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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thats more like it thank you. Now what your saying has logic. Its built in. I can understand this. Not the athiest version cause there is no logic in this. Evolution makes FAR more sense when their is a creator who guides it. They wont kill their own but ive always been taught that evolution is about passing on their gene and beating the rival genes. However now your saying thats not always the case but sometimes animals will let other cubs survive WHEN THEY CLEARLY HAVE THE CHANCE TO PASS ON THEIR GENE. lol. Im never meant this. They wont eat their own kind ofcourse they'll kill it. However more cheetahs means less food for the cheetah. Lions kill other big cats and male cheetah groups will kill and destroy any male cheetah in their sights. So why is it different with cubs! Since its not theres and they have a great chance to pass on their gene instead? Hardly this is not twisted this is the evolution ive been taught and is being taught in schools, colleges and unis in the UK. Theory wise it makes sense if the Cheetah kills the cubs to pass on their genes. Infact ive read papers by scientists or observe Cheetahs in the wild and have written on how unusual this is. So your saying its perfectly normal but they are saying its unusual. :unsure: Well when the Cheetah is on heat it NEEDS sex very badly. Yet a perfect chance to kill rival cubs which means a perfect chance to release this tension and to top it off a perfect chance to pass on their gene. Yet when the Male Cheetah sees a female is not in season due to having cubs they dont kill the cubs who do not belong to them. Agree. Now i dont rule out evolution not at all. I take an agnostic apporach to it due to the holes i find in the theory thats taught to me. However doesnt it make much more sense with a creator? Logically surely. Meaning they are built to do it? Its pre written? Well when my brother was 5 he ran onto a road and nearly got run over. He wasnt really thinking about getting run over. We are taught about road safety. Animals are a bit different. There are many cases where they do not learn but simply do. Like a Moth who takes a particular journey its ancestors took. This again points towards a creator.
  2. Most athiests are treally agnostics. Thats a fact. I know this from experience aswell.
  3. Wait a minute. How comes you can twist it to what effect you want it to have. The Cheetah firstly would have much more advantages by killing the clubs. 1. Kills rival male offspring 2.Killing cubs means there would be more food for them. 3.Most important point-Killing cubs would mean they would bring the female cheetah straight into season allowing them to pass on their genes and kill the competiting gene. 4.Gain release tension when on heat There are more advantages when the male cheetah kills the cubs. By the way do Animals think. "Right lets go i want my species to exist after my death, VIVA CHEETAHS". What motivates them to ensure their species survive? Since they would be dead and cease to exist. How does this benefit them? I can understand the female due to the bond she builds with her offspring but not the male. I guess the answer athiests will throw out is- ITS INSTINCT! MOTHER NATURE SAYS SO! Youve failed to answer my other points.
  4. Quesion to athiests. Or is it all instinct?
  5. Doesnt evolution contridict? As Muslims you believe Adam was created by clay etc and that Eve from his rib. Not to forget the lack of mention in the quran. I dislike how people put so many twists just to get it to make sense.
  6. Why doesnt a male Cheetah commit infantcide on other cubs? Considering they are killing the compeition in terms of food and also bringing the female cheetah into season. It makes little sense evolution wise. Why was there a Lion who raised baby gazelles? A Hippo who tried desperately to save the life of an impala animal and then try to resuscitate it? Why do some animals adopt?,
  7. What the heck are talking about? So a perfect God is robot like?
  8. The Prophet pbuh stopped it because he was scared Allah would make it compulsory. Remember taraweeh then was far longer then we do it now. When the Prophet pbuh died Omar bought it back because once the prophet pbuh is died revelation stops. Therefore it cannot be made compulsory. This makes sense. It gives us the option and if we do it we get reward.
  9. Ive yet to be convinced about everything coming into being by chance. Forget about religon. Logically i cannot understand how this can be believed. Whether you believe in evolution or not. Its very ironic that everytime i have a conversation with an athiest discussing God/creator by the end of the conversation he suddenly becomes an Agnostic. Athiest talk about fairy tales and what not but something from nothing is proven Magic. I even remember laughing my arse off when i first heard of athiesm by a child in my class no older then 7 telling me there was nothing and we came by chance(So much for indoctrination hey).
  10. Ark of covenant was where Musa pbuh place the orginal scriptures and put it away because he feared for Jewish corruption. Ark of Covenant is missing though. Also since "Yahwah" Is missing in its orginal form how on earth can we trust the torah? I heard everytime the Jews said yahwah they had to make ablution etc and because of this they decided to simplify the name. And the name got lost.
  11. No. We really cannot begin to understand how God "is" just because he is not everywhere and is everything physically doesnt mean he has a body if you like. And even i cannot make such a judgement on this because i honestly dont know how god is. As Humans we cannot even see God to live aswell so we cannot begin to imagine God. By the way is God in your poo too? He never described himself as an ex jew i did. He calls himself a hebrew Muslim at best. He was a rabbi who became a muslim. And the chief rabbi of Yathrib Abdullah ibn Salam ibn al-Harith also became a muslim. He was the best of his people who was credited with a large corpus of Judaic traditions (Arabic: Isra'iliyat). He was a Sahaba of Muhammed pbuh.
  12. Areilla God doesnt need to be everything to know where you are. Is God in your poo? As for a ex Jewish rabbi now Muslim ive seen him debate with another rabbi and expose Jewish Shirk. I'll try to contact him and get some points that you can address.
  13. Christians love calling Moses a murderer to make Jesus look superior. Moses pbuh firstly defended someone and secondly unintentionally killed him. Punching someone is not an attempt to kill them.
  14. Look at your above post this is why Muslims consider Sufi belief as shirk, You said God is everything and everwhere. This is shirk. I know a Jew who was a rabbi and he became Muslim. Use to live in a settlement in Palestinaian land. Again when he compared Islamic Tawhid to Jewish tawhid and in Islamic standard there is alot of shirk. Also in the torah and mabe i'm ignorant here in the hebrew language so correct me if i'm but didnt Israel wrestle with God? And in the Torah is says even Gods foolishness is greater then mans intelligent something on that line. This is shirk.
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