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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam all, Curious what would be priority, paying off debt thats owed, or going for ziyarat? I'm asking because I'm getting my annual tax refund soon and I owe a hefty amount on credit cards. What would our great Prophet have to say on this subject? Jazakallah
  2. I'd like some recommendations of books to read to understand Islamic history from the beginning. The problem is that a lot of people these days claim our Prophet (pbuh) did really bad things and I want to be able to refute these claims with historical backing. Do I refer to hadiths for this stuff or..? For example... I found this statement on a page by an author who to someone who didn't know any better would actually believe him. He says: How do I refute these things , where do I start learning?
  3. There is a lot of science in the Quran that can get any non-believer to start thinking.
  4. Can someone point me to the rules of Sadaqa? How poor does someone need to be in order to qualify for Sadaqa? Let's say for example they can only afford one meal a day(meaning a whole family), is it permissible to give them Sadaqa?
  5. I appreciate your perspective. I've brought up issues of my mom to my wife before as well. Some have been resolved and some not. (even before marriage) But the thing is that my mom didn't continue to slam that problem in my ear all day long. She acknowledged the fact that I like this girl and she sucked some things up. But the thing is that my wife now keeps slamming her issues into my ear, but doesn't let me sort it out in my man-like method. I guess the way to address my wife's issues to my mom would be in a slick way where I speak about the issue from my point of view..rather than saying its my wife's issue. what you think? All I know is I don't want to hear negative comments about my mom all day, and this has to be sorted out. My mom might be at fault at times, but she's willing to talk about those issues and I am more than willing to tell my mom that " MOM, you're wrong," if she is truly wrong (and I've done it once or twice already) So I think I'm being as fair as I can be.
  6. Yes she was getting along with my mother great until some issues came up. My moms fault on some, but my mom also has some issues with the wife as well which she only brought up to me after I discussed my wife's issues. I dont think these things are one time, but rather things that need to be brought to the attention of bought parties so they can be resolved on a semi permanent level. It all comes down to the fact that I can get many wives but not another mom, and if my wife doesn't want to attempt to work things out I'm going to probably send her straight back to her parents.
  7. Problem is that when I try to mediate, she gets pissed. She thinks keeping quiet and bottling it all up is the method to solving the situation. When I tell her that I'll discuss it with my mom she just doesn't want it. She wants me to just be quiet while she keeps reminding me of the problem over and over again. At this point she is making little comments to me all the time, in-directly criticizing my mom - and even me.
  8. My brother is very irresponsible and chooses to spend a lot of time outside of the house so I definitely can't leave him in charge. I'll just have to balance all this.
  9. Thanks every one.. I'll have to read that book and give a copy to my wife as well. The thing is that I can't leave my mom because she has raised me as a single mother all my life. If she had a husband it would be different, but she is alone and if I leave she will feel super betrayed and maybe her health will even go bad. I'll have to work around this situation. Inshallah allmightly Allah will guide me toward the tools and mindset to solve this issue.
  10. Salaam, A little background - Just got married about 3 months ago. Living with wife and mother in a two family house, meaning my wife and I reside upstairs and mom usually is downstairs with my brother. We all mingle together like all families should on a daily basis. Recently though my wife has started to become more open in voicing her opinion about my mom to me. Basically my mom will say or do something that my wife doesn't like (not intentionally though) and my wife will come to me and complain. I tell her that she needs to learn how to communicate about issues to my mom and not hold it all in herself (or rather make me not go crazy) She comes from a family where younguns can't discuss the wrongs of adults, and so she keeps things bottled up, and doesn't take the mature approach to discuss issues. She thinks its going to make things a lot worse if she says anything (and basically she has no courage to do it anyways). I tell her that issues will never get resolved if we all don't talk about it. But she absolutely refuses to talk to my mom head on about issues. I have so many arguments with her about the fact that she needs to grow up, and discuss things when things aren't right. She can't just buzz in my ear all day and then expect me not to mediate between her and my mom. Basically, she just wants to stay in her little bubble, not talk about rising issues, and just keep it in the back of her mind. I think this will lead to a lot of problems in the future, and I'm trying to get her to open up. I told my mom about an issue and my mom addressed it to her, straight in her face with a sweet tone. Right after this my wife was pissed at me and said I broke her trust blah blah. I told her if she isn't going to talk about issues in the house that we're going to end up down a bad road and that things will not get better. I don't know what else to do. She thinks i'm not trustable and I think that she just needs to grow up and deal with issues like a woman should. What do you think?
  11. I'm not sure what exactly happens with kosher , but is it in line with whats halal for us?
  12. Salaamun alaikum, Insha'Allah you are all in the best of health. I have a question about Mehr. Can someone please explain the requirements,how it works, suitable amount etc..? Also, can you explain anything else thats attached to marriage in terms of financial exchange... -Hassan
  13. Salam Hasan, you may need to make 50 posts before you can Pm me. Make soem spams and you will be done :)

  14. Dr Asad- SWL, I was curious I could contact you, I have a few questions for you. I am trying to send a private message but it isn't allowed. My email is Hassan.Ajmal84@gmail.com. Thank you.
  15. wow i didnt kno that there were many shias in turkey.
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