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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa alaikum assalam

    I am fine thank you. The comments need to get approved by me first to show up lol so now that I have approved them, they are there. :)

    Hows your business coming along?

  2. Salam. i posted comment on ur profile but it hasnt shown up so im doing it again. How r u? Glad everything is ok with school. Take care. Kh

  3. Salam. Glad to hear u have settled in well. Hope u had a nice Eid. Take care, Khudhahafis

  4. Inshallah I shall talk to you later. Take care

    Fee Amanillah

    PS Send my salams to your family members.

  5. Salam Alaikum

    I hope you and your family are well inshallah and in good health. Hows your father now? I remember he had some medical problems/surgery?

    I have finally started university and while it is hectic, I havent yet found it difficult alhamdolillah but this is just the beginning. I go to Scarbourgh/Markham to my aunts for the weekends. I found some Shia centers in Waterloo...

  6. salam say some alcohol got onto my dress how can i make it tahir? is putting it in the washing machine enough? thank u
  7. Salaam Maybe it depends on the reasons why they want these things. A lady may need a rich husband cos she wants to have a big family, never wants to depend on others for handouts, never wants to work herself (hey thats her right). So she feels her husband needs to be rich or at least capable to look after her and the family. Isnt this a better reason than someone who wants a rich husband cos her best friend is rich? The same for the beauty thing. huh, girls still get to choose in this climate?? Joke! Kh
  8. Sis, i can understand your point if we are talking about mustahab things, or things done in secrecy but Allah (SWT) made the wajib rule and it is obvious that it is not followed and so there is no judgment to make in this situation. It is our eyes that witness the disobiedience. Im glad u agree on the education but it can only work when leaders of such centers put a little thought and creative ideas on how to educate people who have been a certain way for generations and generations. I think the sign is a good idea. It is neutral and the reader has to notice it. Also to set by example by
  9. We dont have to be infallible to encourage others. We are not hypocrites if we aim to bring people to our level (whatever that may be). For example if i wear dupata and not hijab then i can tell a girl not observing hijab to put dupata. If they dont listen with words then we do have to apply silent disapproval to situations where we can. There are certain ideas that certain race of shia are 'loose' and they are a lost cause. Its true that many of these people dont wear hijab, tend to leave mosque when its amal times etc... but i dont agree that they cannot be helped. Its time we stoppe
  10. AssalaamuAlaykum, Theres this one centre where i have attended for years. People dont have the regard for hijab as they should. Yesterday a volenteer turned up in tight jeans and top(she mustve come from work or whatever) and she came into the main hall and left the room then got changed. That means she walked through the mixed entrance and instead of going to the toilets first to change, she had the ordacity and shame to enter a packed hall in those clothes for attention (you could tell by her stomping around). I was disgusted with my mouth wide open. Where are her parents to tell her th
  11. AssalaamuAlaykum, Ive seen women treat their husbands like [Edited Out] and vice versa and its so sad but ive also seen that the bad spouse is the one that is respected more. A wife throws her tantrums and her husband is like her gulam and in another household the husband is swearing no end at his poor wife and the wife worships the ground he walks on. Its time to take back the power of right verses wrong. Why do people respect the ones that put them through hell to test their love? Why do they bend over backwards for them? Why do they rule their lives? A man that cannot appreciate a goo
  12. AssalaamuAlaykum, What kind of music do u listen to? Can you tell me artist or particular song?
  13. AssalaamuAlaykum, Did anyone answer my questions?? I dont see figures guys! I see talk talk talk but where are the figures? Soulful Harmony: Didnt u say one of your reasons for polygomy is that your wife cant dance? hehehe...what a joker!
  14. AssalaamuAlaykum, Just out of interest, id like to know how many : 1) widows u are still sheltering? 2) How many u have converted to Islam and how many are still muslims 3) How many u have saved from fornication after u have parted from them? Isnt is possible that dawah is just as well done through other measures like charity, public speaking and awarneness? Salaam You are kinda rude. People have a right to their opinions. Facts are facts. He witnessed what he witnessed. You witness what u witness. Just cos something is halal doesn not mean that humans can not err in following them and ca
  15. AssalaamuAlaykum, I dont think u need to change. Why do you consider shyness as a turn off? Maybe it can work for you and be part of a charm of a person. Just be yourself. I have this guy cousin who is shy/humble (natuaral? or cos he is religous) and now he is an adult and is the same way but he is really successful (brill job, religious, popular, married with kids) mashaAllah and i even remember that through his late teens and early twentees even our most popular girl cousin used to think he was fab. And so why are you putting all this pressure on yourself to change? Isnt it a waste of
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