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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I respect your disagreement in this matter. I am no Aalim, therefore I would suggest you to consult one for detailed explanation. But one thing I must tell you, very humbly, from my so called (in)experience that the most learned, intellegent and hard working people I have found in my whole life belongs to Shia Clergy. Obviously not all of them, but there is a sizeable minority of Ulema who are extremely intellegent, and hard working and they obviously have the blessing of Imam e Zamana AS. And they are the one who reach the peaks of piety. Regarding Lal Masjid, I used my thought process by re
  2. Quote: I would like to know why everyone calls Imran Khan pro-Taliban. Isn't he just trying to end the cycle of destruction shown below? USA Drone strikes--> Unnamed innocents die--> Retaliation fueled by anger--> terrorist attacks-->Justification for more Drone strikes--> repetition. Did I miss something?" Unquote It is ironic that on one hand Imran Khan is trying to do all this in the name of Islam, be it saving lives or stopping drone attacks, but on the other hand he had such a corrupt life till early 200s that very few Pakistani public figures had. Sorry brother, I see a
  3. Quote: "But brother, this voting system is all about independant thought process and the right of each and every citizen to select a leader/representative. I never knew that our scholars/marjas expected us to follow their rulings when it comes to vote for political leaders......" Brother or Sister, Asslamoalaikum wa Rehmat Allah. May Allah (SWT) increase our knowledge. I was also not aware of this ruling few years back. But as per Shia Jurisprudence, We are "bound" (must) to get permission from Marjaa's wakeel for every matter which relates to ruling the general public. For eg, Getting a job
  4. one of the best act you can do for your Imam (as). I heard from Maulana Sadiq Hasan that it is one of our daily/weekly (something) responsibility.
  5. Imran Khan possitive: Shaukat Khanum Hospital, University, Sincere to Pakistan Negatives: Dictatorial attitude (He was a dictator when he was Captain of cricket team, and tried to ruin Waqar's career and practically he did) Pro Taliban Staunch Wahabi Overall: A sincere Pakistani who is a pro taliban staunch wahabi with a dictatorial attitude is a question mark to all Suunis and Shais. Musharraf: positive: Sincere to Pakistan, beleives on freedom of Speech (that is why all the media channels were able to bash out their message against him) Gave Karachi the right amount of money
  6. Asslamoalaikum Brother, Can you please specify your location?
  7. Brother, ASslamoalaikum, Ask him to get hold of these books. see what writers have written about Yazid. There is no specific book where you can find answer to this specific question. Beside that Tarikh e Tabari is a reasonable account of history. Ask him to read
  8. The Sunni Ulema have accepted that in Kerbala Imam Husayn (as) adhered to the truth and Yazeed was on falsehood As evidence we shall cite the following esteemed Sunni works: Sharh Fiqh Akbar page 72 Neel al Autar Volume 7 page 181, Kitab al Jihad Shadharath al Dhahab Volume 1 page 69 Dhikr the events of 61 Hijri Tareekh Ibn Khaldun Volume 1 page 180 Tauhfa Ithna Ashari page 370 Chapter 11 part 3 Minhajj al Sunnah Volume 2 page 241 Dhikr Yazeed al-Awasim min al Qawasim, page 232 In Sharh Fiqh Akbar we read: "Some illiterates have said (Allah forbid) that Imam Husayn was a rebel, this is Batil
  9. Brother, Asslamoalaiku, I will keep on posting small replies to questions. Answers will not be in sequence. First question is the most important one, the last two can be dealt later on. JazakAllah A Sunni Scholar Hafiz Ibn Asakir records this tradition on the authority of Sahabi Anas bin alHarith: أنس بن الحارث يقول سمعت رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه و سلم ) يقول إن ابني ذا يعني الحسين يقتل بأرض يقال لها كربلاء فمن شهد ذلك منكم فلينصره "I heard Rasulullah (s) say 'Verily my son, means Husayn, will be killed in a land called Kerbala, whoever amongst you is alive at that time must go and help him
  10. Brother, Please post a link where you read this news. It is extremely heartening.
  11. Photograph is extremely heart wrenching and graphic. http://www.washingtonpost.com/todays_paper?dt=2011-12-07&bk=A&pg=1 Please pray for injured children. Donate specifically for Shuhuda's orphaned children. Indicate that to your Marjaa's office in Qom or Najaf that this money is specifically meant for orphans and widows of Kabul Ashura incident.
  12. Please read questions from our side. Regards. http://www.answering-ansar.org/challenges/20questions/en/index.php Our 20 questions... Maulana Ghulam Hussain Na'eemi of Sahiwa'al, Pakistan was a Sunni scholar who after considerable research converted to the Shi'a Ithna Ashari Faith. The rationale for his conversion was that he had questions that he found the Ahlul' Sunnah Ulema could not answer satisfactorily. These are those questions; they remain unanswered to this day. Tragically he was martyred for his beliefs, may Allah (swt) reward him and grant him a place in Paradise. Footnotes have be
  13. http://www.answering...in/en/chap2.php Brother, I have copied a passage from the above mentioned link. It is wise to read the whole article which consist of detailed arguments and cites numerous examples. Answer in just few lines will never be enough for your thirsty truth seeking mind. Jazak Allah (SWT) It has being part and parcel of postmodern Nasibi propaganda to insist that the ‘ancestors’ of the Shi’a were a treacherous people that consistently abandoned Imam Ali, Imam Hasan, Imam Hussain and the remainder Ahlulbayt Imams (Peace be upon them) and in some cases killed them. They seek to c
  14. Perfect Reply. Infact I can feel the courtesy of followers of Ahl ul Bayt (as), but brother, this filth has gone too far. Just because of them, we are being killed. Sometime I really feel amazed how come moderators allow this kind of Nusairi views on a shia website without issuing a warning that Shias dont beleive in what these Nusairis beleive. This might confuse and misguide other sects about us who just read the caption and dont feel our disgust for such Kafir like thoughts.
  15. Brother, Ancholi Society is one of the 100% shia colonies in Karachi Pakistan. I heard that Talibans (Nutfah e bay tehqeeq/Yazid's illegitimate sons) tried to attack, but was repulsed back with more force. I just want to know the details of what happens. Salam
  16. Please recite both dua and ziarat for the safety of Momineen around the world. Please spread this message. Any news about yesterday's Ancholi's firing incident?
  17. Those some people are obviously "nasibis". And frankly speaking, I dont see a problem with us shias divided on the issue how to confront these nasibis. I think we should confront them every way possible. I know there are some chickens too, but If some lone ranger want her sister to marry a talibaan to tame him, so be it.
  18. Sister, Its okay to be divided over a political issue, but I dont think shias are divided over the issue being discussed. I want to hear from a shia who is a supporter of Talibaan and their illegitimate fathers (Aal e Saood and Shaitaan e Buzurg).
  19. Brother Abuzar and all. "the" most important issue, finally taken up by a brother. We all are equally responsible for this fiasco. We are not divided. Brother AbuTalib, I go to Imambargah in Toronto which is set up by a Hyderabadi Momin where people from all background come and listen to great Ulemas from India & Pakistan. Same is the case of another Imambargah/Mosque in Pickering, Same is the case of Jaffari Centre, Toronto. All resident Aalims are speaking in almost every speech about the ongoing atrocities. People are collecting money (not much, but whatever they can). For me and most
  20. Brothers & Sisters, Please recite Surah e Fatiha for these momineens. And requesting you all again to recite Dua e Joshan e Sagheer and Ziarat e Ashoora for Momineen in Iraq, Yemen and Parachinar, Pakistan. May Allah (SWT) bless you all. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7569786.stm
  21. Brothers, & Sisters Please pray for these six Momineen. Please recite Joshan e Sagheer for Para Chinar and Iraq. They need our heartfelt prayers. Below is the news item from Dawn.com http://www.dawn.com/2008/07/28/top12.htm Six on way to Parachinar kidnapped in Afghanistan By Our Correspondent PARACHINAR, July 27: Armed men in Afghanistan kidnapped six Turi tribesmen who were going from Peshawar to Parachinar via Kabul because of the blockade of the road to Kurram tribal region. According to sources, the tribesmen have been moved to an unspecified place. However, Allied and Afghan forces r
  22. Allah (SWT) is the creator. If male does not give X or Y to his wife, no one will be created. Try it! Allah (SWT) also beleives in the the Wasila. In the above example, your father and mother were just wasila, same goes in my case. But that does not mean that My father or Mother is my creator. Quraan is the book of Allah (SWT) but it was given to us by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Combine my answer with brother shiasoldier's answer and stop your propoganda. And please change your name if you dont beleive in 'wilayat of Ali (as)".
  23. I really wonder how these great men can control difficult situations while sitting in their small houses. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/19/world/mi...amp;oref=slogin May Allah (SWT) bless these Ulemas and hasten the Zahoor of Imam (as)
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