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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Its just a user name. I wanted a new one and settled for this. Also because I think King Arthur tales fascinate me.
  2. Wash your hands three times and rinse with soap afterwards if you do imho.
  3. Here is a firing squad of scientists shooting down atheism. Each one of these has several videos. My personal favorite is David Berlinski. These are all very fun to watch especially because Berlinski is a teacher of english language as well so he does it like a sir. Its so much fun when other scientists give it to em with so much style and solid scientific or mathematical arguments.
  4. Meanwhile, US Forces transport 25 ISIS terrorists from Iraq into Syria ISIS = Al CIA duh = Israel. The Muslim world knows since its our concern. I don't expect cheese burger nation and outlets like CNN or Fox to tell this stuff to them. History is littered with Zionists and Oil stealers helping ISIS ruin our world. Even aerial bombing during battles, med evacs, air transports, deployment to other regions of interest, meetings with senators, even Trump pointed it out about Obama during his campaign. Back when Putin broke its back they air lifted out a lot of them and brought them into
  5. Yeah I thought of that, then thought of alternative and seemingly better destinations and missions, but even then I could not attach less worth to murdering Christopher Columbus. Even stuff like "where would Tesla go then and who will finance him?". "Other nations will take the role and do the same". Stuff like that. I still found enough worth in doing it and hoping for the best.
  6. There are ship loads of fake scholars today. They use it as a profession. They change their names to sound scholarly, like Fulan Tawheedi, Fulan Alvi, Fulan Haidri. They only memorize speech lines and what is told to them and have no knowledge. Opportunists with humble origins and professions. Cigarette vendors, plumbers, and so on.
  7. But that is against all evidence even when it comes to the topic of this thread brother. We should not let politics harm the Islamic way. Teaching such lies to children is injurious to the ummah. We should reform things in order to do better.
  8. That is a hollow and absurd excuse. I need not offer facts or contradictions to it. But even this does not give USA the right to murder foreign civilians and hijack the future of nations. Nothing can justify the continuing great injustices the West has done in middle east. No one sets a field on fire to hunt the wild boar hiding in it. No one destroys a house for pest control. ISIS, Al-CIA-duh as history knows, has been waging its proxy war since 2011 and until 2015 when Putin sent his air force it seemed unstoppable. Then he made short work of it and we know how it enraged its benefactor
  9. 1. Your suspicion of my malice intent. Wallahi brother, I love you and we are children of Adam. Your or any person's loss aches me and I myself feel at loss. Allah has made me this way. Shall I remind you of my intention with this thread? I think you will agree. I wrote this thread out of sheer concern for the children who are being taught false things. Can you imagine what a child will feel like or react when they find out that the role models handed to them were quite different than they were told in school? Some will fall in denial, some might find it easier to just apostate, while some fi
  10. Exaggeration is one thing, lying is another. Comparing the bravery of someone called "Lion of Allah" to a man known for cowardice, who does such sort of dhulm?
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