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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Stars are used for navigation and long journeys, especially the north star, being so bright. The parable seems to fit.
  2. I think none here have played video games longer than I have. While it might not be a problem in some situations I agree. But I see two major problems in quitting. 1. Withdrawal. Just like drugs after a day or two you get flashbacks sort of of games and want to play again. Its the dopamine, the brain's reward system beginning to starve and you feel bored, which takes us to the next problem. 2. Time and Boredom. What is boredom? Doing things like being idle or doing things you don't like. Especially in the presence of things you can do that are more interesting. Again this is up to t
  3. We are all momineen and buddies who care for each other for the sake of Allah, trying to help each other be successful on the Day nothing else will matter. We help each other up and out of problems. We use what the holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) left for us, the Thaqalayn, for guidance. We are not emotion driven rather logic driven. Umar was emotional. Its not our way brother.
  4. I believe the difference is rather between born Shia holding on to things reluctant to mold to the truth instead, and those who searched for the truth and keep searching and are not afraid to mold themselves to it. Sadly some Shia communities have been heavily influenced by other cultures and religions, for instance those in Indo-Pak. Adding singing, musical instruments, lighting lamps, doing "mehndi" and a whole bunch of baseless stuff thinking its very thawab. Over time we find the works of scholars change in stance generally. For instance the Safavid era sources have things not found b
  5. They have been moving away from Darwinism. Its simply too stupid. For instance, life designed and engineered itself without perfectly yet arbitrarily for no reason while not copying, being genuine? And since the one instance no new different and weird life was formed, I mean every new day is a new "billion of years" and there could have been shark-horses, 6 legged robotic unicorns, AI emerging from the depths of Pacific and what not. But no. Countless problems with the theory. People have written whole books. So now they are moving to something easier. It was a little green man who put his DNA
  6. @Sumerian Glad to see you post my brother. I hope you are doing great inshallah. On topic I believe that darood and salam on Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) during salah and dua is basic tawassul as well as declaration of belief of wilayah from words provided it is also from the heart / niyyah. If someone does munajaat to Allah and mentions His loved servants (and not ask servants, the other way around) then it is proper tawasul and is also found in some traditions. As long as we are asking Allah and mentioning his servants I don't see any harm in it.
  7. Our religious authorities publish guidelines for the frequently encountered questions and are constantly in contact with and answer peoples questions to the best of their knowledge. You should describe your question fully and send it to them through e-mail.
  8. You have to have true love in order to solve problems like that one. Allow me to explain. 7 years ago I was very different. I did what a man does for his family but there was no joy inside. I was considering divorcing my wife. I was considerate but not super fatherly to my children although I wanted to be. Then something weird happened and I also can not believe it. My youngest daughter was some months old and sleeping beside her mother on a bed. We were watching TV or something. Suddenly she rolled and fell from the bed and her head hit the floor. She cried. Her mother picked her up, I also g
  9. Same way Nawaz Sharif is in London yet his team is spreading brown stuff in the country. As for Eid I couldn't know, they announced it before midnight and we know the moon disappears at maghrib time. Not that it matters much.
  10. When that technology comes (and if it does emerge) then we'll see. Since decades they have been unable to use cloning and it was drummed much as well. So like they skipped the moon colony project and chose the much distant mars, its all drama most of the time. Gravy for the brain.
  11. There is always the ignore button option to hide discomforting content.
  12. Your parents can not force you according to shariah. They are just trying hard. You have to make the right choice.
  13. A little bit of counseling by a professional psychologist rather helps people overcome their bad habits. Its not inhumane. It will even improve other correct functions. A 30 minute sitting on a weekend is not too much. Psychologists treat drug addicts and so many problems that people have. It is sad that a science and profession be considered unnecessary. It works.
  14. Then why God sent Lot (عليه السلام) and told his people to mend their ways and when they didn't He destroyed the whole homosexual city. I would rather believe in God than believe in dishonest Zionist corporation funded researches.
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