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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There may be more snakes nearby. Find out the disturbance that caused this one to leave its nest, could be flooding or excavation work. It is unusual to see a snake in winter. It was small so it must have come from nearby and probably has siblings. Find the way it may have used, could be a crack in the floor-plinth, hole for a wire, etc. Plug that hole. A suspected nest like a small heap of rubble outside can simply be set on fire for a quick and dirty solution.
  2. Don't you know any Quranic verse to resolve the situation like you did with Ayesha's marriage?
  3. This is seriously the most innovative and the most brilliant idea I have read in years. This way you break no eggs and still have a very decent omelette. You sir are the Nikola Tesla of M and M.
  4. The exact same thing happened to me once. I told my children to stay in the other room and I called over a couple of friends from the nearby village and they killed it with a stick. DO NOT use hands or feet or come into its striking range of a couple of feet, snakes strike in the blink of an eye. When hitting it with the killing blow the aim must be the head. Initially with a stick you can hit it anywhere to injure it and break its spine to eliminate its mobility. I suggest you find someone nearby who grew up in rural area, like a security guard, chowkidar, chai wala, or similar, there must be some of them near you or at your work place. They will make short work of it. If all else fails, go to a pansar / hakeem / herbal shop. Ask them for "Guggal, Loban and Hermal". If asked tell them its for a snake. Burn these incenses in the room and the snake if present will come out. If you can be both careful and brave you can very easily kill it with a stick yourself since its so small. Chances are very high the snake is hiding inside the wardrobe and might have climbed up it into the lowest drawer. There is some chance the snake has left if it has been some time and no one was watching. I can imagine the anxiety even after it is killed because you never know if there is more than one or if snakes have a secret hole in the floor or wall or from where they are entering. Remember as long as you stay a few feet away and use a stick with a steady aim and confidence and your nerves relaxed and in "professional work mode" you will kill it in 2 minutes with my guidelines. Our prayers are with you. P.S.: If your cockroach spray has poisoned it then the mentioned incense might not make it come out. Don't worry. Have someone help, move the wardrobe, open it, shining a portable light as needed, then feed it the far end of your stick!
  5. Even if Christians and Jews are really not "people of the book"? They aren't. But if "people of the book" is not the criteria then why not also include Hindus, Chinese, and everyone else? To be realistic a lot of "Muslims" today seem to be not really people of the book either, being secular and having pretty much zero to do with their book.
  6. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) https://imamaliquotes.tumblr.com/post/84233930456/your-friends-are-three-and-your-enemies-are Edit: Plx plx plx now Batman plx grant me my wish and write "lol how is uncle sam our enemy? lol" Thx u~ That will make my day.
  7. Such a beautiful sight seeing the use of a language in its conventional way. ^^ (Sorry offtopic)
  8. Make arrangements like they did a few decades ago and keep a separate entrance and hall / area strictly for women and the other for men, only children allowed in both places. No photographers, no musicians, no Hindu traditions, no capitalism.
  9. Its not so simple. Can't you see how capitalism is anything but Islamic? Capitalism is merely the religion of money, a disease of the most intense bottomless greed that mankind suffers from en mass. Your own country and its oil has been devoured by its greed, your people being sacrificed at its altar by the hundreds of thousands. All the bombs and depleted uranium dropped upon your people came from democratic countries with their democracy and 'welfare' that you are so fond of. All the westerners voted and brought their leaders into power who are leading an unrelenting crusade against all the foremost Muslim nations. If its perfectly democratic, suppose, then it means all the millions upon millions of westerners are all inhuman bloodthirsty brigand like savages? And therefore equally responsible of our mass murders? And you like and want these same systems? On the other hand, Russia and China are saving / trying to save Syria, Iran and Pakistan, or whatever is left of the Muslim world and Muslims. And your choice is .... uncle satan's capitalism and demoncracy? Or perhaps it is that you are just being yourself as usual and have only been acting childish like you do?
  10. Dear brother since all are fallible and sin except the Awaited, what's the point of showing concern all the time? One will repeatedly reject all of them and waste their political power meanwhile. Perhaps this has been one reason we have not bothered (all except Iran with its revolution). Either people should pick the lesser evil from available options, take part in politics actively to struggle for betterment of their nation, or simply give up and retire while they wait. In my humble opinion those who reserve their right to vote even in the presence of an acceptably better choice are doing themselves and their nation quite an injustice. Of course when the Imam (عليه السلام) reappears everything will change. But until then one should at least try imo. A man drowning in a river will accept even a plank through their natural reflex. They can always wait for the king's flagship to pick them up but later once they have stopped drowning. That is common sense, no?
  11. Then such people should pray for reappearance while they agree to suffer in silence regarding whatever falllible leader nature chooses over them, without complaining or showing concern about leadership. Be perfecty unconcerned about politics. Or be hypocrites. With all due respect. How unfathomably irrational and childish.
  12. No wonder. Yours is a nation who undermined and disobeyed Ali, disobeyed Hassan, got Hussain martyred alone then felt ashamed enough to die uselessly afterwards. Probably you deserve capitalist puppets and foreign iron fisted rule without any more real leaders. As for nahi an al munkar oh of course I can picture you spreading it in Australia. (j/k I do not) You need Aytullah Baghdadi's Fisk free leadership as you have received. Yet you complain,
  13. You can think beyond red and white. Or you can keep beating the strawman of isms to prove me right. For which I thank you again.
  14. Don't mind him, Batman is just tense nowadays. He will come around. The real Islamic system intended by God was only practiced briefly and can be read about when Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was caliph and how he ran the bait ul maal / treasury. The state paid for the orphans, the new born and the financially incapable, and the treasury was literally cleaned each day after everything in it was distributed equally among the citizens. It empowered each and every one of the citizens of the state and therefore considered the people the foremost asset of the state. The fake Islam found today and as practiced by bani umayya is also vividly recorded in history. It was the root of contention between Hz. Aba Dhar Ghafari (رضي الله عنه) and Muawiya ibn sufiyan. Muawiya cared exclusively for the elite, the wealthy traders, and considered them the asset of the state, just as wealthy people are treated like royalty in capitalist societies. He came up with the law of a flat 2.5% tax deduction on profits and earning regardless how wealthy or common a citizen was and how much their income and property was. Abu Dhar pointed it out and stood against it for the rights of the downtrodden and the poor, so he was arrested, accused of causing unrest and ultimately killed by exiling him with his family to a godforsaken desert. So the content of the economic story just like the story of this world is not governments, ideologies, knowledge or anything else other than the people. If the people are cared for then all is good, even religiously. If people are not cared for then even God does not forgive regardless of how much someone is scholarly or pious. Tesla cared for the people. He was a very unusual man. Despite being such an extraordinary genius he had the traditional bad luck or the hand of fate that kept him down and his ideas, like the Wardenclyffe tower, literally raze to the ground and all his documents and ideas seized. He regretted having chosen to stick with America and mentioned he had found promise in moving to Russia uet hope kept him from being realistic in fulfilling his dream of free energy for his fellow human beings. He had discovered free energy harvested from the ionosphere which he meant to distribute among the people wirelessly and unmetered. The ionosphere, as the name suggests, is overflowing with endless supply of charged particles at a potential of many millions of volts. Capitalism and greedy capitalists simply could not let that be. And of course anyone who dislikes the capitalist mainstreams automatically becomes a "commie" A big red commie. And of course all the other are proper, sane and rightful citizens with rights (same way ants in an ant farm have rights and their say and standing in their society). Even if they did watch the film I linked they hold the right to deny and oppose it all.Hah!
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