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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Depends on your marja. Some say all alcohol is najis, thus making the food najis regardless of whether it bakes out. Some say only intoxicating liquids like wine, vodka, whiskey are najis but not other types of alcohol like what you mentioned and thus baking it out would allow you to eat it. Ayatollah sistani goes even further and says only wine from grapes and beer from barley are najis so most almost all baked good would be fine since they don't normally use wine or beer
  2. The muslim world is not systematically killing anyone. A portion of the "Muslim" world, namely those with a militant wahabbi/Salafi worldview are causing mayhem, death, and destruction. Many Muslims including the Shia have been condemning these people for a long time and continue to do so.
  3. I'm pretty sure the disgusting part he was referencing was what is going on in Egypt currently as opposed to mutah or misyar that is done in a more appropriate non exploitative manner.
  4. All of the fatawa say that if you personally gain certainty from scientific calculations that is fine for you to use even if the marja himself doesn't have certainty from it.
  5. Ayatollah makarem shirazi. That's interesting. That basically means they had credible sightings like the one in chile. This kind of irks me. The main muslim organizations announced that there were no credible sightings for NA and that eid is Friday, which is true if you do taqlid of ayatollah khamenei or sistani. Why they can't let people know that there were sightings on SA and that this suffices for those marje that have ayatollah khoei's fatwa or ayatollah makarem's is beyond me. So far after checking several centers websites I have only seen the one masjid that was mentioned in the original post explain why and how there will be eid on Thursday for some and Friday for most. It seems like we are hiding facts so as to make sure everybody observes eid on one day, which to me seems a little disingenuous.
  6. All of the maraje have as a standard that if you gain certainty that the moon has been sighted that suffices. To me moonsighting.com and its contributors are very reliable. Also the astronomical calculations made it clear that it was likely to be visible in S America especially chile. The reports from moonsighting were that their contributors from Chile saw the moon with the naked eye. These things in combination give me certainty that this is a reliable sighting. The ruling of my marja is that as long as the moon is seen in the east that suffices for the west so I will be celebrating eid on Thursday. Though I will also partake in the celebrations on Friday as that will be the main eid at my center and we have been encouraged to participate both days if possible.
  7. The visibility curves on moonsighting.com are based on astronomical calculations. Moonsighting.com is a website that has nothing to do with the office of ayatollah khamenei, however I am fure that his office uses the same visibility curves. That being said I have found moonsighting.com to be very professionally run and its network of people looking for the moon to be quite reliable. The office of ayatollah khamenei only looks for the moon in Iran for the most part whereas moonsighting.com gives reports from around the world.
  8. Go to moonsighting.com. They have visibility curves that show where it is possible to sight the moon. Green means sight able with naked eye. Light blue means sight able with naked eye if conditions are perfect. Gray means need optical aid to locate moon, but then possible to see with naked eye, red means it can only be seen with naked eye. Black means not possible to see. Ayatollah Khamenei says that if the moon is seen in one of those curves it suffices for the rest of the curve. So if South America is green and it is seen there by NA is black and not seen that sighting would not be sufficient as South America was not in the same visibility curve. This ruling is known as the unity of horizons. Hopefully that makes sense
  9. You missed the part he bolded which said "family"
  10. Which means Saudi is consolidating its power in the region, which isn't actually a good thing. Though many of these non-Salafi Sunnis might finally wake up to the reality that the Saudis are snakes
  11. I concur with kazim. Given your level of excitedness the disappointment would be greater if God forbid a miscarriage occurred. The probability of which is highest in the first trimester
  12. It seems that Saudi has engineered a palace coup. Qatar was always punching above its weight. It is likely that the Saudis convinced the US to back the stepping down of the Qatari emir in favor of his son. The US did provide security via its bases and always had that type of leverage.
  13. The autobiography of Malcolm X explains their beliefs in detail and they are pretty far out there. Of course in their hey day they did help African Americans organize themselves and stand up for their rights which was positive. Unfortunately since Malcolm left wax forced out they have been all down hill and give very little benefit to the African American community
  14. I lived in the south for a few years. Sourherners are generally very nice people and even if they have racist tendencies they don't usually act on them. Also America has laws that protect people and if there is any harassment I'm sure the school would be all over it to try and help you as the bad press would not be something they wanted. Living in America there is really very little to worry about. Maybe you get teased or some rude comments but the probability of your safety being compromised is almost nothing
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