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  1. We got ruined in this time, my dear siblings. Economically and socially. Ruined. Only because they fear anything remotely Islamic and/or Satan himself is in direct control of the US and just wants every human being to suffer as much as possible. Anyway the more important thing is that the war is Ukraine looks to bloom into the foretold "Red death". The reappearance will solve everything once more, like Noah's flood did once.
  2. Salam Alaikum It is our belief that disease, pain of death and similar hardships are used by our most merciful Creator for the believers He wishes to be purified and achieve the rank He wishes for them. In order to be patient we should start by realizing just how extremely short this life is and how the real one, the hereafter is never ending. Thus, compared to the troubles of the hereafter that await sinners like me, these conditions are really nothing and what we call death, which is actually birth, is actually a blessing which watches over and ends the suffering if it tends to be unbearable. In the next life, there is no death which will be the worst news for the wrongdoers while being a source of true relief for the saved. If you have the virus in your body then the best option is to see the best doctor. Keep a relaxed mind. If suffering from its ill effects then I recommend you eat a breakfast of figs, olives and mushrooms on empty stomach. Ideally a smoothie or not too cooked. If you are struggling with the virus I can recommend a herbal tea which is made by only two ingredients, water and Neem tree leaves (fresh but in a quantity so the tea is slightly tinged in color. It will taste extremely bitter but it is what it is. If you find this helpful then please pray for me.
  3. This time around they are not being subtle and they are in a hurry to remove our first ever in a very long time INDIGINOUS, local, patriotic, democratically elected prime minister Imran Khan. Not only because as you can see in the picture above, the ambassadors of the gora sahabs namely the great satan's and EU's have started visiting the corrupt, convicted and under trial and out of popularity previous puppet pets of theirs, which also includes terrorist bosses like mulla fazal ur rehman who heads a political party called JUI and by decree of his master has always been in power along with any party given lead, since he is the deobandi terrorists local chief and so one of their generals and he demands it and cant be refused. Moreover, this is coming from journalists this time that 300 million dollars was the first aid package for these losers and devils to start political strife, which is alhamdulillah going to lose so long as the army also resists the great temptations being offered. Otherwise, and my calculations suggest, that they will manage to bring their puppet back in their lap. Only then all the prophecies specific to "Hind wa Sindh" / subcontinent as well as the absence of prophecies in some cases like the absence of the mention of the numbers of ansar of Mehdi (عليه السلام) from this region, are fulfilled. And this corrupt nation deserves it in the very least. So with this turn of events, ok lets say if it comes to pass, China will abandon Pakistan, while the great satan has always done so in the past during the 65 and 71 wars for instance or on the Kashmir issue etc etc etc. We will be like a goat surrounded by lions who are in the Shanghai bloc. India, Iran, China, Russia. What do you think will happen then? We will face karma of course. This began after our PM returned from his Moscow visit and the de-nazification military op started in Ukraine, EU ambassadors called on him immediately and asked him to condemn Russia to which he replied he can not do that, and why they do not ask India to condemn Russia first? To which they threatened drone strikes and he told them if they send any flying object across the border he will order the Pak Air Force to shoot it down. Then the very next day their pawns started openly contacting every criminal boss and corrupt political boss in the country, openly started transferring millions of dollars which they are giving to the other corrupt politicians who were supporting Imran Khan and in a big hurry to oust him with the turbo boost of satan power behind them now. After this fat white pig visited fazal ur rehman there was a bomb blast in a Peshawar's mosque which martyred 50 innocent Shia citizens. My friends in the army shared with me pictures of dead scumbag terrorists armed to the teeth with USMC arms and equipment, called them ISIS or whatever you want. They are trying to get inside the country desperately from the western border and thankfully mostly getting butchered especially since we have timely placed extensive mine fields at the border along with the usual readiness. Just wanted to get the news of this out here.
  4. Why not add that how come God exists without having been created. Or maybe not because a perfect storm in a junkyard can after all sometimes assemble the 7 million parts of a jumbo jet correctly to create it by chance. We are so insignificant and unintelligent when seen in context of universe and time. We know nothing for sure.
  5. - Why should I choose a sect created centuries after the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) ? - Who is Abu Hanifa and how does he qualify as a successor of the Prophet to tell us whats right and wrong? Especially when Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (عليه السلام) is present at the same time, someone they say was Abu's "teacher". But the truth is that Mansoor supported the new religion and appointed Abu Hanifa's protege Abu Yusuf as Qadhi Al-Qadha (Chief judge) for his new Abbasid regime. Mansoor had asked Imam Ja'far to endorse and support their takeover from Umayyads but the Imam did not comply so he turned to the newly formed Ahl us Sunnah. Moreover, he imposed restrictions on Shias while helping the spread of Sunni. Its all in history. Why should I be a part of that? - Sunni practices are not according to Quran. Quran has so many things which Shia do correctly, like ablutions, fasting, prayer, inheritance, zakat, khums, mowaddah of Ahl al Bayt (عليه السلام). I know there are things like cussing certain Sunni sahabas, calling for help to Imams and cutting themselves in Muharram etc etc in the Shia -people- but not in its doctrine and absolutely not required. And this serves as a strawman argument for others. In fact, to tell the truth, a person can not choose to be Shia on their own, only Allah chooses the Shia and guides to the straight path. Therefore a person should always and at all times beseech Allah for guidance and humble their heart and always be a student and like a vessel not full so it is ready to receive more. After guidance comes the part of adherence to it through life and until death.
  6. We all do. Small ones, big ones. Temporary and persistent. That is how life is. Our Creator says: (rough translation) 'And no problem befalls you except it was already written in a book. We tell you this so you do not feel sad for the things you lose, and so you do not feel proud for possessing things because surely We do not like proud ones'. Now think about it. He also says: 'Did you think you would simply be granted heaven and not tested? Nay you will be tested by the loss of lives, property, blessings.' Its all in the Quran dear believer. I am sorry for the very crude translations but it is allowed provided the content or meaning is not changed. The point is to read it and follow people who share such things. Each verse can be life changing. You may have been thinking "Why me?" for years. News flash, most every >believer< thinks that. And its okay to think that. Notice I have emphasized the word "believer", because: 'This life is a dungeon for the believer, and paradise for the disbeliever.' - Imam (عليه السلام) All my life I have steered through disasters, one after another. Life changing events. Near death experiences. Loss of property, monumental kinds. Health issues. Big ones. Bullets screeching by. Psychological issues. Loneliness including that from abandonment. Death of friends and loved ones. Disillusionment in big ways about things in this world. Frauds. Collapse of trust. Each of them a big disaster. So much so that now I don't trust anyone instead I let people earn it. Now I am wiser rather than "confident". All these experiences forced me to change but it was I who chose how to shape myself with intuition from Allah since I kept believing and He is the most Merciful. Therefore I want to tell you dear comrade; Do not be afraid. "This time period, as well, shall pass away."
  7. I am a scientist and I do not share things irresponsibly. I vaped for a few months. I used to smoke. I owned a vaping machine. The "good and bad quality liquids" I know them. Is that better source than CNN? I don't have to rely on consumerism worshiping corporate funded researches that once said coca cola is healthy or fats are bad. You are not required to believe of course. But read your own post and you realize I have only been more straight forward.
  8. Is there any option to use dark theme on SC? Its too bright for big screen.

  9. I will be astonished if they just let the Shia and other minorities be in peace in Afghanistan. Hopefully they are wiser now. If they can allow women some breathing room and let them study and work maybe they can decide also not to bully other groups. However, I am not sure if these really are purely Taliban. Yanks have been depositing ISIS in Afghanistan each time they had to be saved and evacuated from Russian and Iran led operations. These ISIS vectors are responsible for recent atrocities committed against the Hazara there. Now that the great Satan seems to have left it must have done something, might have made a pact with the Taliban most probably. It can't just give up and leave. It makes no sense. Afg is neighbor to both Iran and China and also Russia. There is something going on which is far more important than Taliban driving their fleet of old toyota hilux's into Kabul.
  10. I think the problem with the Shia dislike for gay etc is twofold. We have this obligation of Tabarra / Disassociation from Evil. Secondly in our faith sodomy is deemed Kufr / Disbelief, not a usual sin. Because of Tabarra we have to disassociate in our own fashions from all evil, be it past, present or yet to come. So, since this is "Shiachat", yeah. Secondly tightening the noose of censorship never helps. People like conspiracy theories. Its like reading fiction. Sometimes it is the truth. Nothing to be afraid of. Its not like CNN.
  11. Yes, let us. Why not. You can start by illuminating your concept of Imamate. /((P.S.: Last time we had a discussion you did not so I had to google. It was .. unsatisfactory for me since in Islam, since Ibrahim, Imams are chosen by Allah and not men. So, may be you can start there.))
  12. I think the problem is that hijab gets compromised. Sometimes my wife exclaims when she looks at some woman sitting behind her husband on a motorbike how that woman 'fat buttocks and thighs are exposed to the world and clothes dont help its the posture that becomes on those rides. Some women take precautions, some don't. Some men don't look, others do. When I see such a thing I do pray for them to have a car and be covered by it.
  13. I wish someday there is a real challenge when someone makes a debate thread and shows us: - Hey look. Our religion is more compliant with the Quran. - It has better Imams and leader figures who made more contributions for the human race. - It makes more sense and connects more dots and is closer to Allah. - It is more peaceful and more beautiful. - It is more understandable, it has more hadiths and guidance, it is less confusing and contradicting. It has so many duas/supplications and material you can read and practice to get closer to Allah. - And since it is so much better in all respects is why I as your brother/sister and well wisher in humanity am inviting you to it. Expectation vs reality. - We good u bad becoz herp derp brrrrrrt copypastalolx bye.
  14. I have a few memories of a past life myself that I believe are from my life in the spirit world where we come from to this world. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) in one of his sayings tells us that if we try we can remember that life and that he (عليه السلام) remembers all of it.
  15. Try Tor, I guarantee its safety. There is always a way. Always a mechanism. Unless those sites are no longer being hosted or disconnected somehow by hackers etc then it should work. Even if they are hacked, they should be back in time. They played golf on the moon for three days during 60s and all but sites injurious to their "matrix" like The Pirate Bay and free movie streamers and people with much less tech knowledge than Snowden have all survived and thrived for decades. So I just find it hard to believe. Most people greatly overestimate them which is a mistake.
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