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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ that...happens everywhere... :angel: maybe you should start a new topic about this...
  2. i dont understand, why do you think a temporary marriage can't be for the perfect match? do you really think this whole idea about mutah is solely for temporary enjoyment? i'm sorry, but i think you are narrowing the term. look, i think mutah can be a good idea for those who have intention to get into permanent marriage. i mean before you decide to get into permanent marriage you need to know each other first. so instead of commiting zina, you'd better do mutah (and s-x is not necessarily included). moreover, for single with child(ren) the necessity to do it (mutah for future permanent relatio
  3. no, i dont think that kid in the "kid's crying for bibi fathimah" is muhammad hussain thathabai. MH thabatai has a bigger eyes (which is really cute). and he must be a teenagers by now, 17 YO maybe. but i heard so many kids in iran today who can do the same thing as MH tabathabai did. subhanallah.
  4. you are a very unique sunni...no, seriously... i've personally never met sunnii who believes prophet Muhammad is infalible. but i think there are various kind of sunni. good start. you'll figure sooner or later, inshaallah.
  5. right now, pen. but when imam comes, and it's his order to fight phisically then guns. and of course if you are personally being attacked phisically, defend yourself with whatever you have.
  6. [sarcasm]...some sayeds apparently feel that way...[/sarcasm]
  7. haydar - tiger kazim - able to restrain the anger so, how bout...haydar kazim... (a tiger who is able to restrain his anger :huh: )
  8. jus friend from my opinion is... one who never try in any way to get intimate with me. maybe all i know about him is his name and any general information about him (information that everybody else knows). precautious is the best.
  9. no, i believe it's not gonna be his own fault. his parents however play part as to how this circumstance could take place in the first place.
  10. i didnt vote since the option i have in mind isnt included.
  11. his perfect consciousness of his position as a creature of his god, and subsequently act like one. btw, just my thought.
  12. when the haram music and dance concert are about to start, just go to the bathroom. dont forget to bring magazine or book or anything that might comfort you there. when the haram part is done, you can go outside and continue participating the other grad thing.
  13. have this boy (who wants to get married to avoid zina) to tell his parents that if he wasnt permitted by his parents, would they bear the sin he might make someday? if that doesnt work, well yeah...like previous replies...men dont need anyone's permition to get married.
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