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  1. I never said we should be without beliefs. So everything else you said is irrelevant.
  2. Certitude (not as a thought or as an idea) but of "BEING certain", certitude in and as Being itself. Is Being itself an axiom, a principle? No.
  3. Salamun Alaykum, If I were you, I would just hang a lot around people who also like that and who you would consider to be more advanced in those areas. You should do this at all costs. Like, even consider moving to another state, another country (if you have to). This is perhaps the most valuable thing you could or would do for yourself. I am an Agnostic only because I don't take my beliefs all too seriously. But I am a Muslim. Ethereal
  4. but that statement was not of a belief, nor an axiom or principle or whatever.
  5. Why do you want to be a sincere practicing Muslim? Why not just leave? Is it because you are afraid of a Hell that might exist? Or is it because you feel that by being a sincere Muslim you will feel more fulfilled ? Or maybe it is a combination of the two above? 1) If you are fearful of a Hell (that might exist), that is because you have some faith (iman) in scripture / Quran (God’s revelation). (Know that this is a good sign) 2) If you think that being sincere in your practices will enable you to live a fulfilling life, then this is also true, but also know that you cannot “want to have a spiritually fulfilling life”. It is something that you have to discover rather than something you have to want. You need to inquire what is it about a spiritual life that will make you fulfilled? Try to pin point the exact thing about it that you feel will make you fulfilled. And then (whatever it is), try to find it in your experience / life in whatever it is that you do from moment to moment. A essence of a spiritually fulfilled life is that one is content with their situation and their circumstance (as God has willed it). Contentment or gratefulness is not the same same complacency.
  6. I answered your question squarely! I am not sure what you mean by I am not giving an actual response. It is something you experience, even if not with the senses. There are thoughts, emotions and sensations that can be experienced. Not everything is a sensory kind of experience. I am not saying love is an emotion by the way. But it is certainly something that is experienced. Yes, so what if I am bias. I have a reason for why I am biased. I am biased because god is not a practical belief to have. What makes me believe in something is its practicality. All beliefs are false at the end of the day. Because a belief is nothing but that! belief is nothing but "a belief"! But we need beliefs to function in the world. I gave a couple of example of what I mean. Like love is a very practical thing. My memories are a very practical thing. I rely on believing on these thing to get me through the day! But belief in god, is useless. The only way I can think of it being useful is because is if it somehow gives you a sense comfort in this unknown universe that we live in. It is useful to you if you feel comforted by believing that someone is always there to listen to you (to be your mom or your dad). I didn't say that God doesn't exists nor did I say that God exists. I said belief in a God is useless for me. That is just your belief. I believe I wont TURN into dust. I believe the body will TURN to dust, but not me. And no, I don't have the useless belief of me being a soul or a spirit or some other imaginary entity. I do not believe I am a body. I do not believe I am a mind. I don't have any positive beliefs about who I am. I just believe in what I am not. I am not this, and I am not that. This is why I am an Atheist / Agnostic. You are are losing your precious life by believing in useless things. Believe in things that have use! You have to give up your useless beliefs. But if they are useful to you, then fine. I don't blame you. Quite honestly, I don't believe that I am IN the world for the world can very well be IN ME. The world may cease, I don't believe I will cease.
  7. children would not have been possible with Adam and Steve. lol
  8. So God is "part" of the causal chain. Creation = effect, God = cause. Cause (God) +Effect (Creation) = Causal Chain. I negated the first principle. That there is no actual causal chain. Prove there is causality. just prove it. No proof. I am making a serious case here. I am not trying to waste anyone's time.
  9. Your application of this is wrong. This statement is not meant for us to start judging specific individuals. Do Sunnis see Muawiyyah as despising and hating the AHlul Bayt (عليه السلام)? We can judge that action, you can't go further than that. You are also adding in a lot of your own interpretation, like Muawiyyah intended to appoint "a fasiq". No, how do you know that is what Muawiyyah intended? That his intention was he wants "a fasiq" to be the next leader? First tell me of this narrative by traditional Sunni accounts. But is it in accordance with the Sunni Narrative that Muawiyyah "hates Imam Ai (as)"? I don'ts peak urdu or farsi. sorry.
  10. So causality is applied even to the creator? Before you said it is not applied to God now it is? Do you see your inconsistency? I am just telling you that you are inconsistent. If you want to point out even more inconsistencies then be my guest. You are just shooting yourself in the foot. Is God the Cause? Yes or no? If Yes, then Causality applies to God! And Causality applies to God, then God is relative to the rest of the so called “causal chain”. You are trying to prove something that is indescribable. What or who are you trying to prove? The Indescribable! Furthermore what is it about It Or what about Him or Her or whatever, are you trying to prove? You are attempting to prove something Indescribable about The Indescribable. This is getting even more absurd isn’t it? That He, She It or God or whatever exists? right? But does God exist? What does it even mean to exist? Isn’t existence relative to nonexistence? point being is that it is a futile attempt to even attempt to prove God’s “existence”. think of it like this, whatever you are trying or attempting to prove, is, BY YOUR OWN STANDARDS, not that which you are trying to PROVE because what you are trying to PROVE is beyond concept (it is indescribable). So whatever you have in mind, IS NOT GOD. So all this is all just a completely useless exercise.
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