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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. (salam) I am having real problems trying to findout how abu bakar converted to Islam? I have a lot of information from sunni perspective but seem to find little on Shia websites. I recently heard a woman relate a so called hadith that his (abu bakar) mother new she was had concieved a companion of the prophet. She also claimed he was the first muslims, where I have read Khadija (SA) and Ali (as) as the first muslims. Of course there was a lot of mention of him and little/non about Ali(as). But, I deviate from my point. I want to know the history of the person who burned down the house of Fatima (SA) and perfered to be 'elected' at saqeefa than to attend the Prophet (SAW) funeral. I am particularly interested in knowing about his early years and abu bakar as he was before he 'converted' to Islam. Please give sunni references so that we can educate this lady about her so called perfect calif. I would appreciate any help in enhancing my knowlege. Bestest wishes. (wasalam)
  3. (salam) I would like to share a short snippit of information from my teacher on how Janab Hanfiya was born. and the story goes My Mola (as) was at the house of Hanafa for a meal. Hanafa said to her Aka (as) it is now six years of our marriage and could she be granted a child. Mola Ali (as) said to his wife, put your hand forward and she obayed the 'Wali-Allah'. Mola (as) put His (as) hand on her hand and said it is granted. Hazrat Hanafia was born the next morning. I am sorry but many people have this misperception that the Ahl-e-Bayet (as) were ordinary human beings. To these people I would say please look at there virtues and why Khaliq has given Them (as) such a lofty possition. If you try to understand you never will. Just like Khaliq is beyond our comprehension so are the Ahl-e-Bayte (as), for whome the universe was created. (wasalam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  4. (salam) Brother if you are shia then you should be familiar with the status of Ahl-e-Bayte (as) via Hadees-e-Qudsi. You will then also know that There (as) yaqin (certainty) was when there was no certainty at all. (wasalam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  5. (salam) I've seen zakir naik's clipping on utube but does anyone have a reference of which of his videos it was please. I would really help me put a damper on some of his fans that i know of. Many thanks kaneez-Zahra
  6. Salaam Is this channel available on sky? (wasalaam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  7. (salam) Sis Read dua-e-Joshan Kabir if you can for 40 days if thats not possible then read Ziyarate Ashoora for 40 days. It must be read every day for atleast 40 days without a break in the cycle and try to set a particular time. Before reading make the intention (niyat) for your sisters marriage. your mum and sisters can do this. infact if they do it along with it would be even better. Try to reciet 2 rakat namaz hajat every day if you can. InshAllah wait for Allah (SWT) blessings and miracles. (wasalam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  8. (salam) Sis i had a few problems with getting a job because i don't shake hands with men. I did manage to eventaully get a job in my local council. I never compromised my faith, and Alhamdullilah, Allah provided me with a wonderful job. I would never have dreamt of it. It took a long time to come but it did. All i would advise you is to keep steadfast and trust it in your Lord. The Ahle-Bayte will never let you fail if you follow the laws of Allah. Sometimes we get impatient and think better time will never arrive but remember Allah knows when its the right time for you have something we don't. So pray to Allah with the tawasal of Ahle-Bayte (as) and wait for the miracles. (wasalam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  9. is there any way i could get it in audio format. i.e real player or mp3
  10. Come on does no one have an audio for this Qasida
  11. (salam) Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, i am going though them now
  12. (salam) I need qasidas of Ahl-e-Bayte (as) for a wedding like sehras of Rasools (SAW) and Bibi Khadija (as), Mola Ali (as) and Bibi Zahra (as) in audio formats. Really would appreaciate it. May Allah reward you for your love of Ahl-e-Bayte (as) (wasalaam) kaneez-e-Zahra
  13. (salam) I urgently need this sehra as audio. Please, please, please could anyone help, I really would be greateful if you could help. Many thanks (wasalaam)
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