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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks brother ur answer helped me, but i still need to know is it sunnah or wajib? and some muslims have a line of hair as beard and it is very trimmed, is that acceptable?
  2. Salam brothers. I know few of the questions I am gonna ask are already being asked few times by others, but I need to make sure, so please help me. OK many people say that keeping beard is a something Muslims must do, now some say it is sunnah. Now what is the right answer. I always keep my beard for the sake of my religion. Now my question is how long my beard would have to be? Can I trim my beard very little in such way that it will show my beard but the length of it would be very small (Would that be haram)? Ok I also found out (not sure if it's right or wrong) that we should shave off our mustache. If we keep our mustache along with the beard, is it haram to do so? Please brothers help me. I need some answers. Thank you.
  3. i agree with you brother. we must look at each other as muslims and not as shia or sunnis. by doing so we will have a better bond of muslim brotherhood. i am a sunni but i never mention it, i look at myself as a muslim, and i have no problem marrying a shia girl. all i want my children to believe in Allah, i and the mom cud guide them how to be better muslims. and come on brothers lets not discriminate against each other by calling each other shia sunni. we are all worshipers of Allah. remember brothers muhammad and ali didnt teach us to fight among our brothers, and if we do fight with each other, how we gonna show our faces to ali and muhammad on the day of judgment. may Allah bless all of us.
  4. salam bro the thing is i used my common sense and in my point of view it was sooooo wrong, but the thing is this was done in front of hundreds of people, and my question is wasn't there any true muslims, if there were then somebody would have fought to stop this nonsense. since no one did it and all said it was sharia law i kinda got confused.
  5. then why was she punished like that? and everybody took it as it was a simple thing, because it's part of the sharia law.
  6. salam brothers and sisters. i read in a newspaper few days ago that a girl was buried down to her neck and stoned to death in somalia because she was raped by three guys. now my question is, is this punishment acceptable by sharia law? and i think it wasn't her fault that she was raped, rather those three guys who raped her must be punished for doing such thing.
  7. so i am confused now.......... is white gold haram or halal?
  8. thanks for replying brother. and yea that's what i meant what you just said, but i was just pointin out the fact about superstition and thanks for letting me know that superstitions are haram. of course i believe in Allah's power rather than in the pendant itself. i think it's just that i couldn't make myself clearer. i hope Allah forgives me. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  9. I need more replies please. Because I really wanna make sure.
  10. and by the way guys i am not trying to show off or anything. if i wanna show off then there are plenty of other things for that. but there is a superstition that if you have something like a pendant with "Allah" written on it, then you are protected from evil or satan.
  11. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I always tried to explain the same thing to all my Muslim friends that we should not look at each other as shai or sunni but muslim only. I, always look at myself as a Muslim rather than any sects.
  12. Salam brothers and sisters. I know it's haram for men to use golden jewelry. But is wearing a pendant with "Allah" written on it haram? But the pendant is not made from gold. I would look forward to your answers. And I would be thankful to those who give me answers.
  13. what's wrong with bangladeshi, you offended me man.
  14. i hate it when people judge others by their race. bro go for it. i pray for you. hope you live a happly life with her. just try to convince her father somehow, and try to tell him that Allah won't forgive him if he judges you based on your race/ethnicity rather than your deen. you are a creation of Allah. if he dislikes you because of your color of skin, he also dislikes the creation of Allah.
  15. yes i absolutely agree with you brother. hindus get more protection from government in kashmir (actually whole india) than muslims. yes brothers fight for your land. Kaashmir ki Azadi Tak...jang rahegi , jang rahegi.
  16. i know bro that's why zizou is my number one favorite player. i judge him way higher than pele and maradona.
  17. Awesome movie. Really good movie to watch. But I didn't get the ending though. He came in first place but his father bought a pair of shoe for Zahra (the sister of Ali) right?
  18. brother plz don't fall into these kinds of traps or holes. they all are b.s. trust me. if they keep asking u for money, tell them to give u the money u won and then u will send them the money they ask for.
  19. yea bollywood is very good at copying others. trust me. all the good movies and actions i have seen in bollywood movies, i have seen most of them before in a different movie from somewhere else.
  20. i don't know what happened to france. without zidane the whole french team is trash. vieira and henry were garbage (no offense to anyone) they had no skills.
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