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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He won the gold medal in Commonwealth games not Olympics
  2. The chief after Mushaf Ali Was Syed Qaiser Hussain who i think is also shia
  3. There should be a large number of shias in the Pakistani armed forces. Only then will the shias be in the mainstream of pakistani society. Can anyone tell me how many Chiefs of PAF [pakistan air force] have been shia?
  4. Sarcasm? I think Hasan raza who is a lesser known cricketer is a shia. and there is Ali naqvi
  5. who are the well-known shia sportsmen in Pakistan? there are no shias in the Pakistani cricket team or are there? I think Sohail Abbas of Field hockey is a shia? zaheer abbas was the most well-known shia cricketer
  6. Can any indian answer this? This kind of mob violence in pakistan against shias-sunnis or mohajirs,punjabis or whatever is unimaginable in Pakistan.
  7. PAKISTAN MURDABAD. ur right afghanistan is a backward country thanks to 20+ years of war and ur damn paki and arab brothers bringing their fanatical cultures and ideas...death to afghanistan should it ever become paki-ized by ur najas culture, language, and zaad.... Even if pakistan, russia, iran or the outside world didn't intervene. you afghanistanis would still be fighting each other like barbarians. It's part of your backward culture. and stop hating Pakistan. you are biting the hand that provides you wheat and feeds you. tell your 3 million afghani begger refugess to go back to afghanis
  8. Zain! I cannot believe this, I clicked on this site and this is what I have found I didn't read the article, because I don't need to read this bakwas, and you claimed this is a non-indian source. I don't know either you are not using your mind these days or you are pretending to be so dumb , but you are really starting to annoy me. Well atleast you gave me the chance to look at another cute and adoring picture of Quaid-e-Azam, I was very happy to see it, Thankyou :) (salam) Acha meri amma, we indians are liars. What about this non-indian source? http://www.mayerdak.com/saunion.htm it
  9. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD [Note from moderator: Please cut the racist BS?]
  10. How the communal divide is etched in stone, bricks and mortar Violence in 72 hours follows the city’s architecture under which Hindus and Muslims accept to live separate and unequal AHMEDABAD, MARCH 2: Ehsan Jafri, the former Congress MP who was charred to death with his wife and five relatives, perhaps got one thing right and another wrong. Like most Muslims and Hindus in this city, he chose to live in a housing complex where all his neighbours shared his religion—the Gulbarg Society in Chamanpura. The mistake was that Chamanpura is a Hindu area. So when the mob came calling, Jafri
  11. I never knew that zia-ul-haq went as far as declare shias a non-muslim minority?? There were no killings of shias during the time of Zia even though the Govt was anti-shia. the killings started after 1995
  12. Year 2000 December 30: TJP leader shot dead, wife injured in Karachi December 16: DSP Lahore Tariq Kamboh and his driver were gunned down December 04: Human rights activist & Former PPP MPA, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah shot in Rawalpindi December 02: Dr. Nayyar Hussain gunned down in Orangi Town November 24: TJP Secretary-General Anwar Ali Akhunzada shot dead in Peshawar October 31: Dr. Altaf Husain killed in Orangi Town October 30:Dr. Karamat Ali shot dead in Orangi Town June 27:Four Lashkar-e-Jhangvi activists arrested in Karachi for killing Dr Adib-ul-Hasan Rizvi &
  13. Year 2001 November 15:Karachi A Shia industrialist, Syed Hasan Abidi shot dead. October 28:Bahawalpur 15 Christian worshipers and a Muslims guard were killed at St. Dominic's Church by Wahabis. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, a Sipah e Sahaba terrorist was arrested on November 01 in connection to the church massacre October 10:KARACHI: Sindh Board of Technical Education Chairman Syed Hassan Zaidi gunned down October 09:KARACHI: College principal Syed Gul Imam Shah shot dead October 04:KARACHI: 7 Shia Muslims were killed and 6 injured when Sipah e Sahaba terrorists opened fire at worshippers a
  14. Year 2002 November 01:Lahore Capt Syed Imran Zaidi (retired), a 45 year-old doctor, was shot dead at his clinic on Wazeer Ali Road by a Wahabi terrorist September 30:Charsada Agha Danish Alvi, a teacher at a government primary school, was shot dead by Wahabi terrorists inside the school premises. August 10:Texila Three nurses were killed and 25 people were injured when Wahabis threw grenades on a chapel in the Taxila Christian Hospital August 09:Quetta Brigadier Bartar Hussain Naqvi critically injured by Wahabi terrorists. August 05:Murree Six people were killed when Wahabi milita
  15. Year 2003 October 03:Karachi 6 Shia Muslim employees of SPARCO killed and 7 others injured by Wahabi terrorists. August 16:Karachi Syed Wajeeh Haider, A 75 year old shopkeeper, shot dead by Wahabi mullahs in his shop. August 16:Karachi Dr. Ibn-e-Hassan, 45, was shot dead by Wahabi mullahs near his clinic. July 05:Renala Khord Catholic priest Father George Ibrahim was gunned down at his home by Wahabi mullahs. July 04:Quetta 50 Shia Muslims were killed and 65 others injured when Wahabi terrorists carried out a suicide attack at a mosque during Friday prayers in Quetta. June 08:Quet
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