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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You still didn't tell me about that auction... what auction are you talking about? Or do you want to keep this as an insider joke?
  2. Currently working: https://www.youtube.com/user/PressTVBroadcast/videos
  3. Why do you post this in the "other sects" section? Akhbari's are 12ers or have they been excommunicated by your Marjaa? Are you aware of the traditions by the A'immah (as) prohibiting the use of ijtihad? So what's the point of arguing about it? Just hear and obey. Btw: My mind bobbles at this one:
  4. Are the Houthis of the Jarudiyya who curse Abu Bakr and Umar? I once heard a report of somebody saying he saw them shooting at signs with the name of Abu Bakr and Umar written on it. PS: maybe a Mod should move this thread to the other Sects section
  5. Just watched the first part of the video towards the end, something really unexpected happened. You mentioned that you wrote the letter in German. I find it somehow... interesting, that you go all the way to Iran to write a letter in German and throw it down a well. Couldn't you have done this in Germany? Don't worry, it was Allah who showed you that this Ahmad al Hassan is a scam. May Allah guide you and open your eyes, as I think you are easily influenced and somehow insecure. I am not a 12er by the way so I don't subscribe to that whole 12th Imam business or throwing letters down a well
  6. The funny thing is, that photograph actually looks like a christian depiction of the devil, with two black horns and a goatee. Wonder if they are allowed to eat the photograph of their king, it might be that the cake maker will end up in the dungeon. I wonder if the poor will this time get a piece of the cake? What auction?
  7. thx for the reply. I still got his email and have contacted him. Regarding OP: A good read is: The Origins and Early Development of Shi'a Islam by S. H. M. Jafri. Is not really about Zaydism but has an excellent chapter about early Shia movements. Another book to not would be: Early Shi'i Thought by Arzina R. Lalani Again, not really about Zaydism but early Shi'ism There are other books out there which I don't have at hand like Heinz Halm's Shi'ism. Any history books on yemen will have plenty of information on Zaydiyyah. Many Orientalist works on the early Ismailis and the establishm
  8. Salam Alaykum, What is Mac doing, I haven't been on the site for some time but remember many interesting threads he contributed to. What is he up to and where can I get hold of him.
  9. Do you think once you start killing Muslims for the sake of Zionism you are still going to care about an idha period? The sad thing is that there are Muslims on the outside who still believie that these guys are the Mujahideen of Islam. They have as well a huge problem in Syria of women and girls being raped by rebel fighters, to the extend that Syrias UN envoy raised the issue in the UNSC. Houses are being invaded, women captured and raped. And then they say this is good because the rebel fighters protect their slave girls. Thinking about these guys makes me sick. I hope the US will provi
  10. Al-Kaafi contains many fabrications. Most Shia believe that the Qur'an is 100% complete in the form in which we have it nowadays. But if you look at Sunni narrations (in the Sahih compilations) they mention as well missing ayats and missing surats. As you can see, both of these branches of Islam (sunni traditionist and 12er shia) have these fabrications (about missing chapters, verses and other textual distortions) included in their main hadith collections. We should stop being to self rightous and only because one group has certain sayings transmitted in their books, does not mean that they
  11. I heard 12ers say that some people will come back to this live in non-human form. They seem to have another opinion to you and seem to think that the sould migrates to another body.
  12. A very short definitions would be: Somebody who believes in the Qur'an. (As believe in Allah, the Angels, the Books, the Prophets, the obligations of a Muslim, the prohibitions, etc. ... are all included in the Qur'an) So somebody who unconditionally accepts the Qur'an as the truth, and implements this into his life is a Muslim. (words & deeds with right intention).
  13. May Allah reward you, I appreciate your feedback brother.
  14. I hope you stay strong bro. Sounds like a realy though situation. Allah knows what you hide in your chest (your true belief in that case). What you reveal and what you conceal. Be patient when Allah tests you. And allways be grateful for the blessing He has bestowed upon you. Another tipp, learn arabic instead of farsi, it is more important for your deen and maybee they will help you so you properly understand their proofs (that shia are wrong). Just make the best out of the situation, I know when you feel like there is a weight on your chest, because you just got this lover of umar in y
  15. calling on anybody but Allah for help is shirk (associating with Allah) in Al Fatiha we say: "iyaka nasta'in". A different matter is asking Allah something like: "Oh Allah I ask you by the Angels who are close to you and your righteous servants" or "Oh Allah unite me with my friends for the sake of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain" At least you are speaking to Allah, you are not making dua to somebody or something else. But you ask Allah by something else (like Angels, etc.). This form appears quite often in Shia Duas, I don't think I have seen an equivalent in sunni duas. Alway
  16. Sunnis take the hadith of following the stars (... are like the stars which ever one of them you follow you will be rightly guided) to be the companions (at large) whilst shias take it to be the Ahl ul Bayt (as). It just becomes a matter of who is better, the companions at large with all their differnces in opinions and quarrels ammongst each other or the Ahl ul Bayt (as) with the exclusion of anybody else from the quraish or ansar. Obviously taking the Ahl ul Bayt is going to give you a straight way without all these differences of opinions and differences in ijtihad and in ray and (local
  17. I think one thing we need to understand is one of the major reasons for sholars and sholarly works to up up at 300AH + is that innovation (bidah) was so wide spread that the Islam practised by the people was (already then) in a real state of a mess. To many fabrications were in circulation and there was a constant arguing about the correct rulings. (to be honest one of these problems were resolved). I've got a bit of a bleak view on all of this and just hope that Allah really sends somebody to cut down all the lies and establish the truth. It must be done by the sword and with an iron fist, th
  18. I have heard a lot of rubbish coming from the men on the pulpit. I actually couldn't take it anymore and stopped attending any community events. The most devient part of all of this is that they know what they are relating is very weak, questionable sometimes borderline kufr or even beyond, and still they do it with such a deception that you think it is something accepted by everybody out there. It makes me sick. What did the Imam's say about the non Shias who teach their students lies about the Prophet? Anyway even if you take 1 speaker and look at the whole of his talks you will find so many
  19. The version of the Daim available on this site is in Hindi. I have got a copy of the Daim (in English translated by Poonawala) an electronic version would enable much quicker searches and reference checks. I would even pay for it if it was available as an ebook somewhere.
  20. I fully agree with you. Still an interesting book, especially for references.
  21. Where can i find the electronic copy of the Daim al Islam in English?
  22. Why don't you people if you don't know something just say: "Allah knows best"? Why are you guessing about the shirt of prophet Yusuf (as) and the command to prostrate to Adam (as)? The problem is the much you claim you have... you haven't got an Imam in your time, whome you could as about matters like this, you haven't had an Imam for the last 1100 years +. So what's all that is left is 1100 + years of guessing, together with the rest of the Muslims. Let me make a guess, we should take comfort in the ayats of the Quran where Allah said that he will reward the people of the book according to th
  23. I have a question about the Tombs and graves you Dawoodis like to visit and build. In your own traditions it says that the Prophet (sawa) send out Imam Ali (as) with an order to destroy all idols and raised graves in the Arabian Peninsular. (Daim al Islam) How then can you build rased graves and tombs and use them as places of worship (as far as I remember this is as well forbidden in your own tradition) I think your Dai renegades on your own beliefs. I think prvious Dais did not do anything like this that is why it is difficult for you to locate their graves.
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