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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^^^ BRRRRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP You do know the first one is RZA from WU TANG RIGHT ????????????? THATS MY WU TANG CLAN RIGHT THERE!!! RZA IS THAT DUDE IN MY AVATAR Did Achozen release an album? I know they had a project goin, but don't know if it was completed Anyways am feelin this [edited out]
  2. Wow.......the language used ..........subhanallah that's why you will always be a wannabe feminist. Masha'Allah though!!! Brotha I don't mean to be rude, but I'm anticipating any moment somebody will say "PROVE IT THEN!!!" ..NOT ME THOUGH i didn't say it !!! not me!!! Anyways somebody said 'SHE WILL GET HER PUNISHMENT IN HER GRAVE' yeah because we won't get punished in our graves because we're better than everyone else. MDM was right let her lead her life why should we even care and nobody even cared about her shia'ness till it was pointed out. BE LIKE WATER MY FRIEND
  3. ^^ That's real I know there is a lot of [Edited Out] out there, but what we tend to do is categorise all hip hop into one box. I saw a comment the other day by someone saying "CAN'T WE DO THINGS IN PRAISE OF AHLUL BAYT WITHOUT THEM BEING RAP" like what the hell is that sposed to mean you nerd?!?!?! Rap is rhythm and poetry. Poetry was invented by the arabs if I'm correct....the Quran is in poetic form. Just because people don't do it looking geeky and adapt to the times and speak the language of the current age, certain Muslims or even shias don't like it. The fact is a guy with a si
  4. That was deeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for sharing and reminding us
  5. For God's sake what the hell is it with all these cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????? And please don't bring in the imam ali and syeda fatimah evidence. Is the world so small ????????????????????????????????? Well yeah I guess it is but in a different context, physically though it's huge!!!!! There are millions of people out there but you wanna marry your cousin!!!! Don't get me wrong I'm not against those who mutually wanna marry each other..........ah I DUNNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'and have made you nations and tribes that you may get to know
  6. It looks cheap to those who have ordered the whole menu because in their heads they have enough Banni Ummayah tendancys going on. I'm sorry if your Iraqi face has sat there ordered 4 sheeshas and 3 large pots of mint tea whilst all I had was a can of Pepsi and 2 puffs from your sheesha ...I am not contributing 20 pounds whilst you sit there and look at me as if I have just insulted your mother when the man is askin for an extra £60 an you can't cough up ................ That's why if you do go out to dinner...then only go out with people who you would love to pay for yourself. I don't do that
  7. OI SHOULDN'T THIS TOPIC BE IN THE SISTERS FORUM ?????????????????????????????? Them lot have more issues with their moustaches than dudes
  8. Yeah brova seriously don't even move here! It's not a place you would want to settle down. I mean yeah come here visit the weatherspoons and go down Oxford street, but moving here because you've heard the shia community is like really amazing....Hell no !!!! But so many people are obsessed with coming to London because they think it's all Passion Fruit an cream wid a lickal bit of dumplin .....But it's not! The shia community is mash up...they all have ulterior motives !! You don't know what mans are on these days, on some scandalous banni ummayah tactics a gwarn. I can't say too much becaus
  9. Salam, If there are any actions you are doing that you feel may be taking you away from the initial then you need to eradicate them from your life. These whispers are not shaytaan they're probably your nafs trying to get the better of you. Dont give into them though because everything is ultimately in the hands of the creator ........if you fear for your families safety, then give sadaqa every morning as the 6th Imam (a.s.) says it prevents 72 calamities....the more you ignore those whispers the more chance of them disappearing, cuz if you let them overpower you then you will become a slave t
  11. Playing jokes on people = Pranking
  12. ^ yes but you classed HIP HOP OR OFFENSIVE LYRICS in the same line. Why did you have to write HIP HOP, it's because you think all of us black people who listen to hip hop only listen to the kind with offensive lyrics. Why didn't you say HEAVY METAL OR OFFENSIVE LYRICS or POP DIVAS WHO ENCOURAGE WOMEN TO DRESS LIKE [Edited out] OR OFFENSIVE LYRICS.......no you had to say Hip Hop .......and to make it worse you are trying to justify it. If you bothered to listen to any enlightening hip hop you wouldn't be assuming that..................the ummah needs to wake up and stop generalising us people
  13. I don't see why not .........but she'd be doing herself a great injustice
  14. I would feel like it's time to let go of her....cuz she let go of herself
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