about a game that people ain't yet sure what it is called. Not to mention how disrespectful it is.
  13. oh wait... pardon my in-line styling... i am just too lazy.....
  14. He is a malang.... and the only thing they are good at... to feed themselves and feed others.. on Langar and Niaz - e- Hussein (as)
  15. lol.. i just noticed i am doing it on my company website here is the code <p style="margin-top:-30px;margin-bottom:50px;height:50px;" class="importBizBig"> <span class="switchCountry">China</span> <span class="switchCountry">United States</span> <span class="switchCountry">United Kingdom</span> <span class="switchCountry">Germany</span> <span class="switchCountry">Singapore</s
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