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  1. Hey guys B) Lets share the news! lol :) By the way, please warn if the game you're playing is [Edited Out]py since there seems to be an onslaught of them these days. Thank you. I'm playing, or have recently played: - Jericho (Good): First person shooter in DX10 with nice graphics and a good story. However, you might find the gore and diabolical details disturbing. So play a demo or read a review! - Age of Conan (Average): MMO. I thought this would be my escape from WoW. Although a generally nice looking game at times, it lacks the polish that was needed to keep my long MMO career afloat. - Sins of a solar empire (Good): A great strategy game (in space). Very balanced and fun. Free of unnecessary complications which is something rare for such games. Quite addictive too. Reminds me of the Starcraft days. - Medieval 2 Total War: Crusades (Good): The expansion with some fixes and exciting new content. Good stuff. I love beating up the Templars playing as Saladin. @)
  2. Darth Vader

    Half men half women beginning

    Brother they are called eunuchs I think, those who are born that way. For finding rulings we should either read a tozeeh or ask marja directly. I have no knowledge on the matter.
  3. O ‘Abd al-’Azim, send my salaams to my [followers] and tell them not to make room between them for Satan. Enjoin them towards truthful speech and returning [people’s] trusts, and enjoin them towards silence and avoiding disputes that do not concern them. [Enjoin them to] accepting one another and visiting [one another], for indeed it makes them closer to me. Let them not occupy themselves with tearing each other apart, for indeed I have made a promise to myself that whoever does that and irritates a [follower] from among my [followers], I [will] invite God to punish him in this life with a most severe punishment, and he will end up with the losers in the Hereafter. And make it known to them that indeed God forgives those among them who do good, and overlooks their mistakes - except for the one who associates partners with [God] or hurts a [follower] from among my [followers] or intends him any harm, for indeed God does not forgive [that person] until he returns (i.e., repents). If he does return [he will be forgiven], but if he does not return, [God] will remove the spirit of faith from his heart, and he will be driven out (or expelled) from my wilayah, and he will not have the fortune of our wilayah, and I seek refuge in God from that. [Sheikh Mufid, al-Ikhtisas, p. 247 & Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 71, p. 230]
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    Thoughts 2018

    @baradar_jackson Where is he? If you also miss him then leave a sad react.
  5. These words made me so proud of KuZ. A crippling blow at the hollowness of it. Now his journey to the dark side is complete.
  6. Darth Vader

    Here's the Magic Number for End of Al Saud

    Concerning Saudis I have this feeling since some years that the family is going to kill and destroy itself just like they show Mexican criminals shooting each other in some old western movie. And they should do it sooner than after petroleum collapse and they should not make their Yemeni mass murdered victims wait for the vengeance since the Creator will be avenging them. There will be lots of blood.
  7. MMA is comprised of notoriously opportunistic power-hungry mullahs. First, they have a history of being hypocrites and sell outs who will do anything for power and money, extremely bad reputation, then they have the audacity to declare that it is haraam to not vote for them.
  8. Darth Vader

    Here's the Magic Number for End of Al Saud

    The home charging device they give with Tesla model S has limitations. Its meant for overnight charging only because it charges at a slow rate of only 3 miles range increase per hour. It is meant to be plugged into a wall outlet. As there is no solar energy available at night, you are using fuel powering the power plant.
  9. Darth Vader

    Here's the Magic Number for End of Al Saud

    Inventors have thwarted the profitability of the number one trade in the world which is petroleum several times in the last 100 years using various techniques. Unfortunately they were all removed from their seats and silenced. The reason is not Saudia doing what they did to Khashoggi. The culprit is the elite, the bankers, the corporations who can not allow that much money flow and profits to disappear. There is a reason why the petrodollar exists and without petro in the dollar the latter will also collapse. They will not let it happen until they find something as much profitable and enslaving to the masses. The ways to energy independence are there for those who can learn the science and build these things themselves but their commercial sales are forbidden in all countries. Even the Tesla car by Elon Musk can only be charged at one of their charging stations and not for instance at your home with your solar system. The reason is money. Without the end of this super materialistic capitalist death grip on each and everything that forces you to pay money for even a glass of water I do not believe these breakthrough technologies that seem to promise independence and affordability for all will ever take the form of reality because reality is usurped by the banking elite.
  10. Which political party? Name?
  11. Mutah is like space travel. You keep hearing about it but you will never meet anyone who has done it, let alone hope to experience it yourself.
  12. Darth Vader

    Bullay Shah's golden words

    Translation: You read and read thousands of books of knowledge But you never read your own self You hurriedly repeatedly enter your places of worship But you never entered your own heart You blame and quarrel with Shaitaan all the time But you never fight with your own inner self
  13. Darth Vader

    LGBTQY ?

    LGBTPQR is a reality and just around the corner. P for Pedophiles ("Its ok if they consent" "Brains wired for orientation" "Do it for science") R for Rapists ("Brains wired that way, remember? So.." (tough))
  14. Darth Vader

    #47 Are your Friends Mostly Shia or non-Shia?

    It just occurred to me that the holy Prophet (pbuh), Janab e Ameer ul Momineen (as), Imam Hussayn (as), in fact all of them had only Shia friends even if they were few in numbers. Only 9 outsiders were in the funeral of the Prophet, only 4 obeyed the Ameer when he asked for 40, and less than 50 non Hashimi were at Kerbala with Al-Hussain. That is the reality of friends. Today I have very few friends (three) and they are Shia and relatives. We can lend money to each other. Lend books and other items and do favors -while knowing- that they will not be lost. We can depend on each other. We can rely on each other's advice knowing they are in our best interests. In my book, that is friendship. Otherwise I have a legion of "friends". "Hi, bye, lets meet, look what I've got, don't ask, told you so, good riddance". But they are not really friends imho. They are like cheap ammo, they might work or they might let you down in a big way when you were depending on them. Unreliable. Whenever I am assessing a friendly person I can't help but notice that they always obey this hadith that says: "How can a person care about you, a creature, when you see them that they do not care about their Creator?" It means that a person who ignores their duty to Allah will probably ignore their duty to you. A few will escape this rule at some point in their lives and its because there is something else driving them.
  15. Also avoid Wi-Fi as much as you can. In the very least, turn it off when you are going to sleep. Keep mobile phone away from your body. Avoid bluetooth earsets, wireless keyboards and mice. All this emits radiation and although they say its within acceptable limits (more on that later) for each device but when all these devices are working then its not as acceptable anymore. Or when they are in close proximity. Or when the exposure time is longer than they assessed. Have you ever bought a new mobile phone and opened the box to see a hands free, wired earphone set in it, free of cost? A little known piece of its history is that several governments made that rule as their scientists advised people especially children and young people to not bring the set in contact with the head. One of these govts was India. Another was Finland. Now a little bit on "acceptable limits". As an instance we take the body armor provided to soldiers. The US standard dictates that the acceptable limit of the armor's level IIIA plate deforming to stop a bullet is 15" depth. Which means the bullet is allowed to travel 15" into the chest along with the armor plates. This is why even armored soldiers when shot can feel a lot of trauma, have broken ribs, and are not able to breath properly. Meanwhile, EU has its own standard which allows only 8". Obviously they care a lot more and there's is a proper standard. Keep in mind, that these "acceptable limits" and standards are set with a lot of consideration to money. We live in a world run by capitalism and that's why money is more important than human lives. Especially of the common people. So I suggest those who are still reading to make it a habit and avoid these exposures as much as you can. Use wired instead of wireless. Turn it off when not in use especially before going to sleep. WiFi, mobiles, all wireless things. You will notice healthy changes in you within a week. Headaches, tiredness, nausea and other symptoms of radiation exposure will lessen or will be gone. Just try it.
  16. Darth Vader

    Thoughts 2018

    Thank you for the consoling words. I was living with it stealing food, damaging things. There are other animals here, since I live near a forest, but I was tolerating the events. But I realize the straw breaking the camel's back proved to be its attacking my new cat who was limping from an injury. I don't like cats and that has nothing to do with my keeping one as pet or killing annoying strays. But my pet cat is always there for me. Especially these days I am alone as my wife and kids have moved to a rented house due to her new job. So when my cat was injured something snapped. I thought if it dies I will be left alone and lose my sole companion. My dog is insensitive but dutiful enough. This cat is always following me around whether I'm taking a stroll, leaving, coming back, sitting, sleeping, it doesn't leave my side. I think its well being became the decisive factor.
  17. Darth Vader

    Thoughts 2018

    Because of my children or the maid it doesn't matter how many layers of doors I install they are liable to be left open some time. The door even has a self closing mechanism installed which becomes weak once the door is about to close. That is all it needed. This cat was so clever it even used her paws to open it if the door was not properly stuck in closed position. Then the windows are left open in the day unless its cold outside. Every couple of weeks there would be a cat problem. One mistake and a few minutes of neglect and it would topple something in the kitchen. We leave bread outside for birds and animals but no most cats are picky about what they eat. Once or twice it even snatched or tried to snatch food out of the hands of my children if sitting in the lawn.
  18. Darth Vader

    Thoughts 2018

    Yes, sometimes one has to open windows and doors.
  19. Darth Vader

    Pyramids, aliens & God

    The Egyptian pyramids obviously aren't made by creatures like ourselves. There is no source of stone nearby. The stones are cut with amazing precision in an ancient time. The financial requirements to construct a pyramid are next to impossible even today.
  20. Darth Vader

    Thoughts 2018

    Today I killed another feral cat. It was quick. Shot her in the throat. She had kittens but her annoyances outweighed and I had to force myself to finally take the difficult decision. I almost did not pull the trigger. Before this one, a few months ago I killed a large stray male who had impregnated my pet cat and appeared to wanted to hurt her kittens and do it again. This fresh kill she attacked my cat last night and made him limp. She was around for years, testing my patience as she would sometimes break into the house spoil food break utensils drive my wife mad and even shat in my den (we hated each other). But she had years to move away. She would always lay her litter right here in my backyard and break my house together with them whenever she got the chance and even though my dog would kill all her kittens eventually. I am writing this because I feel very small right now. It was very difficult to decide as she was nursing her newborn kittens these days. But then she was always nursing a new litter. I forgave her and let her go many times. Some kittens and cats I trapped and took to the nearby city before this. In my little rural area there is a population boom of cats. I felt I had no choice left. Letting her go again would have only given her more opportunities for annoyance and interruptions. But still I fear God, I did not want to kill a creature. Please pray that He forgives me. I should have remembered Imam Ali: "I will be so patient that even patience tires of my patience."
  21. Generally agreed with OP. I also estimate they are made of something that displays electromagnetic energy and usually exist in a frequency range out of viewing band. To add to the discussion, I also believe the "ET" "aliens" are the same creatures and their flying craft are their craft. They are limited to this solar system and few in numbers as compared to humans.
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    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Here, share my pain mr. game dev! I can't play any of these. I feel its garbage. All of such "games". Only due to the terrible graphics that probably designed to give autism to players. I could come up with 2D sprites which are a million times better. I hope you were not defending this devolution in "games".
  23. Darth Vader

    What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Here, look at those clouds especially. I don't know a better name for them. Its a nice little game but those "pixelate-them-all" is overdone and made it just gay to look at.
  24. Darth Vader

    Emotional Quotient Test

    I think I have very slight problems of that sort. Some months ago I was handed a mic at an inauguration ceremony of a sports event and there were crowds of people all around and I could not think of or deliver a very coherent speech. So I barely said something like "Sports are healthy for our community. May Allah keep blessing us with such efforts". I could not say anymore, I felt my throat was dry. Also sometimes speaking with friends I notice I fumble a word or too like past to present tense or he to she. Sometimes I feel the urge to shake a leg while sitting and sometimes someone tells me to stop. My social life is visiting and spending time with friends, hang out together, eat something together or have tea. I am usually wary of strangers. Especially unknown phone numbers I simply rarely answer those. If someone unexpectedly pranks me I sometimes become annoyed and use colorful metaphors. Bright lights from oncoming traffic annoy me (sensory trigger?). My reading comprehension is fine. When I read something I can "see it happening in my head". However I am not very fond of reading fiction anymore. I have had depression and anxiety disorders. I read these are associated with autism.
  25. Fellow SC'ers, I bring to you my proposal to make this place what it was originally. Do you dislike the new, complicated check mark style navigation method? Do you think the website navigational changes are confusing, time wasting and unnecessary? And above all, do you think there should be new elections for new admin and mod team? To make ShiaChat, SHIACHAT again. THEN THIS IS THE THREAD YOU SHOULD VOICE YOUR CONCERN. Now is the time. JUST SAY NO TO HIM.