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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I will be astonished if they just let the Shia and other minorities be in peace in Afghanistan. Hopefully they are wiser now. If they can allow women some breathing room and let them study and work maybe they can decide also not to bully other groups. However, I am not sure if these really are purely Taliban. Yanks have been depositing ISIS in Afghanistan each time they had to be saved and evacuated from Russian and Iran led operations. These ISIS vectors are responsible for recent atrocities committed against the Hazara there. Now that the great Satan seems to have left it must have done something, might have made a pact with the Taliban most probably. It can't just give up and leave. It makes no sense. Afg is neighbor to both Iran and China and also Russia. There is something going on which is far more important than Taliban driving their fleet of old toyota hilux's into Kabul.
  2. I think the problem with the Shia dislike for gay etc is twofold. We have this obligation of Tabarra / Disassociation from Evil. Secondly in our faith sodomy is deemed Kufr / Disbelief, not a usual sin. Because of Tabarra we have to disassociate in our own fashions from all evil, be it past, present or yet to come. So, since this is "Shiachat", yeah. Secondly tightening the noose of censorship never helps. People like conspiracy theories. Its like reading fiction. Sometimes it is the truth. Nothing to be afraid of. Its not like CNN.
  3. Yes, let us. Why not. You can start by illuminating your concept of Imamate. /((P.S.: Last time we had a discussion you did not so I had to google. It was .. unsatisfactory for me since in Islam, since Ibrahim, Imams are chosen by Allah and not men. So, may be you can start there.))
  4. I think the problem is that hijab gets compromised. Sometimes my wife exclaims when she looks at some woman sitting behind her husband on a motorbike how that woman 'fat buttocks and thighs are exposed to the world and clothes dont help its the posture that becomes on those rides. Some women take precautions, some don't. Some men don't look, others do. When I see such a thing I do pray for them to have a car and be covered by it.
  5. I wish someday there is a real challenge when someone makes a debate thread and shows us: - Hey look. Our religion is more compliant with the Quran. - It has better Imams and leader figures who made more contributions for the human race. - It makes more sense and connects more dots and is closer to Allah. - It is more peaceful and more beautiful. - It is more understandable, it has more hadiths and guidance, it is less confusing and contradicting. It has so many duas/supplications and material you can read and practice to get closer to Allah. - And since it is so much better in all respects is why I as your brother/sister and well wisher in humanity am inviting you to it. Expectation vs reality. - We good u bad becoz herp derp brrrrrrt copypastalolx bye.
  6. I have a few memories of a past life myself that I believe are from my life in the spirit world where we come from to this world. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) in one of his sayings tells us that if we try we can remember that life and that he (عليه السلام) remembers all of it.
  7. Try Tor, I guarantee its safety. There is always a way. Always a mechanism. Unless those sites are no longer being hosted or disconnected somehow by hackers etc then it should work. Even if they are hacked, they should be back in time. They played golf on the moon for three days during 60s and all but sites injurious to their "matrix" like The Pirate Bay and free movie streamers and people with much less tech knowledge than Snowden have all survived and thrived for decades. So I just find it hard to believe. Most people greatly overestimate them which is a mistake.
  8. I don't think any actually believing person, someone who believes in judgement, heaven and hell will consciously not feel sorry on the inside somewhere at least for the secular people. Yeah provided he is into caring for others' well being. They are headed to trouble. They will be asked questions and they will not be able to defend their cases. There are good and peaceful people among them. Other than that, after all its their own decision to make and I wish them prosperity in peace. In fact if they believe in human values like truth, justice and friendship they can prove to be better than many otherwise so-called believers who never really swallowed basic Islamic teachings.
  9. This nation underwent the unfathomable horrors of the holocaust at the hands of a racist political party in a country that was not theirs, and they still mourn and are irrevocably scarred by that experience that none, before or after WW2, is capable of feeling. Let that sink in. Could the two be the same people? Common sense says nope. And if they are not those refugees from Europe then why the heck did the West arm, feed and unleash them upon us.
  10. Use Tor Browser, its free and better (iirc open source too?). Or use a VPN. But I do not recommend commercial VPNs. Tor does everything, even enables you to use the "dark net".
  11. It will take much more than tidbits of copy pastes with no possibility of verification to take it seriously. Sunnis also make wild boasts. But all this is not scholarly nor Zaydism "clicks" into the picture. Above all you people always weasel out and simply do not answer if people choose and Imam or if Allah does. Call it pompous gloating but anyone can read any of these discussions and verify that. I think I made a mistake posting in this thread. Your photo made me think you might be actually knowledgeable and I would have my answers. Peace.
  12. I did not write it is "incorrect". I wrote that it is "extra Islamic". Which means that it is against Quran and Hadith. You could try to show Quran and Hadith support you instead. I mean history just demolishes you so maybe you can also try to find something in Quran instead. We would all love to see Zaidism from Quran or Hadith. You know. You guys never use it. Or is the Quran and all Hadith also "Twelver".
  13. The people can choose their Imams. Like Sunnis. And Zaydis. But it is extra Islamic.
  14. Stars are used for navigation and long journeys, especially the north star, being so bright. The parable seems to fit.
  15. I think none here have played video games longer than I have. While it might not be a problem in some situations I agree. But I see two major problems in quitting. 1. Withdrawal. Just like drugs after a day or two you get flashbacks sort of of games and want to play again. Its the dopamine, the brain's reward system beginning to starve and you feel bored, which takes us to the next problem. 2. Time and Boredom. What is boredom? Doing things like being idle or doing things you don't like. Especially in the presence of things you can do that are more interesting. Again this is up to the brain's reward system and dopamine. In short when there are interesting things to do during free time I do not miss playing video games.
  16. We are all momineen and buddies who care for each other for the sake of Allah, trying to help each other be successful on the Day nothing else will matter. We help each other up and out of problems. We use what the holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) left for us, the Thaqalayn, for guidance. We are not emotion driven rather logic driven. Umar was emotional. Its not our way brother.
  17. I believe the difference is rather between born Shia holding on to things reluctant to mold to the truth instead, and those who searched for the truth and keep searching and are not afraid to mold themselves to it. Sadly some Shia communities have been heavily influenced by other cultures and religions, for instance those in Indo-Pak. Adding singing, musical instruments, lighting lamps, doing "mehndi" and a whole bunch of baseless stuff thinking its very thawab. Over time we find the works of scholars change in stance generally. For instance the Safavid era sources have things not found before. We should all instead study Quran and Hadith and try to imitate the infallible 14. We should think about pleasing Allah and only acting on the sunnah does that. The ignorant quarrel of "ya Ali madad" versus "ya Allah madad", as goes in indo-pak and the emotional drama and the absurd polarization and stubbornness with no regard to knowledge is peak of ignorance. They troll you with it, you get trolled and display stubbornness and play into their hands while the speakers on pulpits have no choice but to back the populace since the populace pays for their livelihoods. Its obscene.
  18. They have been moving away from Darwinism. Its simply too stupid. For instance, life designed and engineered itself without perfectly yet arbitrarily for no reason while not copying, being genuine? And since the one instance no new different and weird life was formed, I mean every new day is a new "billion of years" and there could have been shark-horses, 6 legged robotic unicorns, AI emerging from the depths of Pacific and what not. But no. Countless problems with the theory. People have written whole books. So now they are moving to something easier. It was a little green man who put his DNA in a river once and we mutated albino green men came out.
  19. @Sumerian Glad to see you post my brother. I hope you are doing great inshallah. On topic I believe that darood and salam on Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) during salah and dua is basic tawassul as well as declaration of belief of wilayah from words provided it is also from the heart / niyyah. If someone does munajaat to Allah and mentions His loved servants (and not ask servants, the other way around) then it is proper tawasul and is also found in some traditions. As long as we are asking Allah and mentioning his servants I don't see any harm in it.
  20. Our religious authorities publish guidelines for the frequently encountered questions and are constantly in contact with and answer peoples questions to the best of their knowledge. You should describe your question fully and send it to them through e-mail.
  21. You have to have true love in order to solve problems like that one. Allow me to explain. 7 years ago I was very different. I did what a man does for his family but there was no joy inside. I was considering divorcing my wife. I was considerate but not super fatherly to my children although I wanted to be. Then something weird happened and I also can not believe it. My youngest daughter was some months old and sleeping beside her mother on a bed. We were watching TV or something. Suddenly she rolled and fell from the bed and her head hit the floor. She cried. Her mother picked her up, I also got up and tried to soothe her. She kept crying and she was not opening her eyes. We both got scared for her. I held her in my arms and walked around soothing her so did her mom but she would not open her eyes and kept crying in a complaining tone. We thought of leaving for hospital. Then suddenly she opened her eyes and was well so it was a relief. I believe after this event some true father circuit switch got thrown on inside my head. I can't explain it nor understand fully. I had never washed and cleaned any of my children, this one I did. I never let one of them, or one of anyone disturb me, this one she owned me completely morning to evening until she went to sleep on my arm. I watched cartoons with her when she wanted. Took her out for rides, buy candy on the car or bike whatever she preferred. Or just play with her her games which included calling me names and giggling. This one child astonished my mother, wife and everyone for her unique ability to apparently control me however she wishes. However hot or cold outside, whatever it takes, her wish is my command. I never celebrated anything. Everything was a task. Now I do it for her. I stopped thinking of divorcing her mother because of her sake. Strange. But I think this was the missing ingredient. I think everyone should have a connection like this in order to enjoy life and I think life is meant to be shared otherwise a person can remain alone even if among hundreds. Though it was not me who facilitated this change. If I am away from my favorite daughter too long, we both cry. When we are together, doing homework or traveling, that time becomes special.
  22. Same way Nawaz Sharif is in London yet his team is spreading brown stuff in the country. As for Eid I couldn't know, they announced it before midnight and we know the moon disappears at maghrib time. Not that it matters much.
  23. When that technology comes (and if it does emerge) then we'll see. Since decades they have been unable to use cloning and it was drummed much as well. So like they skipped the moon colony project and chose the much distant mars, its all drama most of the time. Gravy for the brain.
  24. There is always the ignore button option to hide discomforting content.
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