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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) How about Mahlaka? or Mubaraka? (if its a girl) we named my niece Zahra :wub: with duas, wasalam
  2. I don't see how its disrespectful or unappreciative, the brother/sister was simply linking me to more stories..
  3. (salam) I haven't been on for ages, but I was looking for stories to tell my younger brother at bedtime, everytime I mention one of the stories on the prophets he rolls his eyes and tells me I've heard that one. lol Thank you :) And the stories are beautiful Subhanallah.
  4. salsa, you spamming?? -_- I have to say though, they're beautiful qualities to have, but seem limited, I'm sure we have much more than the ones mentioned.
  5. congratulations on ur chatmod-ness :P now u have a reason to procastrinate

  6. (salam) As far as I remember, she can. It's advisable not to though. Sorry can't find a source at the moment, but if i come across something i'll be sure to post it Inshallah. Ma'assalaam
  7. (salam) I dont know if someone's already put them up, if so, I ask one of the mods to delete the topic, and i hope I've put it up in the right place. I'd like to share some pictures with you that I recieved. I know its really happened. Everyone's entitled to thier thoughts and opinions in case you don't want to believe it :) This happend on Ashura at asr time in Birmingham (It was Ashura in Iraq, but 9th of Muharram in Birmingham) May this help strengthen your faith Inshallah. Ma'assalaam.
  8. (wasalam) dear sister, If you're not being judged on how you dress in school, and if your friends are understanding, you have the perfect opportunity to be unique. Inshallah you will find friends who not only dress with hijab but also act with it. If you've recently started wearing the Hijab, congratulations :D I think if you stay determined that you are not going to remove it no matter what your thoughts, eventually, you'll manage to convince yourself. Also if you see someone with hijab, observe the kind of modesty they show, and you will find unparalleled beauty inshallah. All the best!
  9. (salam) If faith was such a clear-cut black and white thing, we would all be able to judge one another and know exactly where we'll end up. It's because so much importance is given to the intention that, we have so many grays in between. The cursing and la3na helps us to know the bad from the good. The practice is supposed to help us know where we don't want to end up. True if we question ourselves; where exactly we would be had we been there at the time of the Imam, most of us would probably be with the Umayyads. They were also a praying and fasting people. So it helps us know that just praying and fasting does not describe what faith is all about. More than that, on a different level, I believe that you can't really love the enemies of your friends/loved ones. You can't claim to love your friend, as well as those that oppress your friends, or take away thier right. At the same time, I believe we also need to learn not to curse them infront of people that respect them, for whatever reasons. Peraps there is a small chance they're wrongfully misguided. And abusing something someone believes in, is not the right way to go about propagating the true message. Ma'assalaam
  10. (salam) I think it comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication. I don't think its something you can decide on a whim. Considering you/the tutor would be the main source of education for your child. It definitely has advantages, when it comes to being socially inept I think it depends on how you homeschool the child. If it's something you don't take seriously enough, your child probably wont either and it would mean everyone loses out. And if you have a life where you can't be there to encourage or support your child, then its not your cup of tea. It can certainly be extremely beneficial when it comes to Islamic knowledge. I have seen children who's parents leave it on the local community madrassahs for thier childrens islamic knowledge, and I find them extremely lacking. I think if done right, it would provide an ideal mix of secular and religious education especially because you as a pearent are in charge of the child's education. But only if taken up with all the dedication parents can give.
  11. aonnnnnnnnn!!

    w/s! how're you doing??? hope everything is cool??

  12. If i were in thier place, Id prolly go underground on the last day of April.. :dry: claustrophobic place....
  13. (wasalam) I apologise if i sound pompous but I think you need to live upto life. You can be as productive as you wish, no one's holding you back but yourself. Think about people who are less fortunate who either have no parents, or have no knowledge if the beautiful thing you call the hijab. You may have been forced/coerced into wearing it then, look at people around you who dont have it as a protective barrier, look at how thier lives are messed up. Sometimes to appreciate the things we have we need to look at ourselves as outsiders. You may have been through a lot in life, but there's always someone who has had it worse. Look at ur circumstances, you have your parents. Ask them about the importance of Hijab, as a way to start up a conversation and hopefully to understand more about it. Dont sound like you want to take it off, just ask them what they understand by it. What is the point of missing out on college? or staying cooped up in your room all day? That simply adds to ur state of mind thinking of being suicidal. Stop the self pity, and stop thinking you need to be like others around you who aren't hijabis/muslims. No you shouldnt take it off, rather, try and understand its importance while you still have it on. All the best, May Allah guide you and show you its importance. Inshallah things will soon start looking better for you. But u've got to initiate it yourself. Ma'assalaam
  14. Inhale a steam produced by menthol crystals in hot water... Honey with warm/hot water Paracetamol, pseudoephedrine (decongestants) [as long as you arent on any other medication, certain meds might hav interactions] ALot of vitamin C's helps as well. (orange juice.. ) Boil some water, add ginger powder and some honey.. I think thats what it was.. and make sure u have it before it cools down :P Good luck sister :) Inshallah you will get better soon.
  15. Just out of curiosity, how many versions of so solid shia have there been? :P
  16. If only we could have a tea party on the cieling :P
  17. Subhanallah at a way of life that seems to have solutions for all these 'could-be-s'
  18. Set your alarm and keep it out of reach for yourself :P you'll have to get out of bed to turn it off :) Good Luck!
  19. After all my anticipation at being told it was going to snow here, it still hasn't!! We Just had a lot of wind, sleet and rain!!
  20. (salam) I think it needs to be encouraged, because it places the emphasis on the girl that it isnt a form of oppression rather a cause for celebration. Ma'assalaam
  21. thanks guys fro the replies! will definitely save them for next yr's IAW thanks again!! if u find more, plz lemme knw Ma'assalaam
  22. lol, k.. here goes man i still wasnt able to put it up like ur original post :squeez: minesweeper.bmp
  23. well ur here, and its only right to ask u what u think if uve come up with a topic like this one... coz i think its quite biased
  24. Islam tells us to look for 40 reasons before accusing or implying anythign to someone... and uve done that by simply havinf the impression.. dd somehow i expected better from u
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