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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yathrib was a disputed region like kashmir or kosovo and ethnic cleansing of albanians for "treason" was unacceptable too. Why weren't the other jewish tribes killed for treason? Because they could PAY their way out of it. It wasn't about treason at all since there was no state, just warring cities fighting each other. I won't repeat myself. Ok i will. Jesus didn't order the massacre of jews, but mohammad did. Martin luther wasn't a prophet/apostle. He was just someone who spoke the right thing at the right time, excluding his antisemitism if any. If he had asked us to kill millions of jews we wouldn't have. And if nazi germans did do it they left the fold of christianity first and then indulged in whatever they did. Islam not only allows this within its fold it is directly ordered by your Prophet! How is Martin Luther related to hitler's pagan swastika aryan party i will never know :wacko: If hitler did follow anyone he followed your prophet in first trying jews for treason in his own court with his own judge, jury and executioners, and then forced jews to accept their advocates who turned out to be their worst enemy. For example, if you watch the movie 'idiocracy', the title character is tried in a similar court with his advocate joining in the prosecuters and help them jail him (i just love the movie). This is what happened in pagan arabia, which is still pagan today. hey i am a liar racist jewish pig :wacko: Irrespective of me being involved in this topic the moslem massacre of jews will never be forgotten and will be repeated by their pagan friends like nazis. addressed this issue already on the other thread. Why were jews the only people of all the races and religion who were condemned to this kind of punishment by Allah? Why not Osama bin laden, for example? Or some other people who tried to leave Allah by not accepting Ali? Hey i know that incident where the person was stoned from the skies but still he wasn't transformed into an ape or a pig. Thats just outright racist. If KKK lay their hands on this, they will have a field day, both against moslems and jews.
  2. This is the epitomy of an irrelevent post. I didn't say anything about islam here, i just gave shias a suggestion here. Finally something really good from you. I am not one of those who don't appreciate intellect if its coming from someone who is literally "after you". I totally agree with your second paragraph. For first paragraph start a thread in the christianity forum even though i won't read it or post there :!!!:
  3. Lol sorry that post was for someone else, not for you Ali Imran. and pleaese mods don't lock the topic, this is what is the intention of some people when they can't actually debate.
  4. Sigh. Martin Luther wasn't Jesus. You still don't get it? Oh man your prophet ordered these executions whilst jesus didn't order the execution of jews. You still don't understand the difference? And you don't condemn that criminal act and we condemn everything nazi, even though they were all atheists. This is exactly how the pharisees shouted at Jesus since he didn't have "formal" jewish education. I, on the other hand, don't need to be educated because jesus is my savior who didn't commit any war crimes. And please if you don't have any arguments don't post. Forget that i exist. Just concentrate on the topic.
  5. [banned: continuous insults against the faith and its tenets will not be tolerated]
  6. finally the answer i was looking for. very true. I wonder why then do shias care about palestinians so much? forget them as they are your enemies. "Occupied palestine" forum? Come on :lol: Seriously, let the israelis and sunnis fight each other, and enjoy the peace you have in your respective countries like we christians are enjoying :lol: Its a blessing from YHVH/Allah Oh man :squeez:
  7. No it isn't. Omar wasn't the messiah of israelites. Its clear that its the messiah who will build the temple. Jesus is yet to come.
  8. "aur jeeeee" "jiggurrrrrrrrrrrrrr" "wosssssss up" "come up man come up" "aur cheetay who is u"
  9. ^ Spam. i think it hits the spot where it hurts the most when i raise this question thats why some crybabies are trying to divert attention away from this topic as well.
  10. why do you even post in my topic ? anyway, like i was saying, moslems should be thankful to jews for they have found friendship in each other because of them. And by the way, i don't expect respect from those who have none.
  11. hmm what did he say? shias and sunnis, keeping it simple now? what would the shias and sunnis of that region do? Kill each other ofcourse :lol: start another thread.. and then omar would ahve been the first caliph.. see thats a retarded answer... the question is using a hypothetical situation only to discuss the two so called friends, allies, or whatever. Israel does exist and since it exists, hezbullah and palestinians are friends, for now.
  12. If Israel didn't exist, would there still be friendship between Palestinians and hezbullah?
  13. Las Vegas .. see now this name is a dilemma for MANY people not just pakistanis :lol: laaas vegaaaaaaaaaas los way gaaaaaaaas lass way gus... i am confused ..
  14. ^ ok those who are willing to believe that this incident happened and continue on with their discussion aren't shias, says the sayyida. For others who believe in this incident and don't condemn it, : What moslems feared would happen to them, they actually did to the jews. Was yathrib a state? no it wasn't. Should jews have worried about moslems being killed by maccans? No they shouldn't have and they didn't, they distanced themselves from meccans as well as moslems. And what moslems do is get them involved to see them massacred with no regard for human suffering. How utterly shameful. Whats the difference between early moslems and crusaders? None they were both rapists since enslaving women and then doing whatever they want to do with them is RAPE. Why is moslem rape more significant? It is like saying that the twelve apostles of jesus massacred a town and raped their women, as they were companions of jesus. How can you compare the crusaders to the twelve apostles? The massacre of jews in germany wasn't done by the twelve apostles. However, the massacre of jews was done by the "companions" of prophet under his instructions. Would Jesus have ordered the massacre of jews or moslems? Are you still mentally challenged not to see the significance of this event? We don't consider Martin luther to be the apostle of jesus we just follow his doctrine of separating from church and if he hadn't said it somebody else would have risen against the church anyway. The difference between me and you is that i CONDEMN the atrocities done by the pagan nazi party members of germany, as they had left their religion anyway. Whereas you stop one step closer to CONGRATULATING the moslems on this horrendous massacre. And whats more, you are willing to compare nazis with your prophet's companions to see who was more brutal. Is this a competition?
  15. Ok i was so shocked to read this i went to my friend's mother and asked her about it. She is a very knowledgeable shia woman and she knows everything about early islam. She says that these are lies either fabricated by the sahabas or jews themselves against moslem. Banu Qurayzah massacre NEVER HAPPENED. She is saying how can A Prophet be so cruel and his grandson be so innocent as to give his enemies water to drink when the enemy is abusing them? She is telling me, "Tell these shias what kind of shias of Ali are they to believe in such nonsense.. Our Prophet would NEVER EVER allow something like this happen" and she started crying. So i cried with her. How can Imam Hussayn's grandfather be that cruel? If you believe in this nonsese even after reading this, i suggest you stop calling yourselves shia.
  16. You are confusing battle of khyber with the massacre of banu qurayzah. jews of khyber, even though they fought for so many days, weren't massacred. Want to know why? They had more lands and war booty and women and men were needed to handle the lands and farms so they needed them as slaves. Banu Qurayza were relatively poor and gave them no booty and they didn't even fight muslims when they seiged gthem, so they were conveniently killed because they were of no use, and ofcourse the women, why should they be killed? they should be raped instead. Anyway, i feel like throwing up and crying as well after knowing about the details of their massacre and if you don't feel the same way, well, you are a terrorist. What i learnt today, the most important piece of information, was that the arbitrator was himself muslim and not even a member of banu qurayza. So much for islamic justice.
  17. and let's observe Deuteronomy 20 which was used to massacre the unfortunate tribe of Banu Qurayzah first : http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0520.htm Just read it and you will get the idea. After the moslems seiged the city, Did the banu qurayzah start a war with moslems or did they not come out? They did the latter. Is that an act of war? In the end they agreed to peace. irrespective of whom they choose they were screwed. Awz supposedly tried to help them but actually they screwed them even more. They only had to choose between awz tribesmen, one of their leader. If islam is so just, why weren't they allowed to choose one of their own? And why do moslems spread amongst themselves such a horrendous lie that the person arbritating was jewish and was also a member of banu qurayzah? Don't lie to me i have met many moslems and all of them said the same thing.. lol now you have no answers. If you say they fought against moslems then they will become POWs. If you say they stayed put and accepted peace then jewish law tells them to become slaves for a while (i don't endorse jewish laws they are outdated)
  18. lool i talked with some moslems about this subject few hours ago they told me that since they were young they were told story about a jew man of his own tribe judging the tribe of banu qurayzah, this is how just Prophet Muhammad was. I said ok fine makes sense to me. Now i see this. Not only was Sa'd bin Mu'adh NOT of their own tribe, he wasn't even jewish. And to compound the matter, he was a MUSLIM. How fair is that? :o
  19. One name : Sa'd bin Mu'adh End of discussion. Bani Qurayzah tribe were SCREWED :angel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sa%27d_ibn_Mua%27dh
  20. Still, USA doesn't have the guts to execute even 200 men of same race in one day. I am not saying its something to be proud of that moslems managed this bravery :lol: What i am saying is that they would shiver thinking about doing something like that, unless you live in afghanistan where its easy and common to even shoot a woman in public. Not you, but i have seen few here in this topic and other one in the judaism/christiantiy subforum. Many moslems do deny holocaust, but what they believe in or don't don't hurt anybody. But i am sorry to say that killing someone of the other race like that, a definite no no. Maybe in combat, even then i oppose war. Ok care to mention his name and religion here ? :rolleyes: I admit they were very stupid, maybe even retarded, for choosing such an arbitrator but still massacre of retards in germany was considered wrong. No offense to mentally retarded people, thats what they call you, not me. First of all, he wasn't of their tribe. Secondly, i am sure he wasn't jewish. Thirdly, he was of the tribe which fought alongside mohammad against them. Why in the blue hell would they choose him as their arbitrator? And even if they did, did the arbitrator (i admit i don't know his name but i think he was muslim) have no mercy on them? Please, mohammad showed mercy to his enemies in makkah and i bet he knew that most of the maccans had converted only to save their lives. Oh man this just got worse. They didn't sign a treaty in which their eradication was mentioned? I am sorry but a tribe is not survived by its women. Traitors or not, ethnic cleansing was a very harsh punishment, especially after they were more like POWs than traitors. Just imagine americans ordering execution of ALL the prisoners in guantanamo in one day. They may do it one at a time or at most two or three, but not more. And keep in mind that americans aren't following the direct orders of jesus here. That is quite debateable. Will jews kill 1000 arab israelis if they fight alongside palestinians, after making them POWs? lol i should have said pharisees. But sorry, i will keep using wahhabis as an insult if someone is showing wahhabi mindset.
  21. ^ man thats offensive, some kid may die viewing this. I am not talking about myself :lol: looool make them watch evil dead 1 and 2 instead :!!!:
  22. Are USA's constitution and statutes directly from God? They are human. If you are justifying the genocide of jews with this, then what you are saying is that mohammad's laws were also human, not by God, for God won't allow an ethnic cleansing. Ok let me find the laws of germany which justify the holocaust. I am sure they were there in place but who cares right? Genocide is a genocide. But what i will bring forth are some new laws. As you can see, any one can manipulate laws to his whim nowadays and at the time of mohammad. But we still know right from wrong, right? Apparently moslems don't. Ok if you are living in one of these countries and you publicly deny the holocaust, then you have broken the "law" :lol: http://www.antisemitism.org.il/eng/Legisla...the%20Holocaust see these laws are stupid yet harmless. Atleast these kind of laws don't make a particular race getting erased from that region and their women treated as slavegirls for the perverts to enjoy. Incorrect. The person who decided to give jews this punishment was from the tribe of Awz, the ones who invited mohammad to medina. Will anyone be possibly as stupid as to sign a treaty in which their ethnic cleansing is in the list and their women getting raped as well? I think not. The only thing you got right in that paragraph was that Quraysh didn't believe in prophet mohammad, and so didn't the tribe of qurayzah, that is the only reason why they were treated so harshly. You will say that quraysh were all forgiven in the end. Ofcourse they were! They converted to islam in fear :!!!: but qurayzah didn't. I am not sure jews, if they had won, would have been able to do that, since moslem don't follow jewish laws nor did the tribes of aws. Jews might have killed moslems on the battlefield, sure, like as mentioned in the jewish laws, but NEVER as POWs. And koran also calls jews pigs and apes. your point?
  23. All protestants are priests. Still we are all priests. [Edited] You seem to think that i will get offended by your attempts to make me believe that i am illiterate. [Edited] Hey, thats a catholic site not protestant :lol: Don't you just love catholics? Mohamamd wasn't educated. I suppose you will not talk to him either. [Edited] Nice attempt to get the thread locked. I would advise the mods not to lock the thread, just edit his post since he is calling the religion of protestants "heretic". What a wahhabi of a moslem you are. I heard only wahhabis label shias as kuffar, but here i see a jewish wahhabi shia labelling others as such. It is you who is behaving like a wahhabi here not me. Anyway, you can keep on shouting, and the facts will remain what they are. I would like to tell the mods not to lock this thread unless you are feeling afraid too of the truth getting revealed. Congratulations, you made this site an official sponsor of another fatwa, this time against all the protestants of the world :lol: And i would be proud to be called an illiterate since mohammad was one. Anyway, i hope this thread doesn't get locked because of a buffoon like you. Sticking to the topic, why indeed did the ethnic cleansing of jews occur in arabia forteen hundred years ago?
  24. Before responding [edited], i would like to advise all the mods not to get this thread locked because this is exactly what he wants, i.e. getting this thread closed so that the truth is kept buried.
  25. lol see now thats better than trying to wipe out the whole race
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