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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The pandemic. Since it is one of the signs of reappearance. Now I have been anxiously looking forward to the next, real pandemic and the big "war in the west". I have been secretly hoping the Armenian Azeri conflict would trigger it, lure western armies in opposing sides and kill each other for a change. Just being very honest. I'm not evil. I just want the reappearance to "happen yesterday" for the sake of humanity. Those who know me know that I have been preparing for these times since years. Moving away from a big city, getting off the grid, etc. It has been inevitable and many pe
  2. Simplest explanation is that animals, vegetables, even humans, everything in all quantities are just an insignificant property of the Creator and He has given superiority to humanity over the rest of the creatures. Had He forbidden meat then a lot more people would have complained and/or there must be benefit for us somehow in such consumption. He has set forward the most optimal system and given us all respite in which we discuss if vegetables feel less pain (because they don't scream?) and about poultry rights while our other side is silent to the continuous slaughter of whole countries and
  3. Well you are a 313 veteran sc member, you should be answering your questions as well. explaining it to us. Btw A number of studies have shown that plants feel pain, and vegetables are picked and often eaten while still alive. Animal rights activists are often in the news, but has anyone ever protested for vegetable rights?
  4. Agreed with the above by vigilant. A few more points: - Keep a rooster and chicken as pets if you can. Its screeching annoys them. - Pigeon flight noise annoys them so keep them. - Do not build / Live in places with ceilings higher than 12 feet. - Do not let there be music or any sinful activity at the place. - Burn incense or use non-alcoholic herbal fragrance and keep the place clean and pure. - Wear a silver ring with your choice of stone or just the ring. The above points are in addition to and meant for believers who practice and stay pure. May or may no
  5. As if all this stuff, preaching and establishing islamic gov was so practical or efficient. When was the last time these things worked efficiently enough the way you expect them to. Just pointing out the obvious.
  6. I find it difficult to imagine that jannat is granted sect wise because in every sect there are both good and bad people, posers and proper, practicing and non-practicing. We also cannot count 73 but they exist. Most probably they have classified sects in real, through real standards and knowledge of beliefs in the hearts and the deeds done, unlike the way we do which is the usual labels and classifications which are mere words on our tongues. Just the other day someone corrupt to the bone swore by our Maula Ameer (عليه السلام) while talking to me and in astonishment I asked him what business
  7. Allah has no limits and is the most Merciful and Compassionate. He says in the Quran that every speck of good that someone performs will find it and every speck of evil that someone performs will find it. There is also the hadith which goes something like "He can forgive anyone", to which the companion asked "even Yazid?" and the reply came "Allah did not enable him to repent". So if someone has a good heart and is able to repent and return to Allah it is because of His permission and the act of sincere repentance becomes sufficient for forgiveness. On the other hand we have examples of ex-Shi
  8. "Most" have not researched and take the mullah's word for all religious matters. Many people really do not know. There is a hadith by Imam Ali (عليه السلام) he said that genuinely oblivious of them will be judged by Allah and can reach jannah if their good deeds over weigh the bad.
  9. Pretty sure there is no room for your clarifications in the "qat qat" and similar hadiths. All they have done is invite ridicule and blasphemies.
  10. I don't even watch such videos. Why should I? See, they are a people who believe that their god is a humanoid with arms and legs and on judgment day he will be sitting on a chair which will be making creaking noises from its weight and his fat thighs will be hanging from the sides of that chair. And then he will put his leg in hell and hell will scream out "QAT!" "QAT!". What are the achievements or the effects if their existence since 1400 years, or what is their future? Utter waste of time.
  11. In that case, why haven't you lot started already? Please go ahead. Strive for establishing an Islamic gov in UK. Perhaps if you even steal a few votes from the only recurring far right party's gov it will be like a hot day in heaven.
  12. Shylock? What about the throngs of princes and shieks of UAE and other arab kingdoms? Might be someone religious among them? How do we define religious?
  13. Or as I suspect, do the "fulfilling" experiences comprise of the freedom to procreate a bit more freely but invite a ton of stds and to drink a poison that is the excretion of a yeast after having to pay monies for those things? To have this illusion of some freedom? Freedom to eat pork? Freedom to not get upset watching the genocide of Yemen for instance? Is that fulfilling?
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