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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks for the reply, but i can't help but notice that this method contradicts the quran. btw i like your footer Ok so we give the women her share then we divide the rest. this also doesn't make sense because Allah swt doesn't specify an order in saying that there is an order why wold the fractions come in. these fractions are meant to apply as a whole.
  2. Salam, Please refer to the inheritence verse of surat al Nisa (Verse 11 onwards). Please apply this scenario to it: Father dead. Mother (wife) alive. Father has: Daughter 1 Daughter 2 Daughter 3 Grandfather & Grandmother still alive (His parents) Based on the above verses, i got the following results. Father dead. Mother (wife) alive. GETS 1/8 Father has: Daughter 1 Daughter 2 Daughter 3 DAUGHTERS GET 2/3 ALL TOGETHER (NOT EACH) Grandfather & Grandmother still alive (His parents) - GET 1/6 EACH WHICH IS 2/6 WHICH IS 1/3 ................. NOW THE WIFE GETS 1/8 THE DAUGTHERS GET 2/3 AND
  3. So we have established that it is not najis but should be avoided. Unless anyone know otherwise. Now: What do the marajeh mean by blood that gushes forth? & Say it goes on your clothes how do u purify it (assuming it is makrooh). WOW: African grey! i want one. but its out of my budget. How much did you pay for it.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, So does that me it is Tahir (pak) BUT it is makrouh. What does Ayat(ha) mean by it should be avoided? I am assuming its ayat sistani (ha). Also does a parrot's blood (bird) gush forth? On another point: 3shiqat al batool wat type of parrot do u have? W
  5. Salams all, i'm getting a parrot, was wondering if their sh** is najis. If so how do you make it tahir if it goes on your clothes for eg?. btw they only each vegie food and seeds With salams n duas ahmad
  6. Ahmad Jafar


    Salams Does anyone know of a pocket size quran that has both arabic and an english translation. I want it to be a shia translator with no commentary. Need to take it to work. Am open for purchases online. Salams Ahmad
  7. Divine Justice by Ayat Murtada Mutahari - Got towarn you though its very technical and your english should be very good. I had to stop reading as it was hard for me to follow. With Salams Ahmad
  8. ^ok i did miss it. now i am really going to bed will continue later.
  9. "forced" was not what i was implying. More her duty. I agree sorry. No more person attacks from me even if I am provoked. I will dig up some material on the role/duty of women and get back. We need to clear this once and for all. May I just ask that when seyyeda Zahra (as) said she would take care of the internal stuff and imam Ali (as) external isnt that an indication of something. I agree with sheik Jihad now that it shoud be on agreement but isn't this also a lesson. but for now im going to bed.
  10. Thank you. Its about time someone said something. Is this the general thought among scholars. You can learn something from splzo Cary. Oh [Edited Out] i said i would forget about it. Sorry Cary couldn't resist the stroke.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I have decided to forget about her. And thanks for getting everyone back on track. May i add you are opening up yourself for slander from the feminists
  12. The akhlaq of her inlaws has nothing to do with the role of women. It is a bit harsh but non the less true. Sis i'm telling ya get away from your inlaws house.
  13. from all that, thats all you understood. See what i mean by negativity, instead of helping the sister you post things that satisfy your ego, that make you feel that you have won the debate or something. It gives you a sense of achievement doen't it? I feel sorry for your sister. shway??? your generalizing and the way u accuse people is amazing. You know the zionists can use u in their campaigns. Would be good money in these economic conditions. Im not going to even bother replying.
  14. Very true. I was more on the idea ofyour second para. Happy driving. Too much of an expensive hobby for me.
  15. I did by giving this social issue a dull and technical flavour. Which is evident in this reply of yours. Islam governs every aspect of human life whether social, political, spiritual etc. Islam no doubt has an answer for this Especially an answer for the role of women. This was my initial question before your started making assumptions and being dry. I can't recall where i said to quote certain hadiths like you have labelled here, again making assumptions of what i require. What I meant is what our scholars see as the role of women after analysing quran and hadith. And sister you should open
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