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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The short answer is, Sunnis deny the status of Imam Ali and the Ahlul Bayt, and praise those who have oppressed them and wronged them. In their view however, those we view as oppressors are viewed as great heroes and role models to them.
  2. Additonal question/clarification: Haydth is classified as a minimum of 3 days. What if she starts bleeding habitual time, but it stops after 1 or 2 days. We know that now it has stopped it is istihaza due to the time range, does she make qadha for her prayers if she had been treating it as haydth?
  3. it was a hormonal imbalance - doctors are aware, should be clearing up soon inshallah. Jazakhallah khair
  4. Salaaam, gonna bump this since it half answers my question. My wife had her haydth for 10 days, bleeding continued and she treated it as istihaza.... The bleeding continued on an off (with 1 or 2 day gaps) so she continued to treat it as istihaza. Now, it has been a full month, it is the point where she recognizes it as regular mensus in both her schedule and its consistency. Is this to be treated as haydth or istihaza? We are wondering because technically the bleeding never stopped. Jazakhallah khair
  5. (salam) With regards to the following commentary The part I have underlined, "He is still alive; and is represented by Ali ibn Abi Talib," what does this mean? Represented in the sense of similar struggles? Or in a literal sense as an emissary of some kind? I can't seem to find more info on this. Jzkhallah khair
  6. Looking at brothers thoughts on what they like in a woman has me scratching my head... and I'm a brother :mellow:
  7. if she shows no fear in Allah I would not even look in her direction
  8. Yeah I know the links are weird.. it's amazing how they take one quote and twist it into something else...
  9. Is this article suggesting she is going to be punished for wailing upon the deaths of the Prophet (SAW) and Abu Bakr? Sorry if I got that wrong....
  10. Obviously I don't think we are kafir I'm just looking for some insight on these sources as I don't speak arabic
  11. (salam) Salafi brother provided me with the following accusations alongside his "proofs". I dont' speak arabic thus help requested for my own learning sake here 1) Shia say that rabbits are insects is his accusation, this is apparently a Shia scholar saying this 2) Sistani says that you cannot to jihad unless the Mahdi is here http://[Edited Out].files.wordpress.com/2010/07/sistani_wal_jihad.jpg 3) Sistani says that a woman can use mutah as a profession to make a living http://[Edited Out].files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ahprofession2.jpg These accusations are not my own, rather they were provided to me and I am looking for some Shia insight on these. Are the previous two fatwas still available on Sistani's website (were they ever)? Who's the guy speaking in the first video? thanks
  12. May these dog killers burn in hell next to their Leader Yazid (LA)
  13. Salaam Wa Alaikum! Just wondering as this just came up with me and my wife - are the laws pertaining to the mother in law (eg - her being as your own mother, unmarriagable, no need for hijab around you etc) the same in mutah as they are in a permanent Nikah? Not that I'm planning on marrying my mother-in-law :P rather with regards to visiting, is her hijab required around me? Thanks
  14. I was looking at these exact hadith in the darulislam publication of sahih bukhari that my friend has and we said the same thing These hadith are right in front of them - in their most prized book after the Quran, and they still cannot see
  15. i do not think shooting virtual people is a sin, nor does it drive you to be tempted to commit murder in real life (and if it does then for that person the game should be avoided)
  16. I too have heard this from Yasser al-Habib, and I know a few guys who take this as 100% truth, these guys also claim that Shia Marja3 are hiding this "fact" and covering up that which was "unanimous truth" Having heard this for the first time just recently, I was not so sure of it being "unanimous truth"
  17. Salam wa Alaikum, I was wondering if anyone could help verify the authenticity of the following ahadith, a friend of mine quotes it frequently but I have not heard it spoken of from any local scholars at lectures or otherwise narrated in al kafi, volume 2, that Imam Sadiq (a) used to curse four men and four women after every obligatory prayer, by name: Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman, Mu'awiyah, and Aisha, Hafsah, Hind and Umm Hakam, the sister of Mu'awiyah. I am not stating this is true or not, I am looking if anyone else can shed light on this. Thank you
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