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  1. The problems you have listed are not caused by the model. The model’s physique as far as body weight and muscle percentage is concerned is actually the way how normal healthy people are supposed to be (more or less). Secondly, as far as his or her beauty is concerned, what is the harm necessarily? God is praised through his or her beauty so long as he or she isn’t dressing profanely.
  2. I don't think my point really has been understood by you well enough. I am not talking about a difference between someone who merely talks about something versus someone who actually does it (for it would then be a discussion which would be at a purely exoteric level - a discussion which we are all too familiar with). I believe what I have been referring to is more refined or more subtle than that and it may not be too easy to grasp or catch it. In order to "follow" wilayah one's heart needs to be activated (either formally or informally) by the wali of God who spiritually connected to the Imams and finally to the Prophet (S). In Sufism/ Irfan this is called "the initiation" or "al-bay'a". The wali of God transmits wilayah into the heart of one he initiates or to the one who is receptive to it. This is not a belief or a doctrine....it is just real. Whatever I am talking about here transcends the divide between Shiaism and Sunnism (or, if I can say, it can be found in both Shiaism and Sunnism). Do not be surprised that among the elite of the Shias (the ulema, the allamahs), you will find them benefitting from, learning from, and acknowledging wilayah in certain Sunnis who are urafa. This may not happen publicly, because they simply have to happen in dreams or on the barzakhi plane.
  3. Every child like to thinks he is the best or the most special one out there until he grows up only to realize (after intelligence starts to shimmer some light into him) how self-centered and arrogant that viewpoint is.
  4. Mashallah, May God protect both these mosques inshallah. The Cambridge mosque is a true feat because first and foremost it is ECO-Friendly, and secondly the architects designed it in such a way that they applied the “Principles” of Islamic Architecture in a modern-western context- using eco-friendly material. The one spearheading this mosque-project is non other than the esteemed and well renown professor at Cambrigde: Timothy Winters (aka Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad). Masjid Al-Hay is currently in a major predicament because it was made in such a way that the mosque is now very expensive to maintain. The community doesn’t have sufficient money to run the mosque properly (or one wonders how long it can be sustained financially). It was a marvelous achievement, intentions of the one(s) who donated it are commendable.
  5. You are becoming dogmatic about something which is really meant to be a matter of the heart. You may be surprisisd to find out (allahu alam) that one may not talk about wialayah at all and still be more of a follower of the wilayah of Ali (عليه السلام) than someone like you.
  6. I don’t think anyone would “refuse” the wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام). But what does it mean to “accept” the wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام)? You have your understanding of what it means to “accept” the wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), I have mine, but if you ask an Arif like Tabattabai, one wonders what he probably would understand by it from his innermost heart (and what it’s full implications were). Whatever it is... it must be something profound. Allahu Alam! The point I am making is that “accepting wilayah” is an affair of the heart and each person is at a different level in his or her heart’s understanding of the true meaning of wilayah... and there is “very little” that can be done to make this inward affair (esoteric) an outward affair (exoteric). Now to make something outward(exoteric) is to first of all name or label it, then to make it into a theology, and finally to become dogmatic about it.
  7. I tend to see the matter like this as well in certain situations when it is more benenficial to strip away the titles. Sometimes if you are in a crowd of mature and spiritually refined people however, mentioning that you are Shia or Sunni will not be a problem at all. You might say, what is the benefit? Because it is part of your background and where you come from (or something practically relevant, like the kind of fiqh you follow).
  8. There is temperamental diversity in each school as you mentioned... it would be analogous to the complimentary pairs of yin and yang where you will find some yin in the yang and some yang in the yin. I believe the author of this article may be able to answer your question regarding what the two schools represent as far as human dispositions are concerned. http://www.studiesincomparativereligion.com/public/articles/seeds_of_a_divergence-by_frithjof_schuon.aspx
  9. Salam, Indeed, everything is willed by God, “the Good” and “the Evil” (albeit indirectly). I wasn’t really trying to give evidence for why both Shiaism and Sunnism are two orthodox and valid branches of Islam, I didn’t really state a sufficient reason why they are both valid— one thing for sure is that the analogy between Vatican or the Dajjal with Sunni Islam (not that you were explicitly trying make that analogy) is inappropriate because Shiasm still considers Sunnis within “the folds of Islam” unlike ,for example, Bahaism, Ahmedis, or Rashad Khalifa supporters.
  10. I couldn’t have said it better than Dr.... Seyyed Hossein Nasr himself: start reading Chapter 6. http://traditionalhikma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Ideals-and-Realities-of-Islam.pdf I would recommend reading the entir books. It is one of those essentials reads. Thanks Ethereal
  11. Salam, “Unity” with respect to what? United in our titles? We can be disunited in everything else and yet be united in titles. I believe that the way Shia (and I include not only 12vers, but also Ismailism and Zaydism) Sunni Islam has crystallized over the years and has formed into two unique branches of Islam each with their own heritages and traditions is because it was divinely planned to be so. It was in the destiny of Islam (the Message of Muhammad (S))that it would be so. Each branch is meant to accommodate for a certain kind of human temperament or disposition. I recommend reading Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s Essay on this as he has an interesting way of balancing all this out.
  12. Salam, I have a BA in world religions and wrote a thesis comparing Buddhism and Islam.... and according to me what you are saying about Buddhism is very far from the truth. It is as absurd and ignorant as those ignorant non-Muslims who think Muslims worship a black cube in the middle of a desert. But then again, this is what my knowledge of Buddhism says, maybe you know more?
  13. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck, it IS a duck. Same apppies to pork meat. Why would you call it pork then? in other words, the essence is what matters here. The essence of pork.
  14. What evidence is there that Muhammad (S) is the final messenger of God? It is “your faith/ your knowledge”of him, his message and of his miracle(s) isn’t it? Can anyone see that faith? it is like asking, “what evidence is there of God?” Answer: God Himself is the evidence for the one who has faith in Him and who knows Him. Buddhism itself is its evidence for the one that truly knows about Buddhism and its wise and noble teachings.
  15. I am 10000 % sure that it cannot be otherwise.
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