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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everything Beautiful is Far Away Mad Max: Fury Road (*Warning*) Logan
  2. If everyone could get "true" vibes about others then no one would be disappointed by others. So just use your vibes as a tool instead of relying on it as a standalone method.
  3. I miss my buddy baradar. I hope he is okay.
  4. Polytheism. Pure and simple. Read below please. I see. Instead, I think it should read "anyone who does not believe in taqleed..." instead of "do" taqleed? I have spoken to several people here. I believe its the way they are raised, in ignorance. When you discuss theology with them in a comfortable place or privately a surprising large percentage of these people, especially those past their youths, told me that "Ali is the embodiment of Allah on Earth" "what else could it be?". Then they cite evidences like "Allah sook hands with the Prophet on mairaaj and the hand looked like Ali's and he spoke in Ali's voice" And then "Ali was born in Kaaba, isn't it obvious?" and so on. If someone disagrees the polytheists / nusayri whatever will exclaim that the person objecting to what they said is a munafiq who could not tolerate the high station of Ali (عليه السلام). Lol... And I don't know about many places not feel responsible rather my concern is my local community and because my grandfather along with his father converted many people back when at a time people did not even know what "Shia" means. So now I feel obligated to do my part and sad that so many now have been misguided so greatly. Yes brother. I had an uncle with knowledge and wise and he would have the final say but he passed away and now my cousins my nephews my brothers do not feel the same level of motivation nor they have the knowledge. At least I have managed to convince most of them and my elder brother has encouraged me to go ahead with the effort. But since I feel that all of us are not very knowledgeable in this regard is specifically why I have brought the matter here to ShiaChat'ers. I have made a plan, not only how to put up warning signs, but also to have each speaker sign paperwork. Also I have made plans to contact the local pesh-Imam and try to have him onboard. That night I had words with him because he was the one responsible for deciding the speakers. The event was community funded. However this Imam is someone we asked over to take care of the mosque's affairs and teach Qur'an and masail to the children which he has been doing well. But I don't know how he tolerated ghuluw. I think he has become greedy now. Recently he has started organizing caravans of pilgrims to Iran and Iraq along with a deviant person from a neighboring little town. May have been influenced. Any way, if he does not cooperate and mend his ways I have an older cousin who is powerful and feared and he also believes in taqleed / is usooli. He nominated me to take care of the mosque. I think I'll use him as a wildcard if need be. If nothing else, I can certainly not allow polytheism or deviance on my watch. I don't want to burn for eternities.
  5. I think when you will have something important in life that leaves no time for Shiachat then you will "leave". If not then why leave? I have made a compromise with myself to accept that yes I am a computer addict and I need time on social networks and ShiaChat is the best one despite all its flaws. Its clean, fitnah free, has good people on it even if they don't want to be good friends.
  6. How are you friends? I did not know where else to make this thread. Except on Shiachat. I think its a safe haven we can all return to when disturbed. As the title indicates, I have recently been exposed to a lot of nusayri especially the "zakir" speakers in the Imam bargah made by my grandfather. They steal tunes from bollywood then sing their praises which are too excessive. Last night during his song one of them called Imam Ali (عليه السلام) "the God of nusayris" and the speaker before him read polytheistic poetry. That is when I left. How hurt would Ali (عليه السلام) be to hear that title. I also don't think its praising. The people here are poor and pretty ignorant and have been brain washed by speakers who hate the maraja and scholars. Its very bad. Of course it was foretold that the Shia will be tested and milled like the grain so that chaff will be separated from the flour. But since along with the other progeny of my grandfather I also will be held responsible nevertheless for lending the pulpit to such people. So I have thought of a solution. I implore and encourage all senior and knowledgeable members to also share their thoughts. My solution is simple. There is a room where the speakers have to wait and then inside the hall there is a stage. I will get two signs made and put on display in both places so they can see. On it I will write "Attention: People who do not do taqleed please do not approach the mimbar e Rasool (the pulpit)". And "Any polytheism, hate speech or political sedition or even the mention of the word nusayri is strictly prohibited in any form. In case of breach of these guidelines the organizers will not be held responsible". In fact I will make a few of these display cards and put them all over their waiting room and the passage to the stage to be sure. I am sorry I seem to always bring drama oriented contribution to the site. But its a serious thing. I don't know of another community that may be mostly intact or won't decide to attack me instead on this. If you can think of any improvements please suggest them. I will be eternally grateful of course. I really don't want to burn in the oven with the polytheists so help me.
  7. I request your deeper understanding on a particular event which is the passing away of the holy Prophet peace be upon him. Where were the allegedly foremost three companions during his funeral and why were they absent? A typical Sunni answer is that they had to guard against the crisis and the vacuum created by the event so they immediately went to saqeefa bani saada instead of sparing a few minutes for the funeral of their master. But its much deeper or much simpler than that.
  8. Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام) was asked "You must be ahl ul jannah" by one of his followers and he replied he did not know if he was going to jannah and cried a lot. So I feel surprised a lot at someone thinking now in this life about how not to get bored in jannah.
  9. People its time for me to make a confession. I am a Yajuj Majuj. I was sent here to spy on you. I am pure evil. I am sorry. P.S.: I will not tell you where mountain of Qaaf is unless hw thew tfga asdfsadfgasdfgasdg
  10. Brother they are called eunuchs I think, those who are born that way. For finding rulings we should either read a tozeeh or ask marja directly. I have no knowledge on the matter.
  11. @baradar_jackson Where is he? If you also miss him then leave a sad react.
  12. These words made me so proud of KuZ. A crippling blow at the hollowness of it. Now his journey to the dark side is complete.
  13. Concerning Saudis I have this feeling since some years that the family is going to kill and destroy itself just like they show Mexican criminals shooting each other in some old western movie. And they should do it sooner than after petroleum collapse and they should not make their Yemeni mass murdered victims wait for the vengeance since the Creator will be avenging them. There will be lots of blood.
  14. MMA is comprised of notoriously opportunistic power-hungry mullahs. First, they have a history of being hypocrites and sell outs who will do anything for power and money, extremely bad reputation, then they have the audacity to declare that it is haraam to not vote for them.
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