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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu alaikum I read it. It's been years ago but I found it pretty interesting. One of the books I read before I became muslim. What did you find upsetting about it?
  2. assalamualaikum There are not alot of Christians in Qom. Obviously she would be living in Qom and no, non muslims don't like Iran very much as a whole.
  3. assalamu alaikum What you do is ihtiyart the prayer to yourself and move when they move. If you can't use a torbat, then you put a piece of paper up in your hijab on your forhead of palm the torbat. (People will notice if your palming a torbat. OR you can even get one of those prayer rugs that are made of straw or have straw matting or a small square of straw matting at the top sewen in it. Leave your hands to the sides. Malikis can pray with their hands to their sides. If someone asks you can just say that Malikis are allowed to pray with their hands to their side.
  4. assalamu alaikum What your suposssed to do is not create a situation where you end up pushing off marriage on purpose to the point your ruining any chances of marriage. If the community you live in has alot of 24 year old women who haven't married and women can marry later, it's OK to put it off. Other way to look at it is if you live somewhere where 24 is considered an old maid and it is the norm to marry at 18 or 16 then you should marry. I would suggest that you at least talk to who may be proposing. You never know, someone real good may show up and change your mind.
  5. assalamu alaikum You know, you could point out that all four caliphs were converts to Islam.
  6. assalamu alaikum IS this what we are reduced to now? The pluckers and the nonpluckers? NO wonder muslims are getting attacked so much. assalamu alaikum UMMMMMM that would be a no plucker zone.
  7. assalamu alaikum Yeah, that really works well, making comments like that when your way out numbered. (Sarcasim obviously.) assalamu alaikum It's makru for a man to salam a woman out of respect for hijab if they are on the street. It isn't up to the man to decide it's OK to have contact, it is up to the woman.
  8. assalamu alaikum sigh. Well, I guess it's a little better then being asked if your muslim when they can see your doing your wudu. (happened to me and I wear hijab too.)I get so tired of this sort of thing. I think one of the most ridicuous things anyone said was when my husband and I were leaving the U.S. to go on Hajj and one of the other Hajjis in the car told my husband that he should get me a book about Islam so I could learn about it.
  9. assalamu alaikum It isn't a good idea, no, but is has been done. Assalamu alaikum Have we been reduced to reading the Palmer tranlation of the Quran now? This is a muslim site. And uh, well, Bukhari isn't exactly the hadith source of preference here.
  10. assalamu alaikum Don't know about that, but teenagers will take the photos with their cell phones and put them on their blogs. Assalamu alaikum The flag of alligence used to have a movment in it just like the Nazi thing too. They removed it because of that connotation later. Assalamu alaikum OH by the way, how many also do that when they go on ziyarat when they can't get close to the ziree? Give me a break. If Iran isn't the respresentitive of Shias, well point out something that is better as a representative.
  11. Assalamu alaikum Carmelien ( comes in different colors) white Quartz and tourquise.
  12. assalamu alaikum I thought people were asking about quite unsocial women from the post, but looking it seems they are speaking about men. I married a quiet unsocial momin. He isn't shy, just quiet. Something wrong with quiet people? Do people really need to be entertained 24 hours a day? Nothing wrong with a quiet guy. assalamu alaikum I think being alittle unsocial is way better than a social idiot that can't show up for his job.
  13. [ Years ago, women used to enter through Baab-e-Jibraeel but now they don't do that any more, depriving women of even doing ziyarah of where the room area of Bibi Fatima (sa) is. (I guess not that much deprived, since men don't get to see much either now even while sitting beside it and praying; they have made a small wall there now). I remember once long time ago, when the area used to be a bit more open, a lot of the Shias used to quitely sit beside the wall of that area to try and look inside but you' will be surprised to hear that the Wahabi mutawas inside there would not even let you LOOK
  14. assalamu alaikum You mean the issue is if a seyed woman who wears mini skirts can find a pious seyed husband from the asian community. Maybe not. since not to many pious men want their wives not to wear hijab much less be in mini skirts in public.
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