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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @UIE Happy Birthday! Have a great day. :) 

  2. Salam the above story is that of Allamah Al Hilli (RA) and it is narrated as such: A woman died during the last period of her pregnancy and someone came to Allamah Hilli and ask what is the fiqhi ruling on saving the unborn fetus. Allamah gave the opinion that to bury the fetus with the mother, however shortly after departing from the Allamah the person was chased down by a horse-rider who told him that the Allamah had changed his opinion and that they must take the baby out. After sometime passed the father brought the child with him to visit Allamah Al Hilli and narrated the story back to hi
  3. @Abbas0 my dear brother I would caution not to be too definitive on the Identity of the Khurasani, Yamani, and/or Sufiyani and Dajjal. As these are only speculations based on educated analysis of the current situation. The reality of this is with Allah and we should not try to pigeon-hole our conclusions when someone is inquiring. Having said this i caution everyone on this chat to be aware that is an online forum and if you are in possession of certain knowledge which can be in relationship to the rising of Imam Al Hujjah (AS) please be careful you are very selective with whom you share
  4. These people are confused and are so desperate for guidance they are wiling to buy whatever is being sold. I had one of these clowns find me on FB and he kept arguing with me. I basically had to blocking him because he would not stop even when i told him I am a 25 year old college student like I am not someone who can do anything about their little cause. Honestly you have to learn to not give attention to such people.
  5. Wait which As Sadr are we talking about now? Like Agha Musa, Shaheed Baqir?
  6. I assumed that meant the end of Persian Shahs, aka the Islamic Revolution ended the monarchy.
  7. I have heard this as well but think it loses validity because the Qur'an was revealed by verses not the chapters. I could be wrong but I think not all of Surahs were complete but partially reveal over time. From what I have heard from some of the Ulema I have asked they have said the Amirul Momineen's compilation of the Qur'an gives the commentary on the the verse about what they actually mean, when they were revealed, about whom, and what their inner and outer explanations are. Again this is what I have understood and could be incorrect.
  8. I think the Ansar are called Ansar not because they helped the Prophet but the Ummah. So with this analogy they would be the companions of the Imam (AS).
  9. thats his first post too... btw thanks for murdering me and all the other Shias and innocent people who live in the West.
  10. Although I have not read the particular hadith myself I will try to answer iA it will be fruitful. First of Supernatural abilities are not far fetched: Nabi Khidr,Jesus walking on water and raising the death and curing the leper. Nabi Dawood killed Goliath the Giant with a slingshot. Nabi Yusuf could interpret dreams. Furthermore Amirul Momineen the Grandfather of Imam Mahdi lifted the Gate of Khybar by himself so why would his grandson not be able to?
  11. I think the hadith is talking about a different Nafs Al Zakiya to be honest this is the first time I have heard that he has to be a Sayyid. Not that I ma questioning you or the hadith I want to make sure it is authentic and fully reliable. Because the other Nafs al Zakiya is Muhammad ibn Abdullah, great-grandson of Imam Hasan (AS).
  12. I have always heard that was a different Nafs al Zakiya i.e. a cousin of Imam Jafar Ibn Muhammad (AS) who is from the progeny of Imam Hasan (AS) and was betrayed by the Abbasids after the dethroning of the Ummayads.
  13. wait can you provide proof that he will be a Sayyid?
  14. Lebanon is west of Hejaz although Maghrib is also used to refer to North Africa west of Egypt.
  15. Salam so according to this Salman should be dead and his death will be reveal very soon.
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