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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam)' :D May Allah send his Blessings Upon Muhammed (pbuh) and His Holy Family and His Companions interesting topic.. just wanted to make 2 points. regarding praying at graves firstly the Holy Quran States regarding the Earth. 'And We created the earth as a Graveyard' Wa ja'alna-alarda mihaada. so this determines the whole earth is a graveyard *So does this mean we dont pray? also the most sanctified place to pray the Holy Kaba (Masjidul Harram) is a grave yard for many Prophets of Bani Israel (as) they are buried at the point where the small wall is just before the Holy Kaba so the whole world prays towards guided saints/Anbiyaa' (Prophets) now does this make our praying a shirk? or are these arguements just baseless and have no real proof behind them real proof/Discriminator (Furqaan) being the Holy Quran. because whenever Shia and Sunni have a refute they can only come to a compromise with the Holy Book. also the most sanctified place to pray in Masjidul nabawi is right before the Grave of prophet Muhammed (SAW) it is also perimitered off with a little metalic barrier/haa'il. like-wise "Masjidul Harram" 'is just within the Perimiter of Maqame Ibrahim (as) and to the small wall (the graves) "it is the most Rewardable place to pray in the world" by this we can conclude praying towards a grave is not Harram because The Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) all the Companions (ra) and the Imams (as) and millions of Muslims everyday pray towards these graves. overall the earth is our mother and she is our grave. can we not pray in our grave? as regards to intercession Ayatul Kursi is the proof. mon dhalladhi yashfa'u illa be idne hi. and Who is it that will intercede save by His permission. *Allah Has given Permission to certain beings to Intercede. *Who are they????? *Call unto Allah by the Beautiful names... the Asmaa'ul Husna Beautiful names of Allah, His beautiful examples. Muhammed, Ali, Fatima etc Best in faith Morals and excellences of Mankind. the Truthful ones who never had any doubts and never left the Truth. all the aimma (Imams) (as) are martyrs and are alive having Sustenance from their Lord. hope this clarifies some of the issues. Wa salam and iltemase Dua.. May all your Duas and Ramadhan be accepted.. with love nad Duas.. :wub: Brother Sarfraz
  2. man u need to watch more of the masterpiece ronaldhinio watch how many goals and defences the man just toys with and his goals r spectacular and creative is only a 8 letter word u cant limit his skills 2 that :P He might play alongside Henry next season.. :Hijabi: Who knows?? Save He (qas) we will c b4 the world cup!
  3. lol is he out of bed yet?? or has he got a jarne arne pay Rise :D haha biggest joke i heard in a long time :P :P
  4. (salam) been a long time this thread in reply to the post just wanted to say was i said dont be just defensive u have to be aggressive 2 or else ur on the deck.... and a war cry is an ancient art maybe ur familiar with Bruce Lee's sounds... what do u think he was doing??? its just a way of scaring opponents, its another way of calling help, and it makes oneself more confident i.e getting it all together (composure) and there r many other benifits if we tried to reflect upon it... take care with luv and duas brother Sarfraz :D
  5. BAHLOOL PROVES THE THREE FACTS Abu Hanifa was once teaching Islamic beliefs to his students. He was arguing and challenging the validity of some of the statements which had been proclaimed by Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (a) Bahlool happened to be present as well. Abu Hanifa proclaimed that he could not agree with the three understated statements as made by the Imam. The first one was that "Allah can never be seen." According to Abu Hanifa it was impossible for a thing to exist and yet be invisible! The second things that the Imam had stated was that "Satan (devil) will be thrown in the inferno of Hell which will scorch him bitterly." Abu Hanifa argued: "How was it possible for fire to hurt 'fire', the fact that Satan was created from fire itself!" The third statement of the Imam was that "Man alone is responsible for his actions and Allah - the most powerful - has nothing to do with his actions." "How is it possible, when Allah alone guides the destiny of man without Whose will nothing can happen?" This was Abu Hanifa's third challenge. As soon as the speaker, Abu Hanifa, had made these three criticisms, Bahlool got up, took a piece of brick and aiming at Hanifa, let it go and cracked Abu Hanifa head. Bahlool was caught and taken before the Caliph for punishment. In his defence, he pleaded that he had done nothing else except reply to the three criticisms which Abu Hanifa had made against the Imam. The Caliph asked him to explain as to how and why he chose to reply by hitting and injuring Abu Hanifa. Bahlool said, "This man claims that if God is there, then he must be seen. He is now complaining of pain in his head due to the brick having hurt him. If the pain is definitely there, can he show me where it is? Well! just as pain can be there without being seen Allah also exists without being seen." "Secondly, he says that fire cannot burn fire. It is a fact that man is made out of clay and this brick with which I hit his head is also made out of clay, if clay can inflict pain and hurt clay, why can't fire do the same to fire?" "The third thing he says is that man is not responsible for his own actions but Allah does all things. If this is so, then why does he want justice from you and why does he want me to be punished for hurting him? He might as well transfer the punishment to Allah Who, according to him - is responsible for all the actions of man!" Everyone in the court was stunned at this and Abu Hanifa was dumb founded - having nothing to say. So Bahlool was released without any punishment. Thus, while some Muslim sects believe that Allah can be seen, perhaps on the Day of Judgement, the Shia Muslims say that Allah is the creator of everything; He was not created and as such he has no body like us that can be seen. If we can still believe in unseen things like air, electricity and human soul, why can't we believe in the unseen God? If we are responsible for our actions and are to be punished or rewarded accordingly, then it is only fair and just that Allan should not manipulate or compel us to do things but leave us alone to act the way we see it fit, and be answerable for those actions ourselves. (salam)
  6. (salam) thanx akhy but already got Blessed Saint Mary in English, and Ashabe kahf in urdu..... the films good but i thought the dubbing in English was a little bit poor.... we need more islamic films in english and any1 ever seen an islamic cartoon??? wa salaam fi amaanillah
  7. (salam) Zidane is 1 of my all time faves but at the moment plays like a sack of spuds Adriano is a Bacha (baby) lots 2 learn Ronaldhinio might have teeth like a can Opener but his footballing skills r awesome especially that banana free kick vs Chelsea last seansons Champions league... But my fave goal was by Zidane after good o'l Heskey fouled him in the last world cup and He took out england was so refreshing all those lager louts were not singing anymore.. new song 4 the world cup It's not coming Home......... 3 lions on my vest......... :D this list was current players not gr8s like Van Basten, Maradonna, Pele etc anyways keep it up....... (salam)
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon...... Alas Sayyid Ali has left this worldly abode...... (qas) But his spirit still lives with us.... and His mission still continues........ May Allah give us all thousands of brothers like Brother Ali... a gr8 Role model and one who this gr8 website is gr8ly indebted 2... Lets take a moment to reflect......... Brother Ali We are all with You.......... please recite Surah Al-Fateha ~(Ummul Kitab) For Brother Ali and all the Momineen who have left us... Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen You Are Al-Qaim and always have been... Imam Ali (as) Said : You Never realise the value of Something till it is Lost/ or the oppertunity has passed. Let Us strive to be remembered for the good things we do too like Brother Ali.. (salam)
  9. (salam) I think Lamps cus u would hav 2b a really big playa to be big at the allstar chelsea he is by far the most consistant player out of the premier league... I think Gez is stronger on the ball and is more of a driving player full of energy but not always consistant :D
  10. :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: (salam) that was WA WA WA VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :P :D
  11. (salam) Who Do You think is Better Red or Blue?? HeHe wa salam :D
  12. (salam) Ronaldo nah I think Ever since he broke his legs He never got back to what he was... I think Ronaldhinio is the most creative midfielder in the world and he scores goals Spectacular and He can run rings round Ronaldo :P although I think Highly of Henry He is my next pick :D
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin (pbuh) wa ala aalehe athaar Hope and pray all r well.......... Was just wandering if we could collate all our info together and find out what r the best Islamic films available and where to get em from??? films i want r imam Ali Series in english or english subs all the Imam Series's made in english anyone know the home site noor something??? best movies come to my Mind Safeer e Hussain The Message Lion Of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar) Empire of Islam thats a poor selection only 4 movies help Guys!!!!!!!!!
  14. (bismillah) may Allah send his Blessings upon muhammed (pbuh) Birmingham is by far not the best place... Qum in Iran is the best... it is the Heart of Shia Learning right now and has been for quite a few years now... I live in Birmingham But studied in London Birmingham has a large asian community and mixture but so does London bur Birmingham is cheaper, but Lifestyle in London is better wa salaam
  15. (salam) ok peeps who do u vote for??? Nuff said wa salam
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