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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam dear members of Shi'a chat forum, It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the one of most gorgeous Shi'a app ever created for our community. You can download it right now: https://getmy.app/qQKsQ or if you have already downloaded please share your feedback and reviews. You will be right if you ask: Why a new Quran app? ---------------------- First of all, with a heavy heart, we discovered that there was no Quran app on Playstore or Appstore containing the translations, tafsir of Shi'a school of thought and if there are any then those are not in the English language. More than 3 million users in a day from country India search for Quran on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore and since there are so many out there who have misunderstood the Quran and have used the verses of Holy Quran to either prove their misleading agenda or to target Islam. Quran cannot be understood until a person is fully aware of the context of revelations of each verse, the Arabic grammar and have a strong attachment with Holy Household of Prophet Muhammad pbuh who were regarded as one of the two weighty things which the Prophet pbuh had left for us after him. Therefore we took this responsibility on us and we at MAHRAM Foundation started this application in the memory of Late Hakeem Maulana Aejaz Husain Rizvi Kararvi and his son Late Maulana Mazahir Hussain Rizvi Kararvi, with a mission to bring Quran in every household and help everyone to realize that it is indeed the very last reminder from Allah after which there is no excuse left for guidance. Salient features in Last Reminder version 2: ------------------------------------------ - Full fledge Digital Quran with all chapters, brief summary, and context of each Surah, verse by verse translation in various popular languages like English, Urdu, Persian, Hindi etc from noteworthy scholars of Islam from both Shi'a and Sunni school of thought. - Immersive audio recitation of each chapter of Quran experience from the renowned from leading reciters. - Free and Premium tafsir or commentary of Holy Quran from renowned scholars of Islam in English (Tafsir in other languages will also be added very soon) - Full-fledge digital Islamic library containing free books and premium books (available for reading only through nominal premium monthly or yearly subscription pricing) on categories like History, Philosophy, Economics, Jurisprudence, Hadith, etc - Complete end-to-end duas and ziyarah (supplications) for the prominent Islamic occasions and events transmitted from the authentic chain of Prophet pbuh and his holy infallible household (a) In addition to that, we have completely revamped the design of version 2, making it more engaging, immersive and user-friendly. We have actively listened to the user feedback in version 1 and have improved the version 2 with features like increasing/decreasing surah font size, sharing verses, books, duas etc. We dedicate this effort to our Ameer Al-Mu'mineen, the immediate rightful successor of Prophet Muhammad - Imam Mawla Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s who indeed was the first one among the Muslims, after the demise of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, collected the Holy Quran while the majority of the Muslims were engaged in appointing the successor of Prophet Muhammad pbuh through the election. Request to all of our followers and lovers to download the app from the below-given links and also share it to their family members on various social media platform to share the reward from Allah in this world and hereafter. Also, please note that the app is available on Apple and Google Appstore but there will be lot of bugs and issues but we assure you that through your encouragement, support, feedback we will resolve all the issues, so please keep sending your feedback on our social media channels or on mahramapps@gmail.com May Allah accept this effort and may our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his holy household (a) become happy with this initiative and make this effort as a source of success in the Hereafter for all the believers of Wilayah. Peace and blessings be on Prophet Muhammad pbuh, His holy household (a) and their true followers. Apple Users, download from here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-last-reminder-holy-quran/id1303541064?ls=1&mt=8 Android Users, download from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.hexalab.holyquran&hl=en-- Wassalam, MAHRAM Foundation Team
  2. Dear brothers/Sisters, Assalamo Alaykum. First of all I would like to say thank you for creating this topic. I was researching on this subject and had found this topic here. After reading everyone's opinion, I would like to point out some problems in statements (conclusions) made by others. Ja'far repented: This is an absolutely false notion without any proof from the valid hadith source. The only proof which supporters of Ja'far bring is the Tawqee of Imam Al-ASR a.s in which he gave his opinion that the "like of his uncle is similar to brothers of Prophet Yusuf." (paraphrased). Based on this narration, they did a conjecture (qiyaas) that Imam implied that he is like of Yusuf's brother i.e he repented because Yusuf's brother also repented. But Imam did not said that he had compared his uncle with the act of repentance of Yusuf's brother. Then in which way Ja'far resembled brothers of Prophet Yusuf (a)? So, to answer such a typical question, one has to collect all hadiths and quranic verse to reflect upon, contemplate without involving his nafs and then arrive at a conclusion. So let's first see what are other hadiths available about Ja'far. أنَّ رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم قال: إذا ولد ابني جعفر بن محمّد بن علي بن الحسين بن علي بن أبي طالب عليهم السلام فسمّوه الصادق، فإنَّ للخامس من ولده ولداً اسمه جعفر يدَّعي الإمامة اجتراءً على الله وكذباً عليه، فهو عند الله جعفر الكذّاب المفتري على الله عزوجل — بحار الانوار /جزء 36 / صفحة [386] Translation: Rasool Allah (s) said: There will be my son with name Ja'far bin Muhammad bin Ali Bin Husain Bin Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s and he will be "Sadiq", and after him in the fifth generation there will another son from him in his fifth generation whose name will also be Ja'far, who will claim Imamate and he will be a liar....." ^ This is one of the widely accepted Saheehus Sanad hadith, even quoted by Ayatollah Abul Qasim Al-Khoei while discussing about Ja'far. عن الإمام الحسن العسكري عليه السلام قوله: (فوالله ما مثلي ومثله إلاَّ مثل هابيل وقابيل ابني آدم حيث حسد قابيل لهابيل على ما أعطاه الله لهابيل من فضله Translation (paraphrased): Narration from Imam Hasan Al-Askari a.s, he said: Verily! my example and his (jafar) example is like of Habeel and qabeel son of Adam..where Qabeel had an envy with his brother Habeel..(you can well understand what was the fate of Qabeel as per Quran) وقال الإمام زين العابدين عليه السلام: (... فهو عند الله جعفر الكذّاب المفتري على الله عزوجل، والمدَّعي لما ليس له بأهل، المخالف على أبيه والحاسد لأخيه. — بحار الأنوار / جزء 50 / صفحة [228] Imam Zain Al-Abedeen a.s said: ....Ja'far Al-Kazzab had claimed (Imamat) and he was not from us, he was against his father and he was jealous of his brother (Imam Hasan al-Askari a.s).. ----///---- There are many more saheeh hadiths/narrations we can quote about Ja'far but these few are enough to conclude did Ja'far really repented and should he be called repenter? Rasool Allah saww had called him liar, Imam Zainul Abedeen a.s has called him liar and in one hadith he compared him with the son of Prophet Nooh (a.s) Imam Hasan al-Askari a.s had considered him as Qabeel - the one who killed his brother Habeel. Now based on these above few hadiths if you look at the Tawqee of Imam Mahdi a.s then you will see why he considered his uncle Ja'far as similar to the likes of Prophet Yusuf's a.s brother..in other words Ja'far not only falsely claimed Imamat but also put great oppression on his father, brother, and nephew and it was he because of whom Mo'tamid had caused so many oppression on the family of Ahlulbayt a.s. Therefore majority of great foqaha like Saduq, Mufeed, till Ayatollah Khoei etc had considered him as liar, deviant etc. There are only few, most commonly some Naqavi sadaat Ulama who branded him as Tawwab, as the lineage of Naqavi sadaat trace it's root from Ja'far Al-Kazzab..but till now they have never proved through any clear cut hadith which says that ja'far repented and he should be held in high esteem. If anyone is aware of any narration which proves Ja'far as repenter, please let me know and I will be really obliged and thankful. Wassalam
  3. Jazakallah brother for your nice words. The team is reachable on email: mahramapps@gmail.com
  4. Salaam Hope everything is good with you and your family. May the Imam of time (ajtf) bless you all with great blessings in this world and success hereafter. It is my utmost pleasure to introduce our brothers and sisters about the Quran application that MAHRAM (Maulana Aejaz Husain Rizvi Academic mission) team from Lucknow, India, has developed for the iOS and is available for download on Apple Appstore (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-last-reminder-holy-quran/id1303541064?mt=8) You may wonder what prompted me (member of MAHRAM team) to burn my midnight oil for last 5 months to develop a Quran application while there are loads of Quran application already available on Appstore and Playstore? Because none of the Quran application available have any Quran translation from Shi’a Ulama or Commentaries (Tafasir) from our Ulama, especially in English language. You would be surprised to know that alone in India, daily 3 million people search for the keyword “Quran” in Apple Appstore and they are downloading the apps which are available in top 10 positions (search results). So far, we have launched the iOS basic version (all Quran chapters, translations of our Ulama in English, Urdu, Persian etc. and Tafsir like Tafsir Al-Mizan (12 volumes) in English and Study Quran Tafsir by Sayyed Hussein Nasr). I have put my lot of efforts in developing this application but I do not have budgets for full scale marketing. Therefore, can I request my brothers and sisters who have been blessed with great number of following to help me spread the word about this application so that maximum number of believers get benefited? I would recommend you all if you are using an iPhone or Android to try it yourself the application to witness the hard-work and if you feel delighted with the work, then pray for the success of efforts and share feedback on Appstore or Playstore. Download it either by searching the keyword “The Last Reminder - Holy Quran” in Appstore/Playstore or download it from respective Application stores: iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-last-reminder-holy-quran/id1303541064?mt=8 Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.hexalab.holyquran May Allah’s choicest blessings be upon Muhammad pbuh and his holy progeny. Wassalamo Alaykum http://www.thelastreminderapp.com http://facebook.com/thelastreminderapp
  5. Salamunalaikum Few names that peoples have missed are: Ayotollah Sayed Zafrul Hasan Zafrul Millat, Banaras Mujtahid Maulana Sayed Wasi Mohammad Sahab Qibla Maulana Syed Mazahir Husain Rizvi, Kararvi Maulana Sayed Uroojul Hasan Meesam Rizvi, Lucknow India Maulana Syed Abul Qasim Qibla Maulana Syed Husnul Hasan Nayyer Rizvi, India I have attached their pics as well so that people might remember them. There is a long list of Aytollah and Aalime deens that India and Pakistan has produced..! kaash we had pics and biographies of their work with us. Iltemase Dua Wassalam Sayed Husain Aejaz
  6. It's cool - many happy returns of the day - recieved any nice pressies? ;)

  7. thanks a lot for your wishes brother!

  8. Salam i request all shiachat members who are either employee or candidate to please register at the above site and please post the jobs so as to give maximum chance to our community.. iltemase dua Wassalam
  9. mashaAllah..good thread..most of the question would be answered on shiasolution.org as there are currently three aalims from India online there.. Maulana Uroojul Hasan Meesam Rizvi Maulana Husnul Hasan Nayyer Rizvi Maulana Kamal-uddin Akbar hope they would help us to solve your queries.. iltemase dua http://www.youthsjob.com - First ever muslim(shia) job site..register their to let the world know that we are most talented species of human race [:)]
  10. (bismillah) Salamunalaikum dear brothers/sisters I am glad to inform you that by the grace of Almighty, we have now our own complete advanced job Portal. It has been strategically named as "YouthsJob.com" so as to get the maximum attention of companies without any biasdness. You are requested to kindly register at the site and let the investment made on it be utilised.. Please register at http://www.youthsjob.com I would specially request Admins/Mods to kindly promote it as much as possible so that we can gain the maximum attention of local and global companies or atleast make this topic sticky.. You can copy and paste the logo on your web...from Download from here Let me know about the portal at: email: yaalimadad1986@gmail.com info@youthsjob.com admin@youthsjob.com Mobile: +919616865809 +919336574757 iltemase dua Wassalam Zohdi Rizvi
  11. ilahiameen...so have u used shiaim yet...how do u see it..is it fullfilling basic online chat needs?? for any query u can add support department with id 'admin'. Thanks..hope you and everyone will spread the message to all...to make it a very strong campaign against israel.. My next projects are : Webbrowser(may be it will come with name: Phoenix or else), then Media Player...and inshaAllah very soon we might be able to develop our own OS using open-source project of Linux...efforts are going on...if you wanna join then please signup at HY http://www.husainiyouths.com and join developers group of HY.. Iltemase dua Best of Luck
  12. Thanks for coming forward... We all will have to make united and continuous effort to uproot the long roots of Israel which are cleverly and wickedly expanding into our society so the time may come when we dont have a spoon of our own made...and even they might develop oxygen and we might have to ask or pay them for Oxygen.. I know its exagerration..but inventions of today are also an exagerration for 100 years back peoples... hence wake up before Imam comes and ask us...
  13. Salaam Looks to me that you are a mujhtahid...Why do we think that Wali-e-faqeeh Aytollah khamenai is not wiser and have knowledge before giving this order...u mean to say he is impractical when he is asking to stop using Israeli products/services... When we are unable to follow naib-e-imam and wali-amre muslimeen then how can we assure that when Imam-e-Asr a.s will come and order we would follow?? I know there are shias who will question Imam a.s about his wisdom and knowledge without thinking for a sec that He has given complete ilm and wisdom to his chosen one...May Allah guide them(their followers) Please stick to topic...say good or bad...dont tell against hukm of Ayotollah khamenai or else produce your degree of ijtehaad... Wassalam
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