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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so in the scenario of the child, the curiosity the child has of the flame is "pleasurable", and because it is pleasurable he goes towards it, until he he actually gets burnt. Once he gets burnt and feels the pain, he immediately pulls his hands away from it (because now he feels displeasure). Is worshipping God something done out of such pleasure and obeying his prohibitions done out of avoiding immediate pain? (obviously not right...?) The "nafs" is what finds something as either pleasurable or displeasurable, as likable or dislikable. The nafs is either attached or averse to somethi
  2. I was always an Atheist at heart. (but let us not digress this thread with personal matters).
  3. Yes, we all would like to accept that. But why is it we still do wrong right now? I can speak for myself. And I don't think I am alone! RIGHT? We would all be saints right now if we do everything good because it is pleasurable to do good, and we avoid bad because it is not pleasurable. So if we were living a virtual HELL wherein everything goes wrong then we have good reason to not be thankful and not worship God. right?
  4. So, most Muslims are saying "Yes, we would worship God nonetheless) even though they are reluctant to admit that they don't worship God all the time in our real life circumstances. What makes them think they would worship God when they have everything they want whenever they want? I heard some Muslims here say that it is even more reason to worship God if everything goes well. So according to them, let us say, if nothing AT ALL goes well, would they then have a good reason not worship God?
  5. Yes, but let us say He tells you I wont take it away EVER. If there is one thing you MUST believe it is that He wont take it away ever. uhmm, maybe there is a way God can allow one to act out without harming others...like a video game. So, let us say there is a serial killer that loves to kill people, well HE will be placed in a virtual reality that appears to be real to him alone, wherein he can kill as many people as he wants (without ACTUALLY killing ANYONE or hurting ANYONE).
  6. I am an Atheist that loves the Prophet (S) apparently.
  7. So, in 24hrs, how often do you follow God’s commandment to remember Him a lot (while standing, sitting, laying down etc).? Are you like a 100% or are you at least above 50%? because you are describing yourself as a saint.
  8. Why wouldn’t there be a good or bad... there are still commandments in that situation. Right?
  9. Well, before we digress...first give me the percentage please. “Show me the money!”
  10. Instead of asking why is Islam the Truth, ask why is the Truth Islamic?
  11. this is by far a very good answer. Mashallah. You are a Truth Seeker. very rare. Ma'rifa is your path brother.
  12. prove to me you are not psychotic for saying a god exists.
  13. Is it really that hard to admit I aM a pathetic loser that is completely selfish and self-centered and if I am allowed to do anything I want and given whatever I want, whenever I want I will not give a hoot about God or religion? I guess I am the only one?
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