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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brent, re-read my posts. I was speaking about the hypocrisy of "Logic". I agree with the fatwa of Sistani in this matter.
  2. You mean like the list of ten Salafees that the topic starter failed to link with Salafism (or some with Islam) and by thus destroyed the whole point of the thread? The only convenient thing about the thread is the incompetence of the topic starter... and you for that matter. Go find me something else to respond to.
  3. Macisaac, the issue is not about this hadith being authentic or not, but it is about the view of Al-Qummi. I am making a point that not everyone that believes that Abu Talib died a kaffir is necessarily a Nasibi, since it seems that some of your own scholars hold this view. Were you aware of this by the way or is this news to you? I think that it is important that your people should learn such a thing since their attitude usually gets out of hand because of issues like these.
  4. Well, since finishing G.U. I've been running around trying to find a single person I know who has finished this thing. Other than random boards and the dothackers website, there is nobody out there. =) I hear that //Link might get announced this TGS btw.
  5. Actually, I would like to say I'm flattered that you'd think that I'm well versed on those subjects, but I'm really just a beginner. I've been a Salafi for a year and a half to two years and I'm not really that hardcore either. Well, if you would like to expose my "phony cheap act" then I suggest that you do so in another thread dedicated to me being two-faced. If you are unable to do this, then I would like you to take that back and admit that it was your bias that caused you to accuse me of such a thing.
  6. So belonging to a school of thought makes me fair game for insults? It seems as though you would rather look at me as a minion of evil than a lost individual. You appear to do this for no other reason than to dehumanize your "foes".
  7. What?! I thought I was the only person alive that was in love with the .hack series. xD
  8. I never thought that I'd see the day in which Brent corrects a brother. =p Good job dude. *Thumbs up*
  9. Haq and Baatil have nothing to do with manners. This is the issue with many here on these forums. They think this is a game and would rather insult their opponent instead of having a sincere discussion. It is needless to say that many of your brethren have issues with that type of attitude. ...and thanks for the kind words ShiaSoldier.
  10. Well, as you've pointed out, they interpret their own hadiths differently. Once one looks at the big picture of Sunni hadiths, nothing really points at Imamah or anything like that. Yes, there are a few hadiths that can be used in that sense, however, they are not enough to justify a conversion to Shiasm. So, their love for Ahlul Bayt was different than your love for Ahlul Bayt. The issue isn't as black and white as many want to think, which is that they were evil people that recorded these hadiths while knowingly chose to go against them. That line of thinking is just preposterous. I'm glad that you look at it as an issue of interpretation anyhow. It is a lot more objective than some of the other responses I expect to see here, like the following: I believe that the only person to have a position with the government was Imam Al-Shafi'i. I'm not aware of the rest having one. Al-Bukhari was known for avoiding the government (The Biography of Imam Bukhaaree) and so was Imam Ahmad, who once condemned a teacher of his for offering him a governmental position. (Oqd Al-La'ali' wal Zabarjad) Oh, and Imam Ahmad was dirt poor. His fatwas had nothing to do with gaining material desires.
  11. How does not accepting the ismah of someone translate to being a nasibi? Do you even know what the word means?
  12. ^ Kadhim, you don't seem to be aware that brother Mohammad was talking about the real Shias. Scroll up to the first post.
  13. Interesting. Sounds very similar to the case with Ash'aris using our hadith books in order to establish their math-hab. *sighs* Frustrating, isn't it? I've been in this situation for over a month or so with isnad-less arguments. I'm grateful that you are showing some concern now that the tables have turned.
  14. Is this a fact, or did you thoroughly research all sources that bring up this hadith? I'm sure that the correct math-hab wouldn't come up with an assumption like this to justify their whole religion. I think they are owed some credit. Assuming that there is no isnad sounds unjust.
  15. Yup. He wasn't perfect, nor was he sinless, but he was on the right path.
  16. Interesting. Mashallah, you've done your homework akhi. So, is this an issue of naskh al tilawah? I hear that many twelvers have an issue of this. I'm not sure about the Ismaili point of view though. I don't think they have issues with something so clear. I could be mistaken though. Perhaps, brother Mohammad can shed some light on this matter. Yes, I agree. However, it seems that many twelvers disagree with this unfortunately. May Allah guide us all.
  17. I think it depends on what you mean by "our". There are tons of Shi'ites out there that accept this narration. No, no, no, this will not do at all.
  18. Interesting. Well, if this is the case, then I think that these should be in the Jokes Section and not Sunni/Shi'ite Dialog, since this sort of thing will offend Sunnis. I have a few jokes myself, but they are sometimes very tasteless, and I wouldn't want to disrespect anyone with anything like that.
  19. ...and I pray that you are raised with your Imam Al-Hussain (raa) on the day of judgment and enter heaven.
  20. You have failed to establish that brother Mohammad is a Nasibi. Does quoting an anti-Mut'ah hadith make one a Nasibi? That is the first issue. The second one is that I think that you are underestimating the brother, since I think it wouldn't make sense for someone to quote a site called ISMAILI.NET without knowing that they are Ismailis. =/ Jazak Allah khair for your sincerity brother. I do agree that they do have narrations that condemn Mut'ah and others that show that it is permissible. The issue here is finding out which view is the correct one. From Bab Ikhtilaf Al-Hadith in Al-Kafi, we find this narration: ÃÍãÏ Èä ÅÏÑíÓ¡ Úä ãÍãÏ Èä ÚÈÏÇáÌÈÇÑ¡ Úä ÇáÍÓä Èä Úáí¡ Úä ËÚáÈÉ Èä ãíãæä¡ Úä ÒÑÇÑÉ Èä ÃÚíä¡ Úä ÃÈí ÌÚÝÑ Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã ÞÇá: ÓÃáÊå Úä ãÓÃáÉ ÝÃÌÇÈäí Ëã ÌÇÁ å ÑÌá ÝÓÃáå ÚäåÇ ÝÃÌÇÈå ÈÎáÇÝ ãÇ ÃÌÇÈäí¡ Ëã ÌÇÁ ÑÌá ÂÎÑ ÝÃÌÇÈå ÈÎáÇÝ ãÇ ÃÌÇÈäí æÃÌÇÈ ÕÇÍÈí¡ ÝáãÇ ÎÑÌ ÇáÑÌáÇä ÞáÊ: íÇ ÇÈä ÑÓæá Çááå ÑÌáÇä ãä Çåá ÇáÚÑÇÞ ãä ÔíÚÊßã ÞÏãÇ íÓÃáÇä ÝÃÌÈÊ ßá æÇÍÏ ãäåãÇ ÈÛíÑ ãÇ ÃÌÈÊ Èå ÕÇÍÈå¿ ÝÞÇá: íÇ ÒÑÇÑÉ ! Åä åÐÇ ÎíÑ áäÇ æÃÈÞì áäÇ æáßä æáæ ÇÌÊãÚÊã Úáì ÃãÑ æÇÍÏ áÕÏÞßã ÇáäÇÓ ÚáíäÇ æáßÇä ÃÞá áÈÞÇÆäÇ æÈÞÇÆßã. So basically, Abi Ja'afar was caught giving three different answers to people from his sect and says that this is for the benefit of his sect and they wouldn't survive if they didn't do things in this manner. Al-Majlisi says: "Muwathaq kal Saheeh!" So once again, we face the problem of figuring out which fatwa is the correct one. As I have said earlier in post #3, I believe that desires play a major role in choosing what is halal and what is haram, which is why mut'ah is so... halal.
  21. Mansab has been away lately it seems. Would you like to debate ayat al mawaddah in the Thinker's Discourse? It shows. You will notice that I am annoyed at your view. I think it is very important to realize that matters are a lot grayer than they seem. Of course, you are a lot less guilty of this than many of your brethren here, that feel that most of the Sahaba were reincarnations of Satan.
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