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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Now you are obviously spewing your hatred for hadith clutching at incorrect information. Without hadith good luck explaining "wife beating" from Qur'an and qiyas.
  2. Why do some people have to hijack and derail interesting discussions they have no interest in or relevance with and admittedly find "dumb"?............................................................
  3. Ironic. In the history of the shaping of our religious history we see a huge influence exerted by the respect for the wishes of the people and their social norms. If its alcohol it gets forbidden in steps and over time, if its the will of the people to not fight Muawiya the Imams back off and let go, and the sheikhein are allowed to rule so that people do not doubt that Islam was not only for establishing a Hashimite dynasty. And now people of the modern time face completely different social norms so they complain again the tailored garment of Islam does not fit them perfectly. Even though slavery was your business not Islam's which only showed an Islamic way of how to conduct some of it. Now folks are unhappy why it did that while making suggestions to God the Designer and Creator on how to deal with social norms of the people.
  4. I don't know how people forget that the ones they point their fingers at are the ones who gave the slaves, women and lesser races and castes their basic human rights in a time where these used to be killed in the most cruel ways. I wish I was one of their slaves serving ahl al bayt (عليه السلام).
  5. If zina is fine to a parent and child both and they can also like each other then perhaps some such parents wouldn't mind doing the honors themselves? Yep, take God out of things and the possibilities are endless.
  6. I don't know. Recently I made a dua for an enemy of God and His people to die with this traditional incentive of reading a "mojiza" and distributing sweet rice with it if accepted. It did not get accepted.
  7. That is democracy, essentially. As for comparing Merica with a third world country, that's like comparing a feudal elite with a peasant. Its sad on its own, this comparison. Pentagon simply "losing" 10 trillion US dollars like its a routine of the decade coupled with a public response similar to that of a corpse is not a phenomenon that can occur in most other countries. Just saying.
  8. This is probably the main reason I did not get coaxed to move to those greener pastures. What's the point in bothering for all that just to raise a bunch of devil worshiping animals? Think about it. Better one handful with tranquillity than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.
  9. Impeaching a US president is like doing dialysis to a cancer patient. It will not fix the problem but is liable to add undue complication. Americans should drain that swamp before anything else. Be a real and transparent democracy.
  10. Extravagance is repeatedly disliked while being content with simplicity (Qinaat) is repeatedly recommended in hadiths. Of course if the Muslim masses adopted this teaching it would be a mortal blow to consumerism and whats killing them. Moreover the saved resources would boost welfare for the needy in a fantastic way.
  11. "Ya Ali none love you except those who are momin and none hate you except those who are kafir" Problem = solved.
  12. This is normal and there is nothing wrong with you. All you need is some practice. Write a speech go outside in the street or where your friends hang out, and deliver it to them. Face your fear. After a few times you will feel that this will ease you into speaking in front of any crowds.
  13. All projectiles work on physics and are affected by gravity, air resistance and far more on the nature of the target's movement which will be moving a lot during combat at various speeds. A marksman or a master of his weapon has to marry his weapon and consider it a part of his body, whatever that weapon is, not just some target practice. It boils down to each individual and their will based on the level of their belief. In this case people can derive anything out of the hadiths based on the level of their ignorance and the brilliance in their conjectures.
  14. Hadiths only. We are doomed. I don't want to stress it. Someone want to practice with plastic guns or latex grenades I don't care. Do what you will. Edit: Allow me to make it more clear. Its all up to you and the OP asked for my opinion so I gave my rubbish opinion. I don't care yours is different. You want to learn to paradrop and be a paratrooper for the Imam, go ahead. You want to play Sniper Elite and learn to snipe, go ahead. You have a 50 cal and want to practice and think that will work, go ahead. You want to learn how to lob mortar fire accurately for the Imam, go ahead. You believe Iranian military, Syrian, Leb and Iraqi militaries in the millions will be enough trained troops and you should sit looking pretty, that is fine and dandy too. You want to invent a gatling laser to headshot Yajuj Majuj for the Imam, more power to you. Go right ahead. I have no problems and am not looking for a debate over something explained through 17000 hadiths in 3D and technicolor.
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