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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. no problem thanx for replying Allah Hafiz

  2. (salam) Imam Ali said, " I recognised God by the cancellation of my intentions." Man is made inquisitive by nature, he makes bigger plans, bigger aims and struggles behind these aims all over his life. He forgets the ratio of effort and fate in life. he works ruthlessly to achieve his bigger aim, ultimate goal and success in life. He runs behind wealth, health, popularity and so on _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. He forgets His Creator, He is lost in the illusions and deceptions of this materialistic world. But Life has its own way to teach. it punishes you first for your mistakes and then teaches you later. In this age of awesome deception man needs to recognise his God, his Creator. he should ask himself his purpose of life. Man is to propose and God is to dispose. Our intentions are subject to the approval of the Creator of this universe. we are not independent all in all. :yaali:
  3. (wasalam) thank you dear brother for well thought answer to my humble complaint. i am great supporter of interfaith dialogue and interfaith harmony. indeed i have done alot of work in this field. Allah Almighty (God) has sent all His prophets with one message and one aim. if we study the holy books Quran, Bible and Torah they all speak of the unity of Allah and truthfulness. it is unfortunate that we the creatures of God dont agree on the oneness of our Creator. All the Prophets preached their nations to worship God, Who is the most beneficient and most merciful. Dear brother i want to recommend you one internet site i.e wakeup project must visit it and watch " the arrivals " You will understand the bigger plan. (salam) :!!!:
  4. can you send your email address to me

  5. i want to make you my pen friend.

  6. wasalaam,

    sorry I don't come on here enough to get to know people. My email told me you had commented on my profile so I signed on.


  7. i am simple and friendly

  8. may i know u plz

  9. salam dear ur name is my ex fiance

  10. (salam) The term freedom of expression is often used in todays Media. As it is often used so as also misunderstood. Man should not hurt anyone by his words, actions or anyother means. last time i posted one topic about Jihad and i composed it to best of my knowledge. i got three replies, i appreciate all the persons who passionately read my topic. Out of the three indls who replied my post, one put me right by telling me the types of jihad in detail, i m thankful to him. second told me that plz think b4 write. i have writen with full responsibility, although he misunderstood it. the third one used abusive language against me and my institution. he called me munafiqeen. I want to tell my all brothers that Shia religion is the religion of rightness. we have Quran and Ahle Bait as our guidance and lead models. i m proud to be muslim and Shia and i m proud to be the defender of my homeland. i just want to request to u all dnt spk till the time u r not sure that u r speaking truth. And dnt believe anyone till the time you are not sure the soure is true. dear friends world is developing very rapidly, policies change the same way to cope with the latest challenges. :yaali:
  11. unfortunately few of our muslim brothers have taken wrong concept of Jihad. they think killing innocent people during prayers, raising the slogan of Allah o Akbar and killing the women on the road is Jihad. No No no it is not Jihad it is Jehalat. Understand the meaning of Jahad, if u r true muslim if u r sincere to the cause of Islam u must observe the events with open heart. do not ignore the facts and dont mix it up with fiction. i am a soldier in Pak Army i have seen many terrorists claiming themselves to be Mujahids, those who dont know how to offer prayers, how to remain clean and how to behave in society. dear fellows there is no short cut in life so what to talk of heaven which is the ultimate goal of momin, do u really think that u r gonna enter jannat by blowing your body. Please reconcile :yaali:
  12. i urge all my Shia brothers and sisters to watch this series initiated by wakeup project. com After watching this series your minds get free and you can really understand the bigger plan of the anti shia and anti muslim forces (the zionists) How sinisterly they are working for their false objectives.
  13. salam ,how r u

    happy birthday to u .

    live like ali die like hussain

  14. salam, darood bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

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