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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) So true, Our Imam (atfs) is waiting for us, not us waiting for him. He'll come when we, his ummah, has changed. We need to start now! May Allah swt give us the strength to strive in his way, ya Rab! We all wish to be part of his 313 inshallah, but just to be in his presence and fight along side him in his army against injustice and evil, is in itself a great honor, inshallah (salam)
  2. Salam bro, During the great occulation, he kept in contact with his represenatives, for example Sheikh Mufid. You might know him, he is very knowledgeable and full of wisdom scholar. He was born right after the great occulation. This Sheikh was so devout to Islam and the Ahlul Bayt that Imam Al Zaman wrote him letters praising him for his committment. It is letters like these bro that give us evidence of his reappearance. Even in some of Imam al Zamans hadith he mentions his represenatives and his proofs, and to follow them. What your talking about that no one can be sure of him, or his lette
  3. (bismillah) Subhanallah, I love Sheikh Mufeed(ra) . His wisdom is undescribable. I am reading his Kitab al Irshad, Book of Guidance. Subhanallah, the detail and truth and wisdom he writes is so precious. Very nice post. Thanks. O Allah! For the sake of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and his beloved pure family, hasten the reappearance of the the Imam (as) of our time, (atf), May our lives be sacrificed for him
  4. Just by you saying "I hope he never comes back" is admitting to the fact of his reappearance. Subhanallah. May I ask what your worship is? You tell me that, then we can have a discussion. First off, I never said he didnt have a right, my explanation is for his own sake that he would have a much "better time" in his "own people kind of forums". Ofcourse he has every right, but his views, philosophies, explanations, or as you would call it mythologies arent welcome in a place like this. Again i never gave any right for a debate with him, I simply posted, and he replied. I never asked for his ne
  5. drwindow is ignorant bro...All people that dont believe (kafireen) are mad, they're upset at Allah (swt). I swear it. If anybody has the chance to listen to Brother Hasanain Rajabali lectures about atheists, they are amazing, subhanallah. I dont understand why he is even on this chat forum. Isnt there atheists forums..... I cant wait to hear the sound in the east and west announcing his return, inshallah ya Rab, ajjalAllah farajhuu (salam) I agree, hes everywhere, arent there like atheists forums he can go tooo...
  6. (bismillah) I really dont understand why its hard to believe in Walee al Faqih, or believe that Ayatallah Syed Khamenei could be his represenative. As stated before, all of our maraja are his represenatives. His hadith mentioned about his proofs stands clear, they are all represenatives on earth. Walee al Faqih is a beautiful system. It is Islamic government, law, and way of life, whether in politics or religion or what ghave you, Subhanallah. Isnt that what the Holy Prophet (saaww) taught. Islam encompasses everything, whether its governement or just religious issues. Im Lebanese and proud o
  7. lol funny pic Akbar....and drwindow, i feel for ya man.... 3ajalAllah ta3ala Farajhu!!!
  8. Subhanallah!!! I swear this video is so inspiring! I love it! Labbayka ya Hussein!
  9. Before the death of Simmari(one of his representatives) The last letter of Imam Al Mahdi (as) (to his representative): Right before he goes to the great occulation(disappearance) (bismillah) In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. “You are going to die in six days, may Allah grant patience to your brother's in faith on your departure. So, be prepared, but appoint no one in your place, because from the day of your death the period of my great occultation (al ghaybatul kubra) will begin. Hence forth, no one will see me, unless and until Allah (swt) makes me appear. My reapp
  10. Subhanallah! :cry: What a beautiful story. May Allah bless us all to be more pious and honest in our life to strive to meet him Inshallah. Labbayka ya Imam al-Asr wa Zaman! (as)
  11. (bismillah) Allahuakbar! unbeliveable the extent where shia and Iran haters would go to...Im so proud of our Iranian brothers and stand with them in the fight against injustice, and Waliyat al Faqih is the truth. Subhanallah! (salam)
  12. (salam) everyone, I waswondering, during the most recent speech by Sayyid Hasan, for Eid al Tahrir, there was a new song I havent heard during the opening introduction by Firqat al Wilayah....It was really nice mashallah, does anybody know where i can get it or download? I would really love to have it.... Jazakalllah (salam)
  13. check topic islamic wallpapers i did the one leader waits

  14. (bismillah) Salamualikum, I was wondering if you can make your Imam Mahdi pic that you have that says 'one leader waits' any bigger. Its a really beautiful picture, mashallah! Let me know inshallah. Jazakallah Jehad
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