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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dude, not every Muslim has to look and act like a Taleban caricature.
  2. For people who debate about which is the true religion, all arguments aside, the spectacle of humanity circling the plain simple cube, Kaaba, in plain white seamless pieces of cloth wrapped around, chanting their unconditional submission to the Almighty, mixing equally- with no regard to national, ethnic, economic or even gender segregation- is a case manifest enough to prove that Islam, and only Islam, is it.
  3. Thankfully, the rest of the world, outside the Euro-American Axis of Stupidity is clued up enough to know who is 'evil' and who is not. China will do business with Iran ofcourse. Thank the stupid Americans for handing Iran on a platter to Russia and China. No competition! American companies lose. No wonder their economy is screwed.
  4. Click to Watch an Anti Islam Rant: Misinformation and Flawed Logic
  5. (bismillah) Interesting clip, I think. Just plain refutation, in simple terms of the sterotypical cast of a Muslim as projected by the mass media. A little rough towards the end, but an interesting piece of work, nevertheless.
  6. I have seen many a non revert Muslima wear tons of makeup and lipstick while wearing hijab. Besides, this girl's understanding of Islam, I presume is vastly influenced at this early stage by the direction she receives from her university friends and flatmates. Who knows how well they understand Islam in the first place. The first port of call is usually Sunni version. The luckier ones and the more intelligent ones explore further and find their way to the refreshing truth of the Shia. All depends upon how the Beneficient Almighty Guides them. I guess the humble and sincere are shown the way,
  7. The man is being himself. I give him credit for being understanding and sensible about it all. So is the mother.
  8. Click to watch Rachel Ford- a British teenage girl- reverting to Islam and her family coming to terms with it
  9. Who is immature here? The woman or the man? Besides, the 'LOLs' here are seriously not funny. Divorce is a detestable thing. It mocks the institition of marriage. Marriage is the basis on which a family, a society, a community, a nation and humanity is built upon. Regardless of the generation gap between the couple, the divorce here was brought about by the woman's 'demand' that she have a house 'as security' within hours after marriage. The 60 year old was wise enough to know that she was deceitful, manipulative and trouble.
  10. That is a very profound piece of conviction on display. You speak as if you have tens of years of experience on the issue. Or as if you reflect a sum total of experiences of those who have treaded that path already.
  11. With Iran gaining the nuclear enrichment capability milestone soon, the Zionist population of the Occupied Palestine would more than likely be reduced to levels which will hardly show on any demographic radar. Thanks to the 2006 Hizbollah IDF conflict, the residents of the hitherto untouchable 'promised land' know very well that the 'deterrent' is now history. That no missile defense system the Zionists possess is good enough to save them from the wrath on an enraged missile attack capable army intent on making the illicit state of Israel extinct. With the belligerence that they demonstrate fr
  12. We live in times when the good are considered evil and the evil are considered good. The trustworthy are considered devious and the devious considered trustworthy. The truthful are considered liars and liars are considered truthful. The honorable affable likable uncontroversial Sheikh who is impressive in his demeanor, speech and conduct is seen as a threat because he has impressed many an agnostic and Christian into seeing the light of guidance in Islam. He has not uttered any inflammable words the media can use against Islam. Such exemplary behavior is considered a threat to the 'national se
  13. I suspect the above is potentially true. Syria is in the sights, after Iraq. It would logistically be possible for the Zionist American war machine to grind Stria from both sides. If Syria can have a regime change favorable to their interests, the growing Shia Cresent will have been hampered.
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