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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. For sure. Now many Shias of Europe work for secret agencies. So don't be surprised if your shia neighbour works for MI-6. Even some of our scholars are working for USA's and Europe's secret agencies, and it's not surprising. Do you want some names ?
  2. I am not the FUNNY guy in this story, but FUNNY is our understanding and interpretation of ISLAM. :angel: From Sunni FUNNY ISLAM I came to a SHIA FUNNY ISLAM ! It's so FUNNY !
  3. Give up ! You are not enough competent. Just trying to fend !
  4. Good one ! I enjoyed reading your reply because you haven't been able to bring a correct answer. :!!!: So it seems that Ayatullahs are SHIRK MAKERS.
  5. Associating anyone with Imam Mahdi (as) is shirk! How someone can take the place of Imam Mahdi (as) without being nominated by him ? (Any Hadith) :squeez: I have some iranian friends who told me, that Ayatullah Khameinei was appointed by Ayatullah Khumaini through Imam Mahdi (as), who came in his dream and said to him the name of the person who will succeed him. It's fantastic, I think ! How a person could see Imam Mahdi (as) physically or in dreams ? (Any Hadith) :squeez:
  6. December 31 2007 :!!!: lol There is no Dajjal-Bajjal, Dajjal is me, you, and everybody Dajjal is a myth.
  7. :yaali: :wub: :wub: :P Finally someone who understood why I posted this topic and why I named it HUMAN TOURCH - FANTASTIC FOUR. Any differences ? NO. :( For your acknowledgement, I am member of the Red Cressent. So I often travel around the World to help poor people. :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:
  8. Calm Down Bro. Explain me what is islamic in this video or related to the shia faith ? I say nothing.
  9. :!!!: I listen to Shia Latom and (Nasheed with music) every day. Even on the Iranian TV you can listen some kind of music. Fatwas of this Ayatullah are so shocking. O My God. :wacko:
  10. lol I am speaking about the Kaaba not what the Saudi build but what Ibrahim was ordered by Allah :!!!: to build the Shrine for worship. Shame on you because you have lied. What I have to do with Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Aisha, Muawiyah, Yazid. I have 12 Imams (as). It's enough for me.
  11. How dare you to compare the Kaaba, House of our Creator, to these shrines made by human and who were ordered to built by other human. Shame on you. Makes no sense because nor our Imams (as) nor the Prophet (pbuh) taught us to built these shrines. It's just a Majusi tradition to built shrine on the grave of people who were important in their eyes. As far as I know, after the death of the Prophet (pbuh) Imam Ali (as) never ordered to built a big golden shrine over his grave. Again a fairy tale on people sacrificing them to pay a visit to these shrines ! Maybe those shias who consider that Kerbala and Najaf are more HOLY than Mecca and Madina invented this history. I don't believe in this. It's not a part of my faith. Sorry.
  12. Proof testifying that Imam Hassan and Imam Husain used to go for Ziyarat at their family members graves, like we do currently ? For example, Imam Hassan (as) or Imam Husain paid a visit (ziyarat) to their Father's grave Imam Ali (as) in Najaf frequently ? Or other family members ? In our time, Ziyarat is more like a touristic trip, and you know Iran and Iraq and Syria are doing so much money from the foreign currency that we spend there. So don't be in trouble if the SCHOLARS of Iran, Iraq, Syria exhort you (or ask you) expressly to go (or to come) there for Ziyarat. In our time, Ziyarat is a BIG BUSINESS INDUSTRY ! Iran = 30 millions tourists per year Syria = 5 millions tourists per year Iraq = 10 millions tourists per year LONG LIFE to ZIYARAT of the Ahlul Bayt (as) for making so much money :yaali:
  13. Do you have a single authentic hadith in which it's written how to pray from the beginning to the end ? I say there is no such hadith in our book. I am not a Quranite, of course.
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