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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hitler was quite fond of Darwinism, particularly natural selection and survival of the fittest. So are American presidents in practice while in speech they lie, being good and "democratic" politicians.
  2. Salam Eeeemmmmm, its not Safavid ahadith but you know, it clearly says we can!!~ *Unleashes flurry of criticisms against scholars obligatorily and to look cool* (sarcasm)
  3. WS and thank you brother. But of course those are not all the hadiths on the subject. The hadiths I mentioned are in Wasail, taken from Kafi and Al-Istabsar I think. If you are in touch with Zaveri you can do us a favor and put the question before them. (I have not memorized some of those surahs mentioned). Thanks again.
  4. This is a trick question, I like it. In the Qur'an actually considering Jesus as begotten son of the Creator (the concept of the Creator procreating or being procreated (as we creatures do)) has been thoroughly condemned. As for asking them to be intermediaries, I leave it to the thread. But one thing I do know is that the Creator is the most Merciful of all, by far, and any of His servants / the intermediaries will never go against His wish. That said, we can mention them in our prayers and pray for them in the same way beggars begging you might pray for your loved ones to receive something from you.
  5. Salam. I read in Wasail ush-Shia two conflicting narrations. The first one says Imam Raza (عليه السلام) recited in the first rakah Surah Qadr and Surah Towheed in second rakah. While in the next narration the hadith says Surah Towheed in first rakah and Surah Qadr in second. (There are supporting narrations for both Surahs being mustahab and recommended). Hence the question. Towheed first or Surah Qadr in first rakah? Qadr first is the norm here but I want to make sure. Thanks.
  6. I never gave this topic any thought. Pardon me. But I think racism and prejudice will remain as long as there is evil.
  7. He has already accused an Imam of "innovation" simply because he believes hadiths must accommodate innovation. Without knowing that it is merely a long version of tashahud found in other books as well and does not even include the words he insists upon.
  8. Those are very weak statements. People have indicated problems with your "ijtihad", if we can call it that. Perhaps we should call your kind Ahl al Hadith Shias? In fact, cherry picking Ahl al hadith because there are also clear cut hadiths of two testimonies as well but you go with the other while violating the hadiths and quranic command of "do not divide yourselves". And for what? Over a mischief because all Shia recite the third testimony but your kind have all of sudden started insisting that it is wajib in tashahud. While wilayat is an usool. I think you haven't met your fellow people then. You are going in their direction because you are ignorant and insist on ignorance. Lost from the flock you are food for the predators. May Allah guide us.
  9. They are not neo-akhbari. They are a latest subsect from rural punjab mainly led by foreign funded khateebs and zakirs. They also say Ali Allah and Ali jalla jalaalahu and their own formulation of third testimony in tashahud and cussing mujtahids and doing their own ijtihad. They are one of the thirteen subsects of Shia foretold. After 1450 years they have found their "correct" iteration of religion. May Allah guide us all.
  10. Why don't you take it up with a marja' and post their answers? But no, that would mean you are genuinely concerned.
  11. Google it. His interview where he is asked why he didn't marry or have relationship with any women is also available in text form or narration on youtube. The only woman he loved was his mother and he loved her more than anything in this world. Its well known that the best scientists and inventors were never known for much fondness of nearing women. One of them actually almost forgot and nearly missed his own wedding and then darted back to his lab asap. I don't recall his name. Attaching importance to libido and its care is a modern nuance because it justifies the rest of the modern life nuances. "Not doing it a lot gives prostate cancerz! omgz!" or all the nonsense written on magazines is all cheap and misguiding. I bet you mean modern, western philosophers. What else have they contributed to the world except quite forgettable rhetoric? Or perhaps your personal definition of success is different. Ah the "those were different times" excuse. Do you notice the self contradiction there? On one hand you say "times are different" and on the other you duck behind scholars who work with 1400 years old times. Mentioning marriage which is surely not the same at all now as it was 1400 years ago. You think one marriage will enable you to have your daily Post Nut Syndrome and propel you to "success". Amusing. How did that become the topic of discussion all of a sudden? Thought you wanted to discuss the health benefits of having a lot of nuts. I'm not stopping you bro. How can I? I only gave my own opinion (and cited true evidence yet do not mind your doubting me/it). To quote Bane: "Gotham is yours. None shall interfere, do as you please." Nut like rabbits for all I care.
  12. There are two types of composts. A kind created by aerobic bacteria and the other created by anaerobic bacteria. Some may take long (spanning months) to create. Others take weeks. Some smell of ammonia, some smell of earthly perfume (This is due to something called C:N (Carbon:Nitrogen) ratio). Now this C:N ratio is the key to the result. Each thing that can be aerobically composted has either a C or a N value (charts are on the internet). I made a lot while I was growing mushrooms. It can be made in 1 month roughly. The dry/non-green (saw dust, wheat chaff, soiled hay etc) constituents in a compost add C value to it. While the green/wet constituents (manures, peels, leaves, coffee/tea refuse, most kitchen waste) add N value. You might want to aim for a C:N ratio of 20-25. That is in the middle range and will give nice earthly aroma beside taking the least time. I don't remember the exact numbers but I had a lot of wheat chaff from fields which was my Carbon giver constituent and for Nitrogen I simply used Urea fertilizer. I created a 5' high, 5' wide and 10' long pile of chaff and soaked it in water with a garden hose. It weight less than a ton (maybe 900 kg?). I soaked the pile once every two days until 10 days. It invites the bacteria present in the environment. Then I added 18 kg of Urea to water, dissolved it and poured it evenly over the compost pile without having water it a few days before so it absorbed all of it. I had this pile in a corner and one one side I erected a 10' long 6' high net, the front end was open. The net helps aerate the aerobic bacteria. The N is a food and protein for the bacteria to thrive and compost fast among other things. With enough N available the bacteria will digest proportional amounts of the C ( Carbon rich ) dry material too. The C and N values of different possible constituents from those charts available online will help you determine the needed quantities of those materials to achieve your desired C:N ratio (21-27). Those charts will give you vast options for both. Since Urea fertilizer has an immense N ratio is why I used about 18 kg of it with the C ratio of wheat chaff (much smaller number than the N of Urea) weighing 900 kg to achieve a ratio within that desired range of 21 - 27. When you look at those charts you will figure it out. Another rule of thumb is that we have to provide air circulation / oxygen for respiration to the aerobic bacteria eating the compost pile and to drive away the anaerobes by removing CO2. The bacteria will raise the temperature at the center of mass of the pile to a temperature up to 70 deg celcius with their respiration / energy production. For this we have to either "turn" the compost pile, or use a compost bin which can be rotated every few days so any trapped CO2 escapes and fresh air takes its place. If this isn't done then at the places where air does not reach there will be lumps of gooey compost which is produced by anaerobic bacteria and it will smell. Turning it manually is costly. I used some spare electrical fitting plastic pipes and perforated them and joined them together with duct tape and capped one end then I made a sort of pseudo-spiral pattern out of that pipe laying inside the compost pile by arranging it so as I placed compost in its place after a couple of turnings. Then at the open end I would just attach a leaf blower and let it supply air to the bacteria for a few minutes each day. The heat inside the compost pile indicates that the manufacturing of compost is still in process. When it nears readiness you will notice small white specks all over the pile which are friendly and beneficial fungii. When the pile is composted then there will be little to no heat when you dig a few feet inside with your hand. I also used around 40 kg of gypsum for giving the compost the desired pH and the texture I need to grow the specific type of mushroom (not necessary for you). I also added some potassium sulfate to it and some diammonium phosphate fertilizer for the mushrooms. Plants need N, P, K and S significantly more than all other nutrients and that is a different subject and can sometimes be added with things other than fertilizers in your compost, just like you will see a wide range of options available to you when you look at those C:N value charts of different compost materials. I hope it helps. Let me know if there are any more questions.
  13. This is a pandemic. It encompasses the globe. Its not China vs USA or democrats vs republicans guys. It is most definitely not some evil trickery by some elites. Experience has taught me that rich men's top most concern is money and for that they sacrifice everything and since this is their world they want everybody to follow suit. The silent war of economies was on and all of a sudden this happened and it is really wiping the floor with the sacred economies for which all international laws, all religions and beliefs, all morality and everything else may be sacrificed. They genocide a whole country for a few more barrels of oil (or money). And people are telling me they would commit such unprecedented and monumental sacrilege of their god the monies for something/anything else??? Preposterous. I see God is up to something with this. We deserve the flood of Noah and who knows this is a warning shot. And I wager we will not correct ourselves. That is how I see all this. This pandemic is especially dangerous for the old and it is the old rich elite running the show (sorrows, rotchild, etc etc) so I think this is a warning for them above the rest, which I wager they will not heed.
  14. If socialism or communism means that: - You pick up a piece of trash and put it in the recycle bin so your homeland is clean. - You spare a couple of hours on a weekend to help you old neighbor with house repair. - You take action yourself instead of expecting big gov to do everything for you. Like repairing potholes, helping others in natural disasters, sheltering the homeless, the orphan, the widow and the weak. - Make that a tradition of your nation. - Do not conform to the imperial capitalists suck the blood out and genocide the world one by one, rather oppose them on general principle. - Stuff like that. Then I'm all in.
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