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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I like in USA, and my dad tells me every year the story of how the azadari started in our state. When they moved here their was already an Imambargah istablished in Ny so they used to go there for the ten days but needed a place here so my uncle and father wanted to find shias in Ct , so they went to all the indian food stores and asked for there membership names and video rental list. They looked for every syed/rizvi/ pretty much shia name they could find and called them and soon enough majlis's were held in a apatment for a while listening to cassetes and reading of memory too. then as it got bigger and bigger we rented a church for the ten days and invited molanas and soon enough bought a center and now we haev events through out the whole year.
  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. I askeda similar question to couple of Molana's and Allama's i remember the answer of two the most when they came ot my house I asked Allama Naseem Abbas and Allama Aqeel Turabi that who came first the dinasours or Prophet Adam. Both said to me that before adam their were many adams, but Allah (swt) choose the Last one to make humanity start. He went into very good detail i cant remember because i was liek 10 at the time when i asked but i do know that he made alot of sense out of it. -Mohamemd
  4. why wul i want to attract the attention of walking women?
  5. anyone have the audio or video for kya dhoonde rahi hai maqtal main sakina?
  6. I go to the jaloos in Ny USA every year three tiems a year 10th, 40th, and ramzan...and we go to the jaloos in atlanta and in washington d.c...the jaloos one year went by the white house and we did matam in front of the white house we had our shirts off. I think they dont allow it anymore for security reasons idk.But think of the statement that must have been made doing matam in front of it...and thiers no prolem in ny we have our [Edited Out]s off the whole time women are a the end and totally seperate. and the police actually noe whats happening explain to them. I mean matam with shirts or shirts off is somethinf a non muslim will see if they convert or don convert...so why try to "hide" it... Pc and Ya Ali Madad to all the matami's here..
  7. Khoie Ny is tonight, Next weekend is free, then its Mehfile then i think its Astana then Maryaland (idar-e-Jafarya) then Shah-e-najaf then virginia then Ct
  8. idk if anyone said this already but if so sorry...It is said that Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen cried out loud for the rest of his life after the events of Karbala..You should of asked that lady if she would have told the Imam to quite down because men were turning around. Also to tell you the truth the more ppl cry the more they make others cry, the more we cry for Imam Hussain...
  9. Shahid Baltistani is coming to our Imambargah and my house before that i am going to record his nohay but what are some of his amazing nohay xcpet for..Abbas Abbas and Aye Meray Baba jann.??
  10. rizwan Zaidi came out on Matamdari.com
  11. I just posted it already ^^ lol...not all the links work it just plays meda mazloom baba which isnt originaly theirs, or is fizza teri wafa ki..
  12. http://azadar.com/1430/nauhas/shababnazim/index.htm Shabab Nazim Party
  13. Israel must be wiped out.

    imam khomeini

  14. there is a post in a diff forum in Muhorram 2008 look threw it and it has the original reader of Dua-e-ali is says mesum ababs copied or sumtin..His name is Murtaza Ghulam Hussain..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGfwTEi5-yQ
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