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  1. I would like to warn you about chatmod Simba. He has been harassing sisters in the chatroom. Please be careful of perverts!

  2. Well in Qum there are hundreds of African studnets, same as in Syria there are many. Many have reached the stage of Hujjat. And most do not know each other! If you knew what was happening in Nigeria amongst the Shi'a then of course you would not ask where that 20 Million figre came from. Do some research them come back.
  3. Salaam Some claim that by 2020 there will be 20 million Shia in Nigeria alone. Ghana also has a very large number. North Africa used to drop the Shi'a lick but now thats history, many Shi'a in the Caribbean though, we has one shiekh here for Muharram, Muhammad abdul Latif. He is giving Majlis in the Islamic Centre of England. Dropping it like its hot....
  4. Salaams Bro when it is said that the Imams mothers are from Berbari region, it does not mean Berber as in North Africa! Actually it means East Africa, as that region is termed Berbari region. And I think if you check you will see that their origins support the claim. Also we have in our sacred History that Nabi Isa(as) went to Egypt to hide from the forces wanting to kill him. Check the region he stayed in. In the Bible it states he went there and hide amongst his brothers... Well the the region is called the Aswan, which is 100% BLACK African. Otherwise how could he hide... Factology ah massh it up Peace
  5. Salaams when you say Roman you mean from Byzantium( sorry about the spelling) and not Rome as in Italy! I was lead to believe that his mothe Bibi Nargis(as) was a Sudani woman. Yeap the Imam has mixed blood in him, now thats what I'm talking about!
  6. Dear Bro Chill, I am sure no offense was intended. Dont use that type of language its not good for you or for others. Mashallah there are many White scholars ( european and states side)coming through now also. I was told many are in Qom. Yeap your right some Kasmiris are very pale in skin colour another reason to glorify Allah.
  7. Salaam When I put this post up I was mainly talking about the increase in the Shi'a scholars of African origin. Mashallah many are coming to the Madhab of the Ahlul Bayt. Much of Africa is present in the lands of the Arabs so when we look at the Gulf states and seen BLACK bros and sistas their roots are mixed. I do not know of Arab or Asian Black. But I have seen some really dark Madras Asians. Anyway its all good,as colours are a praise and glorification of the most high. Peace to all colours...... By the way I once saw an African scholar waering a Black Imamah.
  8. Salaam The kids will be known as Mirzaee, that is mother sattidah and father non sayyid. However you know some people have been attacked in countries like Pakistan for marrying a sayyidah while are a non sayyid. I have even been told by some that a non sayyid man marrying a sayyidah is like putting a Turbah in the toilet!!! What thats aboput only Allah knows...
  9. Yes you are right Bro Uhuru. I forgot him but I am sure Allah has not. Peace to the bro and blessings on his departed soul.
  10. Salaam Well bro Mostly people came along to have a look at what was going on, only a few really understood what Hussain(as) was intending and believed in it. So when the facts became clear one by one they left him, simple isnt it! Before setting out the Imam (as) mentioned that whoever wants shahadat should join him. As we see not many did. Peace and blessings on or Blesse Imam(as) and those who stayed faithful to him.
  11. Sure Bro. Well we have Shaykh Zakzaki, leader of Millions of Shia Muslims in Nigeria, may Allah protect him and the Imam of our age continue to guide him. He is based in Nigeria, however in the Ubited states and the Caribbean we have scholars like Muhammad Abdul Latif, he is currently here in the UK kicking it up at the Islamic centre of England. There is Shaykh Haneef he is from states side however based in Iran, he is really down on his studies,a very pious man. In England there is Shaykh Ayub rashid, he leads the Swahili community and has taught almost everywhere, a fantastic scholar and a good speaker, also there is Shaykh Zakaria, a deep scholar and brilliant teacher, I think he is based at the Islamic college for Advanced Studies. It is the leading Shia center for higher education. Also Shaykh Abdul Rauf, he is very tight and knows how to make contact I think he is still a student though, at the Islamic College I believe. I am sure there are others but cannot remember them all.
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