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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. when he is strong enough to tolerate a girl... :shaytan:
  2. ãä ÇÒ ÊáæیÒیæä ÏیÏã. æáی ی˜ÈÇÑ åã ÇÒ Çیä áیä˜ ÏÇäáæÏ ˜ÑÏã æ ÏیÏã. ممنون بابت لینک
  3. iran is such a unique place, you can only find people like this here in Iran. i'm really proud of myself to be iranian. Isreal should know by assasinating Iranian Scientists cannot stop iran from being what it should be and what it deserves. Iran is the land of Hemat, Zeinodin, Sayad, Bagheri ....
  4. æÇی ÝæÞ ÇáÚÇÏå ÈæÏÔ ÎæÔ Èå ÍÇá ÂÑãیÊÇ æÇÓå ÂÞÇ ÈÇÏã Òãیäی åã ÂæÑÏ
  5. @ shadow of light i totally agree there's nothing good in justifying what americans did in Iraq. it's like out of the pan into the fire situation. everyday killing and bombing is the gift of Americans to Iraqi people. let alone other hideous crimes they committed there.
  6. خیلی تاثیر گذار بودش. آدم از خودش خجالت می کشه
  7. congrats bro. i remember once i was reading another story of converts. he was strongly impressed by Peshawar nights. another influential contemporary figure i already know is Tijani from Tunisia.
  8. don't u think that this is ridiculous to gather a great number of people returning from Haj to say that Ali (as) is my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! the prophet (pbuh) was above this; to ask people wait for those who have not arrived yet, and call for those who have passed to return. in a very hot day!!!!! is this logical? even christian and lewd believe in Savior. i can't understand why some resist this.
  9. unfortunately the majority of resources i've researchered are in farsi. so i cannot shre them here.
  10. due to some research i did recently i found that dajjal could be of un-human anture. since it may be anything that opposes the whole goodness with the leadership of Imam Mahdi (atf). some recent researchers believe that the campaign of Evil and free masons have a symbol. that symbol could be dajjal representing the Evil. the all -seeing-eye could be the symbol for dajjal. http://loveforlife.com.au/files/AllSeeingEye.jpg
  11. really sad to hear that from u, cause iranian people are famous for being hospitabale to strangers (especially girls... :dry: just kidding), but believe me it's not any comparable to other countries. i mean the people are not that racist as they are in london, or in US or even in Sweden. i had bad experiences living abroad both a muslim and as an iranian. they call us terrorist on no grounds and humiliate us for supporting hizbullah or hamas or whatever. they say u dont have the right to be here. firstly, harrassment is problem that exist every where and i think in some european capitals it is worse than here. secondly this problem is not limited to foreign girls, some iranian girls have been the victim of harrassment, molesting or abusing. consider this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics
  12. besmillah we'll i belive it depends massively on the context of the society ur living in. in some countries u actually do not need to convince the girl's parents u dont even need to ask for permission. it some socities parents are more picky and strict in some other they're not. but i believe there arent so mcuh work u need to do in advance, be clean and keep urself away from everything that contaminates ur soul. be straight toward God and prove urself to urself first, ask urself if i'm ready. if i'm capable of defeating every hardship coming up.
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