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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I love the candle plc but not the happy. Y did it change? Weirddddddd

  2. Salam Aleykum,

    Your user name is Shia12 but they boy in your picture is praying the christian way. :P

  3. (salam) How about Mahlaka? or Mubaraka? (if its a girl) we named my niece Zahra :wub: with duas, wasalam
  4. Shia... mubarak ho :D

    Finally :p

  5. haji back home cho?? ketlu rais uwa?? paka eid thay loh? bas kar hawe dry:

  6. I don't see how its disrespectful or unappreciative, the brother/sister was simply linking me to more stories..
  7. (salam) I haven't been on for ages, but I was looking for stories to tell my younger brother at bedtime, everytime I mention one of the stories on the prophets he rolls his eyes and tells me I've heard that one. lol Thank you :) And the stories are beautiful Subhanallah.
  8. salsa, you spamming?? -_- I have to say though, they're beautiful qualities to have, but seem limited, I'm sure we have much more than the ones mentioned.
  9. thanks. appreciated

  10. congratulations on ur chatmod-ness :P now u have a reason to procastrinate

  11. (salam) As far as I remember, she can. It's advisable not to though. Sorry can't find a source at the moment, but if i come across something i'll be sure to post it Inshallah. Ma'assalaam
  12. (salam) I dont know if someone's already put them up, if so, I ask one of the mods to delete the topic, and i hope I've put it up in the right place. I'd like to share some pictures with you that I recieved. I know its really happened. Everyone's entitled to thier thoughts and opinions in case you don't want to believe it :) This happend on Ashura at asr time in Birmingham (It was Ashura in Iraq, but 9th of Muharram in Birmingham) May this help strengthen your faith Inshallah. Ma'assalaam.

  14. brah, I was watching Man VS Wild and he caught this turtle and cooked it up, and it looked pretty delicious, so I want some turtle, but I'm sure if it's halal right? Ye you left before I could answer...

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