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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. happy birthday brother!!

  2. It's more of a cultural thing The non-atheist ones do, but they take a very batini approach to the Quran, in some ways similar to the Ismailites.
  3. It's more or less accurate.There are some Alevis who have long assimilated into the Sunni mainstream and indistinguishable from your average Turkish Muslim. In addition, there is a small minority of Alevis who follow Jafari fiqh and consider themselves to be 12er Shiites. Other than that, the majority are the deviant Bektashi types or atheists.
  4. Most Alevis today, unfortunately, are lost souls. The majority of them are strong supporters of Ataturk, and years of perceived Ottoman "discrimination" has instilled into them a hatred of anything related to Sunni Islam. That's why they are so stubborn when it comes to rejecting salat, sawm, and other obligatory practices. They are following their own whims and false beliefs rather than the truth. They're just another cancerous fitna in the heart of Muslim world, and quite frankly, I don't have any pity for them, and neither should you. I come from a mixed Sunni/Alevi background, so I've had first hand exposure in trying to reason with these people, and it doesn't work. While the Turkish state is certainly guilty of many crimes, including the state-sponsored imposition of the Hanafi madhhab on everyone, it doesn't excuse the attitude of the Alevis towards Islamic practices either. Let them dance like clowns in their bogus ceremonies, but let's see if they'll be dancing on the Day of Judgment.
  5. Erdogan, at the end of the day, can't go to the toilet to take a piss without the US's permission. It may not look like that on the outside, but Turkish interests are still very much intertwined with the US's long term goals in the region, hence you can see why Turkey is taking such a harsh stance on Syria. In addition, if you read one of the articles above, you'll see how the Saudis have also been involved in all of this as well. I wonder what kind of leverage they have over the Turks, since the Saudi foreign minister was able to convince the Turkish government to change course on Bahrain with just one trip to Ankara. Turkey is not internally stable enough nor does it have the economic leverage to play the role that its playing right now, unless it had some major support. Believe it or not, I think Obama is coaxing Erdogan to behave this way in secret. Have you noticed how the US has been strangely quiet with Turkey's rabble rousing against Greece and Israel? Obama can't openly challenge Israel for obvious reasons, but he can get others, like Turkey, to do the dirty work for him in order to keep the pressure on the Zionists. I also don't think its a coincidence that in the span of the last few months, Bin Laden, Awlaki and other major al-Queda leaders have all conveniently been wacked; I wouldn't be surprised if Ayman al-Zawihiri turns up dead really soon. The US government, just in the last 5 months alone, did what it couldn't do for 10 damn years. They see that this bogus "War on terror" is no longer working, so the time has come to change course and get rid of former assets, like Bin Laden, who are no longer necessary or useful. Something very fishy is going on behind the scenes with the US government, and I think major changes are coming to the region. As for what those changes will be, I really can't say, since I don't have access to the deep workings of the intelligence world.
  6. The GOP is only digging its own grave, and what makes me laugh is that in 10-20 years time, this pathetic party will try desperately to court the Muslim vote.
  7. I have absolutely no love loss for Daniel Pipes, but I think he makes some very valid points in this article. Erdogan is in way over his head, and I think Turkey's current trajectory is going to be a disaster in the long run. Necmettin Erbakan, before his death, had warned his former protege Erdogan and the rest of the AKP leadership that the path they were going on wasn't a good one. They didn't listen, and now, they'll pay the price.
  8. I am nearly convinced at this point that the AKP has been working for the Zionists this entire time - what you saw Erdogan do at Davos was merely a show. Something tells me that things are going to get pretty bad real soon if the situation isn't contained
  9. I saw this happen on campus and some of my friends were involved in the set up of the event. The Jews and pro-Israel students staged a counter protest across from the mock checkpoint, and soon afterwards, the whole affair turned into a shouting contest between Palestinian students and Jewish students draped in Israeli flags. To be quite honest, the intentions behind the project were good, but it didn't really get much done.
  10. May your eid remain mubarak wa salamat.

  11. http://www.cfr.org/about/outreach/religioninitiative/advisory_board.html
  12. Abdul Rauf is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) - that to me already raised red flags, but that is not the only reason why I am against this Ground Zero center. I personally don't believe that the people behind this project have good intentions, and that there are forces at work who are seeking to create a climate of hatred and suspicion. Who asked these people to go build a community center for Muslims in the first place? Don't you find it interesting that most Muslims in the US had no idea that this place was being built until it became a national scandal? Abdul Rauf is nothing more than an imam, on the US government payroll, looking for attention and for a following, and he is doing it by creating unnecessary tensions. Simply put, I don't trust him. And in addition to that, he goes around claiming to be a traditional Muslim leader, and his wife doesn't even wear hijab. That's none of my business, and it's not my place to judge, but if you claim to be a Muslim leader, I expect things to be a certain way.
  13. Mo, for whatever reason, seems to be the resident Turk-hater on these boards. Any of his posts on topics related to Turkey and Turks will show that. Ignore him and his nonsense. As for the referendum, excellent development. The secularist idiots are slowly but surely becoming marginalized, and they know it, which is why they continue to spread fear and paranoia about an Islamist takeover. Turkey will never become a theocracy, but its only natural that as the country democratizes further, the country will become more religious. The Turks have had more than 70 years of secular nationalist, ideological brainwashing - it will take time to wipe away that influence, but it will be done, step by step. These election results are a good start. As for the EU, I don't believe for a second that Erdogan or the AKP genuinely want to join that degenerate club. Their main goal is to cripple the power of the secularist judges and the military, and they are using these reforms in order to strengthen the country's democracy. Once all the reforms and changes are implemented, there will no need for the EU. The EU is just a tool in the quest for a larger agenda, and within a few years time, Turkey will have absolutely no need for the EU, IMO. If Erdogan wins the 2011 elections, then he will have sealed the deal. It is from that point onwards that the country will change fundamentally.
  14. Good. They should be banned everywhere - all it does is defame the image of our deen. It's an outdated cultural relic that lacks any sense of genuine human decency.
  15. If this wasn't bad enough, there was a PKK attack on a Turkish navy ship today in the Mediterranean - Turkey lost 6 soldiers. This happened on the same day as the attack on the flotilla, and many in Turkey, including the AKP leadership AND the opposition parties, don't think that this was a coincidence. The hunch is that Israel was actually behind it, and at this point, I wouldn't be surprised. There's no going back at this point. Israel and Turkey's "friendship" is dead and buried, and these Zionazis need to be taught a lesson.
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