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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is increasing. But at the rate of? Snails also move... But what at what rate? Snail speed vs Ferrari speed. 160 mill of the world population vs 1.44 bill. and this is 160 million who are all types of Shias (not just twelver Shias). But let us just include for sake of argument. Let us put this in perspective: Sunnis: 1,440,000,000 (look at all those extra digits) Shias: 160,000,000 So, like I said.. the stats DO speak for themselves. i am not making fun of Shiaism. I am just making fun of Shias who overestimate themselves. Lol
  2. So you want to speak of logic huh? You think you are being logical by saying: that because the majority of a certain country is X religion therefore the whole world should adhere to religion X! Good, keep showing off your good logical skills. Lol Says the person who appears to be a master in logic.
  3. You beat me to it. I however am of the perspective that the philosophical answer belongs to the person who is of lower intellectual capacity. ibn Arabi explains that there actually are realities such as the camel passing through the eye of the needle without either of them changing size, that are possible.
  4. Neither is a fabrication. Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli explains that the Imam gave both answers to two different people. One is for the person who is too rational in thinking, and the other is for one who is a more of the imaginative kind. The Imam speaks to everyone taking into consideration the individuals capacity, his or her strength and weakness. He speaks only what the person, will benefit from not aimlessly and uselessly to show off his knowledge.
  5. Exactly. Arbitrary. It doesn’t exclude the possibility of infinite Big Bangs (multiverses).
  6. Basically these questions are more introspective (I am sorry, interrogative!!!), in a nut shell, it is basically saying: “JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? HUH?” We act and behave as if there is no Fundamental Reality to our existence, as if there is nothing beyond us. Hence the question: “did we (as individuals, persons or things) create ourselves out of nothing?” Not only do we act and behave as if there is nothing beyond us but we also act and behave as if we are all there is, or as if we are the Fundamental Reality ourselves. Hence the question:, “Or did you create yourselves?”. Not only do we delude ourselves into feeling that: a) nothing is beyond ourselves, b) we are the ultimate but also we act and behave as if A c) we as individuals and persons are the Source and Fundamental Reality upon which everything else depends. hence the question: “Or did you create the Heavens and the Earth”? by the way the verses continue to interrogate. It gets very interesting: And we act and behave as if we KNOW IT ALL (like we know the source of our provision or that we have the source of God’s provision in ourselves) when in fact we clearly do not! We actually think and behave as if we are self-sufficient! When in fact we can’t control ANYTHING (and yet we so often feel like we we are in control). Hence the Quran says: “or do they have the depositories of their Lord or do they think they are in control?”. The verses continue to interrogate us: ”wait a minute, so on top of all this, you think you have a free pass to Heaven”? You actually think you are sef-entitled to go to Heaven?” Hence: “or do they have a stairway to Heaven?” How many Muslims believe they are going to be saved by merely professing they are “Muslim”? The interrogation keep going on and on. it is like God dissing us and putting us in our place.
  7. @AmirioTheMuzzy Objectively, what is there to disagree with? I am not criticizing Shiaism. Just putting things in their place. Is it really believable that All those pious and devout Sunnis and the plethora of Sunni urafa... who outnumber all the pious Shias and Shia urafa... are somehow in error and mistaken and following the path of darkness? The only way I can make sense of all this is to say, Sunni Islam is the Gold Standard Main Highway that was always destined to be the path for the vast majority of Muslims. Shiaism however is destined for a small minority of Human (that constitute not more than a mere 3% of the world population). Just think about the proportions. Therefore at best it is a road to be taken on the side (an alternative option that could be effective for some individuals with certain temperaments). The stats speak for themselves.
  8. That book is a bit on the extreme side for today (with all due respect to the author). His book may have had relevance and perhaps still does, but not to the vast majority of Shia Muslims living in the West. In any case... Are certain Muslims not mushrik? What about those "wahabis" who believe God has a physical face with physical hands and a physical throne? But more deeper than this... Are any of us true Muwahids?
  9. When you say "I like the Sunni Tashahhud", is this your personal liking? If so, then you should stick with the Jaferi Madhhab. But if you feel convinced that the Sunni Tashhaud is the way the Prophet Muhammad (S) prayed and you want to follow him (S), then you should definitely do the Sunni Tashhahud! If you don't feel convinced about it but "you just like it", then you really shouldn;t follow your personal whims (hawaa) in these matters, you should follow God's Messenger.
  10. He is being rather silly. But on a more serious note, the fact that Sunni Islam has always been the majority is beyond a shadow of a doubt, a sign of its orthodoxy. One can say, well, what about Christians? Most Christians (with all due respect) are not really religious in the true sense of the term. Being a Christian in name is not really being a Christian (even Christians will tell you this). Let us compare apples with apples. We are comparing religious devout Shias and religious devout Sunnis. Let us go further and compare not just devout and pious Shias and pious Sunnis, but urafa Shias and urafa Sunnis (and the latter by far exceed the former). This is a sign of Sunni orthodoxy. Am I implying that Shiaism is not orthodox? No! But Sunni Islam is the main road, or the highway (if you will), and Shia Islam is like the side-road (the alternative inner-off roads). Sometimes the inner roads can be more effective for some individuals, but no matter what, the highway remains the highway!
  11. Everybody (Sunnis and Shias, and all scholars worth their salt) agree, including Dr. Sekalashfar, that the universe is a creation and is therefore "created". Nobody disagrees that the universe was created from nothing, but it is in how one understands this statement. "Nothingness" is not a material that God would create something from it. "Nothingness" is not a material cause. To say that "God creates out of nothing" is to say that God doesn't create from something else, like how, if we were to create a chair, we would create a chair from wood (which is a thing). So, if the creation doesn't come from some thing, this doesn't mean it comes from nothingness, but rather this means that comes from God Himself (this is what it means from the creation to be a manifestation of God). We come back to the analogies we have been mentioning over and over again. The creation in relation to God is not like that of a building in relation to the builder. The creation in relation to God is like dream images in relation to the Dreamer. The dream images appear only by the Dreamer, in the Dreamer, with Dreamer, and through the Dreamer. The creation is God's Dream (as many Mystics have poetically described, such as Ibn Arabi (may God sanctify his spirit))
  12. Salam! Kufr has precisely two opposite terms: 1) Shukr. (Gratefulness) 2) Iman. (Faith) The reason why “kufr” has these two opposites is because it can be used in two different ways. A) it is used to express ingratitude, and B) it can also mean “Concealing of or covering up the Truth”. etymologically, kufr is related to the word Farmer because the farmer covers seeds with soil.
  13. No one makes an association knowingly. Associations are made out of ignorance. Ignorance (or false knowing, sometimes mistaken for knowing) is the root of all this. Real knowing is the antidote. Yes you can say that. But even the "belief" in God is a kind of association. All beliefs are in some way or another, an association. Because God is not an object at all. And so to believe in God is to make God an object of belief. It is to to regard God as "other" (I am speaking at a very practical level, about what is really going on when one "believes" in God). Haqqul Yaqeen is the highest level of certitude where the one who has certitude is not separate from That which he is certain of. There is no "object" of belief or object of certitude because the one who is certain IS NOT OTHER than what would otherwise be considered "an object" of certitude. The knower and known are united... or as the hadith Qudsi states: "I am the eyes by which he sees, the hands by which he grasps...etc etc"
  14. precisely. The formula of tawhid is: Laa ilaha illa Llah The literal translation is: There is no god if (in) not (la) God. This statement is about first of all a discernment between God (Real) and god (false). In order to witness the Real, you must first see the false as false.
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