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  1. eThErEaL

    Men with One Testicle

    Maybe she and her family needs to be checked by psychotherapist....? my suggestion is to find someone who would be more compassionate than making you go through an completely unnecessay and potentially dangerous procedure. Shame on her and her family. masalama
  2. This statement of yours only does disservice to Shiasm because it demonstrates a profound lack of understanding with respect to tawhid. It is an insult to Shiaism and to it’s extremely rich heritage of m’arifa.
  3. eThErEaL

    Bad Thoughts.

    Salam, what you resist will persist. So, you are taking responsibility for such supposedly “vulgar thoughts”, because you believe they are “your” thoughts, and perhaps you believe they are your thoughts because you think you have control over them like how you have control over the movement of your hands and legs. If you have control over your thoughts then you should be able to stop thinking. If you have control over your hands and legs you should be able to completely stop using your hands and legs. But notice that you cannot control yourself to stop! If you cannot NOT do anything then perhaps you aren’t In control of what you DO (because if you can do, you should be able to not do). This is not to say that because you have no control over your sins or your good deeds you should go on committing sins and be careless about doing good. This is because by committing the sins you would simply be instilling your false sense of control. The point, rather, of this observation (regarding your false sense of control) is to understand who you are and what you are not. It is to understand that your sense of control over your thoughts and over your actions is in fact an ignorance, a kind of misidentification of yourself as a “doer”. This misidentification or this ignorance is the ego/nafs itself.
  4. It means that the existence of creation is apparently real and not, in fact, real. It doesn’t say that there is no such thing as a creation. It is simply a more refined way of expressing the nature of God and the world. There is nothing that different about what Khomeini is saying — the language sounds “mystical” and “esoteric” and “lofty”, but all of what he is saying is just standard stuff that any Traditional Muslim should at the very least be familiar with. The truth he is talking about, namely God’s Absolute Being and His Absolute Oneness is actually very very very ordinary (more ordinary than the air you breath. It is so ordinary that because of its “extreme ordinariness” it can sound extra-ordinary. But what if you were told that there is nothing special about such a knowledge. All of what Khomeini wrote is actually the most simple to understand and the most easiest know so much so that it requires absolutely ZERO effort?
  5. Then, inshallah, you will come to know that whatever IS (whatever has being) is God.
  6. Yes. Everything you said is correct. Every Muslim (every human being) has a different capacity for understanding his Lord. The Hadith of the Prophet (S) says: “Whoso knoweth his self, knoweth his Lord.” what does this mean to you?
  7. eThErEaL

    Addicted to my sexual desires

    Telephone helpline for masterbation?
  8. eThErEaL

    My faith is diminishing.

    You are judging yourself and taking yourself a way too seriously. You don’t have to fight anything! If there are whispers just let the whispers whisper (after all, do you have scontrol over it?). Everything that appears is a creation of God. Everything is perfectly as it ought to be. The only thing you ought to do is to accept what God is doing to you and for you. You don’t need to “do” anything about it or change anything about the situation you are in.. all you have to do is accept your accept by simply being grateful to Him for what He has put you in. Whether your mind/ego judges the situation to be “bad” or “good”, the fact of the matter is that the situation is neither good nor bad, it is simple beyond this duality... it is pure peace and bliss and happiness. It is God and God alone. God is showing himself to you in the current situation but your mind veils God through judging the situation. When you judge you isolate, distinguish, and limit. When you judge you veil yourself from Him. Lift the veil by simply surrendering your judgements about everything (including yourself, God, the world). Simply free yourself from the shackles of your thoughts and go beyond your the thoughts. God is everywhere and He is with you wherever you are. No need to go anywhere or do anything. He is already Here (the question is, are you here as well?)
  9. eThErEaL

    Addicted to my sexual desires

    It isn’t a matter of logic. This is not mathematics or philosophy. We are dealing with a person’s psyche (we should show some compassion towards him). And a psyche needs to be explained meticulously for it to be helped. Someone psychologically mature need to be able to help him by first and foremost trying to understand what underlies his actions. Your statements are immature. And I am sorry that I need to say this but they are.
  10. eThErEaL

    Addicted to my sexual desires

    “A local community counseling service for masterbation”? which Shia Muslim community are you from? if this young man is saying that this vice has effected him so badly that he has even stopped performing his daily prayers are you going to tell him to Stop asking for help here? He might be very uncomfortable asking for help in a community that knows him personally. I personally would be uncomfortable, I can speak for myself. Also, maybe one of us has a better idea of how to help than those from his community. And if he leaves his prayer because one of you has condescendingly told him to keep his sins to himself, then maybe God will hold you responsible for him on the day of resurrection.
  11. eThErEaL

    Addicted to my sexual desires

    Firstly, this person is not revealing his true identity. Secondly, he has no where else to go to ask for help. You want to shut that only avenue he may have?
  12. eThErEaL

    Addicted to my sexual desires

    Most of your sadness is due to the fact that the image you have/had of your self (I.e. some saint that is somehow worthy of God's love) is slowly but surely turning out to be untrue and a mere fantasy. You should, in fact, thank God that you are now learning that you are not who you think you are/were. But instead of thanking God... you don't feel like praying? Shouldn't you pray to God even more? Because He loves you and is showing you mercy despite being a shameless sinner. But you don't think He is mercifully loving to you right? You don't think He loves you because you feel unworthy. Well, the fact of the matter is that no one is worthy of His love and no one will ever be worthy of His love. His loving mercy is unconditional, and if you realize this you wouldn't be feeling sad and miserable. Rather, you would be filled with confidence in Him, and happiness and love for Him. This whole show is not about you (that false image you have of yourself). It is only about God. It is His show alone.
  13. eThErEaL

    Paradise for all monotheists

    You are correct! It is as simple as that. The one who is a Muwahhid knows best that human efforts are not what makes people enter paradise. They know very well that paradise IS the fragrance of the bliss, happiness and peace from recognizing the Absolute Oneness of God Himself.
  14. eThErEaL


    Ever heard of the expression: “Fatima ummu Abeeha”? it means that Seyyida Fatima (عليه السلام) is the mother of her father.
  15. Creed is constructed my man, not God (and this can be useful but can sometimes be an obstacle)