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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As Salaam alaikum, thank u zulfi5303 for ur interpretation (n yes ur english is pretty gud)... it really helpd me understanding d meaning of my dream...n alhamdulillah nw am very particular abt prayers n reciting qura'an. i hope Allah guides me through right path n keep us all away frm sins...
  2. Salaam Alaikum, (bismillah) i would like to share a dream wid u all which i hv dreamt long back bt couldnt get d right interpretation of it, if any1 of u could help me out for this i would b thankful. in my dream i hv seen tht it is a desert n me n my bro were jst talking to each other and thr came few men on horses running down (they were dressed in d old arabic dress). thn i saw a very handsome man on a camel n he was calling those men n saying ' if ur nt believing me u will b punished, plz cme bck for d sake of Allah', for which thy replied ' u r a liar muhammed we dnt believe u'. thn one of d men turned back n d person i saw was d women who teaches me QURA'AN. thn i saw myself n my younger bro standing in a mosque whr d same person (d one on d camel) was standing n reciting QURA'AN, he thn smiled at us n gve me n my bro a beautiful qura'an each. thn i knw tht this person is MUHAMMED (pbuh) . n thn i woke up. bt i saw his face very clearly n still i cnt forget tht look he gave us wid a smile.( i checkd in few books mentioning how muhammed pbuh looks like n i found it quite similar to tht in my dream). i told this dream to my mom n she gave me few reasons bt still am nt satisfied with thm. cn any1 give me a correct interpretation of it plzzzz.
  3. salaam, after Allah (saw. my mama n papa. after thm its my cousin. am sooo lucky to have her in my life, i love her very mch.
  4. Salaam, nicest thing i have heard for me is few days back my frnd said " u have a killing smile n beautiful eyes". ohh i was blushing on this.. n frm my cousin that am d only one she cn trust n share evry bit of her life n tht she loves me more thn anyone after Allah n her parents.
  5. n even their smell is like medicine... it was only once i drank Red bull n i hate them nw.
  6. salaam alaikum but it happens so sudden that we dont even have time to think or tell that i dont shake hands. like two days back i had a meeting and when i entered the room the guy just forwarded is hand n i could'nt tell him that i cant shake hands. poor guy he could be embarassed if i dont forward my hand.... ofcourse i just touched his finger tips only.
  7. Salaam alaikum i have heard a nice and a safest way to get rid of all the problems in your life even if it is black magic... receite Surah Baqara for 40days continiously and all your problems will be solved inshallah.. many people have tried this and you will not believe that it has cured all the problems and with in the 40days you will come to know if someone has done black magic on you, and will also burn that magic there itself. this is a personal experience of many ppl. try this inshallah Allah will save you from Shaitan and his bad deeds. will pray for you.
  8. i forgot to mention that we are in Dubai now and he is in Qatar. i usually call my frnd but am feeling shy to ask her his id... n i dont even have his number. am too shy to ask all these. (they might take it in a wrong way).
  9. thank you all for your reply i will surely try this... and can anyone tell me how to pray namaaz e istekhara.....
  10. (bismillah) As salaam alaikum... i got a marriage proposal and my parents like the guy very much. he is the son of my mom's friend and we know thier family well they are very gud and mashallah religious as well but my concern is that i dont know him much and i noticed that he is a very serious kind and talks less and am scared of him, his sister is my very gud frnd. should i agree to marry him. i even want to pray istekhara but i dont know the procedure can anyone help me please...
  11. (as) hiii.......Amazing theory dear.. may Allah Bless u.
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