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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam! I must agree this series is totally addictive! I too watched around 4-6 episodes a day (I was poorly so had more spare time than usual :P) I have now finished watching it and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is the best thing I've ever seen! So inspirational and interesting! Forget Hollywood and all that rubbish - nothing can compare to this! Big pat on the back to the Iranians for producing it! If you're like me and can't wait to watch the next episode then go on Shiatv and watch it there! LOVE IT! :D
  2. Salaam, does anybody know whether it is permissible to buy things new clothes during Muharram and Safar? I've been brought up to believe it is not permissble, but I am struggling to find any proof of this. Please can someone kindly shed some light on this? JZK :)
  3. Well that was your fault for parking your car illegally! You northern berk!

  4. Zayna went to Ammar Nakshawani's lecture for the first time and caused havoc and chaos :P hehe!

  5. Oh and take it as a compliment... she thought it cos she thinks you're so knowledgeable!!

  6. Oh righty... Yeah my sister used come on here - her username was NoorZara1981 - don't know if you remember her??

  7. No, I've never been to hawzah. Who is your sister? Do I know her?

  8. Have you done a hawza by any chance? My sister thinks you have.

  9. Oh wow thank you for this!! You've certainly answered my questions :!!!: Jazakh-Allah khair.
  10. Salaam, I am looking for hadith/proof that states that that the surahs - an-nas and al-falaq were revealed when the jews performed magic on The Holy Prophet (SAW) causing him to fall ill please? I have read this in a number of places (can't remember where :unsure: ) and would like to know the shia and sunni view on it. JZK.
  11. Thank you and jazakh-Allah to those who have responded. Some very interesting points have been raised. However the main reason I asked this question in the first place is because I have heard, from someone who I regard to be quite knowledgeable, that no matter how much you pray for a deceased unbeliever it will not reach/benefit them and that's why you cannot pray the funeral prayers for an unbeliever.
  12. Salaam, Does anybody know if it is permissible to pray for someone that is considered to be an unbeliever? If so, could our prayers benefit them if they have passed away? Please put forward any relevant hadith, Qur'anic quotes. Jazakh-Allah.
  13. Salaam! I have found a MASSIVE collection of Nohay in a number of languages including PUNJABI!!! The website is http://www.imambargah.com/ and it's top bananas! :D Enjoy!!
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